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  1. Last few weeks I sold and got back all in at .291. Was nervous the entire time. Not worth the gamble if you ask me. This market is manipulated too much to rely on TA 100%. I’m just sitting on my stack and going on about my life. Yes being a mailman sucks though. I just know I’ll be able to retire soon. Fun times. Amazing watching this new asset class mature and grow. We all are very fortunate to be part of this.
  2. Ya and I’ll bet that Mr Kitao (SBI) is chomping at the bit right now
  3. I think BTC is artificial pump. It will dump soon. Tether cashing out. My opinion.
  4. Good to know that I’m not the only one that is frustrated. I did increase xrp holdings by catching LTC and ETH and riding it up only to quick;y sell all for XRP. I do not regret it and know that in my heart of hearts that the exponential increase will far and away surpass every crypto out there. We are soooo close to rapid increase(pun intended lol) that I’d be a nervous wreck to sell and hope that it stays at a low price. Peace is being all in on XRP and relaxing. BTC is just a distraction. Keep your eyes on the prize. I’m excited for our future. Stay strong.
  5. XRP needs liquidity to facilitate the processing of these payments from the great new partners.... .65 eoy
  6. Thank you! I just found out about casino coin and picked some up through Stex. You guys are awesome.
  7. Thank you for all you do DAI! Love your passion and no b/s way of expressing yourself. See you in Lichtenstein?
  8. That’s very true. I never thought about that. Why would they have to make a statement or decision? It was never a security in the first place and they know it?
  9. I believe the delay on SEC decision is being delayed until the institutions are ready...convoluted as it may be nothing surprises me
  10. I think that Swift will eventually have to get on the RippleNet rollercoaster. XRP #1
  11. It will be oh soooo worth the wait though! I’m soooooo excited! Hold on we’re in for a ride.
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