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  1. I first bought XRP in april 2017, i were(am still) always confident because i like the team behind it and the solution they have for cross border payments. I stayed and hodled also through DEC-JAN, and now it just feels like nothing happened because the progress RIPPLE made with XRP this year just wont reflect in the price. Its just seems all so manipulated, Stellar is almost the same price as XRP??i mean seriously tf
  2. So here we are the Hodler, still waiting, but lets be serious there will be no more hype like it was in DEC-JAN. The opportunity of the fast money is gone, now we just have to wait and see what happens when xRapid goes into production. Is it really over?
  3. Hello first of all i am a HODLER i am normally the guy who just reads everyday through all the xrpchat and never is writing something, but now I got a problem. I know, I am not the first with this, so maybe someone knows how to get a faster response. I wanted to send some XRP from Poloniex to my Nano Ledger S and then this came: Complete: Error XRP 2017-11-17 13:48:42 Then of course I made Ticket (maybe when somebody from poloniex is reading this: Ticket number#523525) and i am still waiting for a response.
  4. First of all why you say it will probably be "again" a disappointment? I like it bec nobody knows what happens and everybody is looking.
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