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  1. XRP needs liquidity to facilitate the processing of these payments from the great new partners.... .65 eoy
  2. Thank you for all you do DAI! Love your passion and no b/s way of expressing yourself. See you in Lichtenstein?
  3. That’s very true. I never thought about that. Why would they have to make a statement or decision? It was never a security in the first place and they know it?
  4. I believe the delay on SEC decision is being delayed until the institutions are ready...convoluted as it may be nothing surprises me
  5. I think that Swift will eventually have to get on the RippleNet rollercoaster. XRP #1
  6. It will be oh soooo worth the wait though! I’m soooooo excited! Hold on we’re in for a ride.
  7. It sucks...I’m out of fiat, but I’ve done all I can. I’m a 1%er though?.
  8. Bittrex is good too. Fiat to XRP pairing. Plus the withdrawal limits are 200k. Uphold is good but limits for deposit and withdrawals are not that high. I agree with the idea of getting verified to the highest limits possible on 3 or 4 exchanges, thinking about the withdraw to your bank before you do sign up, making sure all bank info is correct(for wires). Now is the time while markets are not so busy. Next bull run the exchanges freeze out verifications at times and weird things happen at the most inopportune time it seems. So leave yourself options with more than one exchange. Sorry for the run on sentences lol.
  9. Come on Brad! Set your beer down, walk over and flip the switch(again) lol!?
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