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  1. It might be very expensive compared to todays price at least i think...Do as you wish and good luck:)
  2. The banks already started adopting xrp, look at thailand, look at the exchanges thats gonna produce all that liquidity like bakkt, fidelity & sbi, good time are surely coming m8.
  3. Thing is, the coinbase effect is not like it was back at 2017, ONLY the speculation shot us up to almost $4... Now the new listings spike like a 10% and the next day -15% xD
  4. I c ur point m8, well hes maybe taking advantage of the hype and PR he can get his YT-channel, and also whenever i watch his videos i end up buying more xD Give him some more years and maturaty and he will be more humble i guess..
  5. Whats the problem with that? I think alex makes some good research and give people with not enough time some good information
  6. Wow imagine swift, that would be so sick...
  7. Where is the quickest and cheapest way to buy xrp btw? i usually use bitstamp from the debitcard but i guess there is cheaper ways
  8. Perfect:) Thank you, this is the perfect link for me to send to relatives, friends, coworkers and people i step by just to make it easier for them to understand what XRP is about. Lets spread the awareness ?
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