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  1. Hi dear friends in xrp community. As a guy who dont know a single thing about the regulatory buisness. Except that we need regulation to get somewhere with our investment. 1) What does xrp need to get from where we are, what kind of regulatory tools ? Is there a ongoing process and if so wich one and hows the deadlines looks? 2) The stalling of this is killing me slowly everyday. Fud growing and even my hardcore xrp bullish friends start to spread fud, even to a point where i am feeling insecure about xrp. 3) Why are Brad Garlinghouse keep saying thi
  2. Ok just got thought i should doodle the eye pattern , got suprised.. left,up,down. alsoe bear looking down at a dice showing 1 top side . Is it a countdown? Or come more eyerolling?
  3. If conbase add xrp it will be a gamechanger, more mainstream adoption gives rings on the water. Coinbase know it, xrp will take lead and make dozens of other cryptos worthless
  4. Careful over weekend pump and dump , if resistance break at 800 it will go down to 500ish
  5. As the topic says, how will government regulations and bank regulations against cryptos affect XRP? My thought is that since Ripple - Xrapid is working for the banks, they might get a "get out of jail card" In a way banks dosnt care for xrp price, since they just use it as a tool to move money, not as an asset. One thing is for sure, governments does not want us to be rich.
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