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  1. Ohh ya. Mob mentality. Fomo. Same same. That will happen and you can’t gauge what that will be by any means. Jc on people’s thoughts on the burning part
  2. Ya I’m more posing it as a question. I hope we eat through them like a kid in the candy store. I hope the price skyrockets. I’m not trying to be a negative Nancy. The opposite. I can’t buy enough xrp fast enough right now!!!!
  3. I’m not worrying at all. I’m more throwing it out there for pricing speculation. I hope they get eaten up and price goes through the roof
  4. Added an extra zero. My bad it would be 100 thousand not one million however it’s going to be in the trillions for transactions at some point with banks picking it up. Not billion. So essentially if it’s a trillion then we are a million
  5. Kind of my question. Everyone is trying to price xrp on the tradition market cap to how much in play. But if xrp is being offed at the same time then that will drive up price. So it can’t be calculated in the same fashion as the other coins. Also, no one is accounting for the “mob mentality”. Ones the price startsshooting up and the news starts reporting and labeling it “next bitcoin” or something g of that nature. Everyone and their mother will be trying to buy. That’s going to shoot the price up and unforeseeable amount
  6. Tax money is dropping in a couple weeks. I’m really hoping price stays where it’s at.
  7. Random question. So if .0001 xrp is destroyed per transaction. There’s just one billion transactions a day. Then that’s one million xrp a day gone. How long can xrp last? I’m not hating. I’m hoping something like this happens in order to drive up price.
  8. ‪What I don’t understand is how a negative rumor that turns out to be untrue (Korea banning all crypto currency) kills the price of each token. On the flip side, positive news not rumors does absolutely nothing to the price. It actually will drop a few cents. ‬
  9. I bet you’re the guy who goes around telling kids there’s no Santa also. It’s called a joke. They’re selling personality’s at the dollar store down the street. Go invest in some.
  10. A boy can dream. It is crazy that people thought that about but coin also at one point. Look what that did. Not saying it is by any means but. #daydreaming
  11. Just sitting here waiting for my zerps to be valued at $10,000 a pop. Lmao. Imagine!?!?
  12. I wouldn’t say Moneygram is low hanging fruit but all positive steps. The money monsters need to see xrp work and then they will be in!!!
  13. If it’s costing that much per transaction it will discourage the avg person. Also it’s a critical time with Corp and banks figuring out who to go with.
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