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  1. This is a game changer for all parties involved. With Binance implementing their Smart Chain doesn't it feel like we are a little late to the party? or maybe we don't want to be the first to the party and learn from the pioneer farmers?
  2. Example: Casino Coin implementing their “Bank Roll Manager”..full KYC prior to using their blockchain..I think that’s a great idea.
  3. Can anyone help me understand this one? It’s from 23 March 2020(today). Something about GoldmanSachs termination? .01? Lol http://ir.moneygram.com/node/20916/html Time to scoop up some more? http://ir.moneygram.com/news-releases/news-release-details/moneygram-direct-consumer-digital-business-growth-continues
  4. Thank you powers that be. I backed the truck up and reduced my dca to .187 Couldn’t have done it without the bears. Thank you.
  5. I’m sure Ripple has to be very careful on spreading the “liquiditay.” Otherwise it would turn out to be like Bitcoin n China. Additionally, the total supply isn’t a lot with #GLOBAL ADOPTION, & #XRP THE STANDARD
  6. It just seems as though the “market Makers” are really controlling the price suppression. Oh well...thank goodness cuz I’m buyin.
  7. I think Ripple should also give back to the XRP community maybe via airdrop, etc...we all deserve a little gratitude. Right now I believe Ripple is oblivious to the community. They are concerned about institutional adoption.
  8. Thanks. That’s why I’m all in. Retire in 5 years. We should be walking or maybe even running by then.
  9. Hmmm that’s a great idea! TP’s from $100 laddered to $589. Can you imagine the huge wicks on the top. Gonna be crazy I would think. Is anyone buying into the Idea of using XRP as the gold standard. Comex rule 589? The thing that is killing us is not knowing. Kinda fun..
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