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  1. I guess this post is part of your therapy with your psychologist telling you to write down all your dreams when you wake up in the morning
  2. Probably cause he hadn't predicted anything correctly in the past 6 months ?
  3. So you hear "Amazon" and "was" and it's a done deal to you ? Everyday people get more and more desperate it seems. Why don't you just sit and relax and wait for official announcements instead of speculating...
  4. One of the reasons for the minimum of 20 xrp is to avoid bad actors spamming the network by creating a gazillion addresses. So if you could combine wallets and get back the minimum deposit it would be pointless in avoiding spamming.
  5. Yeah that symbol just stand for lambda, Greek letter equivalent to our 'L'. Guess what our L is everywhere too.
  6. Hence the "I feel like" = speculation. Same speculation as you saying "It may very well be", or "eventually".
  7. So all we have been hearing for months was SWIFT SWIFT SWIFT, and now Ripple doesn't have a solution for banks. Wait what ? Now I feel like even if they (=Banks) use Ripple, it's gonna be xCurrent and not xRapid. Looks like the theoretical max limit price of XRP just took a big hit. :/
  8. I believe the algorithm of Twitter to ban, might interpret poorly the use of xrptipbot. Are u using it Chewiecoin?
  9. "Tencent spokesman Zhang Jun says the company isn't planning to invest in Ripple". Source Edwin Chan, via Bloomberg.
  10. The new platform is just the "epic games platform" so they can start playing Fortnite at work
  11. maxentropy is a troll, so I don't think he has any source at all.
  12. Can I check now ? Or will I be disappointed like 99% of the days in 2018 ?
  13. But this only matter cause the supply is finite. If it were infinite, it wouldn't really matter how many xrp you need to transfer one $. Look one dollar is valued at 1$ and yet it can move around gazillions a day. But it's mostly cause the total amount in circulation is close to infinite. That's why XRP needs to be valued way higher.
  14. Amazing ! A random dude, tweeting a random price. I am sure the market will agree in an instant and next time I check XRP/USD will be at 100$...
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