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  1. I have lost like 85% of all the money I invested in cryptos. I am sad. I hope to look back at this comment in the future and laugh how red I was and did not have a clue I would be so rich. I also hope XRP stops following bitcoin like a dog. I have a bad day and this just adds on like gasoline on fire.
  2. Yawn, booring. I really can't understand the market. 2 weeks ago the price was like 0.9x euros. Now we are happy to see the price increase to 0.85 euro. Then it just dips again because of a coinbase tweet. It is so dumb. I mean, we have had so much good news announced this year and nothing happens with the price, but as soon CB tweets they're not adding any new assets. Then the price suddenly reacts and fall like a stone. Is Coinbase so important for everyone? Can't ppl understand how amazing Ripple is and how it's going to become even more amazing?
  3. Been away from the charts and it is sad to see another dip. I thought things were going to slowly progress after the chinese new year. Sick of looking at the price atm. I know it's going to rise eventually and it's impossible to tell when. It frustrates me a bit that some dumba$$ coin goes up like 1000% while we are standing still or falling. What is your speculation on the xrp price at the end of March? Mine is 2.2 USD.
  4. We have had enough blood already and I think the crypto depression is soon to be over. I am so hyped for next week. I will try to not even look at the price charts until next monday. Then the car of my dreams maybe feels a bit closer to reality. I have had enough of this piece of **** car I am driving. Oh, wait I forgot I sold the car to buy some cryptos some months ago. It was not even worth 500 euro anyway lol.
  5. Seems I was wrong about xrp was going to rise to 10usd this week. But in 2 weeks, I expect things to happen. Where is the bottom now though? I am going to buy like 100 zerps if it ever goes down under 0.9 USD again.
  6. Also, XRP is tied to BTC atm like any other altcoin. Every crypto is down from it's ATH.
  7. Ahh, I meant what I have now. 2500 euro. So I need 4 times more to go +- 0. ?
  8. Very tempted to Invest more from my savings. I already invested 10.000 on crypto from my savings and I am already like 400% down. Cannot be any worse and I am absolutely 100% sure this will recover and reach new ATHs. I would really hate myself if I see a sudden rise after all this and I did not take advantage of it. xD
  9. Yeah, not much else to do. Out of FIAT so can't even buy. I think though I have like 600 euros on my savings account that I usually use for emergencies only. Well is this not an emergency? Opportunities like this you gotta catch if you want that lambo. But will prob take some days to get them to Kraken and I've not yet decided. Hmmm...
  10. We are reaching the price levels when I bought in. @1.4 euro. ?
  11. To those that have doubts and feel sad during these dips. Just think forwards ppl. We will be winners. Never doubt. I am so certain that I've been looking for castles to buy later. Always wanted a castle.
  12. Best rollercoaster ever. Someone should really build a rollercoaster based on crypto price charts for real.
  13. Same here bro. I did it in the past. Overall I have lost about 2200 zerps. It is not good being greedy or do daytrades. Especially if you don't have money to play with. Now just relax and stop looking at pricecharts so much. I have learnt my lesson. Still looking a bit tad too much on price charts though. ?
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