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  1. Right, but at the same time I assume that those miners are selling their btc to cover their loss? Thus the decline in price
  2. I saw that the hash rate of btc is declining significantly, how will this affect the price?
  3. Alts are bouncing off nicely, I think we're due for some rally soon
  4. Looking to test the previous support, if it breaks we can probably see 8k ish again
  5. I'm still very sceptical about this rally, often times when we're too bullish, it usually ends up with a giant red candle appearing out of nowhere.
  6. Yeah but I think the momentum needed to break 10k doesn't seem to be there, if we can't break 10k soon, things will get real ugly
  7. I think we'll see some dump soon, the weekly chart formed a double top already, what do you guys think?
  8. Do you guys think that the whales in China are all liquidating in face of corona? It all make sense in this kind of situation you want to stay as liquid as possible
  9. I've got that kind of friend too, my friend always ask me about my xrp everytime we met and he's my best friend, so I think that he's just looking out for me, believe it or not, our enthusiasm towards our investment is kinda worrying to others lol
  10. Doesn't that make XRP looks like a security? I doubt Ripple want to do that
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