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  1. No doubt a fun ride. So much gratitude to everyone! Thank you!
  2. Wow, hope is alive! Thank you so much. I understand this takes time and will be patient. Bitrue is a signal provider and have faith that we will see this through. Am I the only dumbass to do this? I've been in this space circa 2017. So much expertise in this chat. Thank you!
  3. I think the Songbird network is currently closed source so might be awhile..wow nice conversation though! I'm honored that there is so much experience (old like me😁) discussing this subject. Maybe they can name the ui after me since I'm the first dumbest to do this...but definitely not the last.
  4. And to top it off Bitrue is on https://flaremetrics.io/ftso to be a signal provider which means they could easily help. They are familiar with WSGB!
  5. Thank you all for entertaining this matter. I believe Bitrue has put this to sleep. "Dear user, Thanks for reaching out, Unfortunately, our platform currently does not support WSGB tokens, leading to your coins becoming lost. However, we will consider the coin to be one of our considerations for the following listings. Please have a look at our Twitter account. Our information team will be there with the latest information regarding our new term/update regarding the services of Bitrue. Best Regards, " I have the utmost respect for the coders and devs in this space..pretty complicated stuff.. You would think that Bitrue would want to get in on the action as far as having options for users to delegate votes as I am sure they will be a signal provider. In such case, then wrapping SGB will be a necessity..someday.
  6. Yes my son will be fine. He tore ligament playing football. Anchored in 4 places..ouch. Thank you for your kindness..lol
  7. Thank you all for the response. ya my son was prepping for a surgery and I was in the waiting room messing with it. My mind wasn't all there and therfore shouldn't have been fooling with it. 10k SGB..maybe I will bribe Bitrue lol. If they could just unwrap it would appear in my wallet.
  8. My dumbass sent wrapped SGB to regular Bitrue SGB address two weeks ago..They act like they don't know what to do..Are they lost forever?
  9. On the upside I now have more Zerps than I ever thought possible too
  10. My opinion is that it would be better for the entire space and XRP use case if indeed Ripple takes em to court and mows em down.
  11. Ya I feel for all the XRP holders that were over leveraged and got short squeezed. Liquidated because of this...
  12. This is a game changer for all parties involved. With Binance implementing their Smart Chain doesn't it feel like we are a little late to the party? or maybe we don't want to be the first to the party and learn from the pioneer farmers?
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