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  1. Many thanks for this info, now I can go and educate others about XRP.
  2. I understand what you are saying, but generally speaking you are using the banks/lending institutions money to a certain limit thus you have a credit facility where as a debit card will withdraw the money from your bank account at time of purchase. Both can be used for overseas transactions.
  3. Mastercard is a credit card not a Debit card...Each month you must pay either all of what you have purchased or part payment of what you purchased.It is a facility where you have a certain amount of credit without having to take out a loan or mortgage. A debit card takes the money directly from your bank account
  4. Just sounds like a ponzi scheme
  5. Thanks for the reply. Will try and contact the above and see what answers I get or if anyone else out there may have a definitive answer I would appreciate a reply.
  6. No not at all as i have over 3000 xrp coins as well as others i love XRP and what it is doing. It was asked of me and i had no answer as xrp, if what is held in escrow is is bought into circulation then it is possible that another trillion coins could be generated...it is centralized and controlled by one entity.
  7. One question I have with Ripple/XRP is as a centralized coin, when all the coins have been issued will ripple create say another trillion coins as more and more institutions join??
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