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  1. I've got that kind of friend too, my friend always ask me about my xrp everytime we met and he's my best friend, so I think that he's just looking out for me, believe it or not, our enthusiasm towards our investment is kinda worrying to others lol
  2. Doesn't that make XRP looks like a security? I doubt Ripple want to do that
  3. 1 year through this bear market and hodling strong,i'm young and have nothing to lose here lol
  4. I recall reading a tweet about bitbank having trouble handling the volume during our run up,the price lagged 6 cents behind other exchanges and recently they said that the orderbook didn't went through
  5. Oh god pls,we just had the longest red moon phenomenon yesterday,and you guys thought Uranus is the cause of our holdup?
  6. Tiamat


    Thats what I thought as well,but this is crypto so who knows?
  7. Tiamat


    Got it,thanks for the advice man really appreciate it, cheers
  8. Tiamat


    Yeah,I've seen some japanese people tweeting the same question,and apparently they also had no idea about how the tax work,they also came to the same conclusion as I am to send the fund to another country
  9. Tiamat


    Its the opposite for me lol,do you think there's a tax proffesional for crypto?honestly the regulation regarding crypto's tax are still very vague imo
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