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  1. Best Buisness strategy is to quit your job and onlu foscus on XRP.
  2. I came in ATH and was very confident back in December. I made a large profit in BTC and invested a lot in XRP. But since than XRP has proven not to yield any profits and I’m selling once I hit green/$3
  3. Even in this correction XLM is proven to be a solid choice. I might consider obtaining coins on a large level. Ie switching from XRP.
  4. A dangerous part is that we all find a way to justify why this coin keep dropping and loosing value. It’s ok that it’s low because next months Wall Street gets its bonuses. We will moon soon due to XRP / USD pairing, someone saw a tweet and we just keep in investing based on nothing! Im 100% in XRP and have no exit options until we see $1.3 so I’m at the markets mercy.
  5. Nice support for XRP in this forum. Other forums tend to show less enthusiasm for XRP now as many had abandoned it or are ready too. To keep the momentum we need to see $1 ASAP.
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