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  1. http://bitcoinist.com/jpmorgans-wepay-crypto-lacks-demand-needs-killer-use-case/ Interesting article....excerpt below If you want to start actually using Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, says JPMorgan Chase & Co., you need to start asking. According to Bill Clerico, CEO of JPMorgan-owned WePay, his company simply isn’t receiving enough requests to justify supporting cryptocurrency transactions.
  2. If you are long term....no need to watch daily/weekly/monthly price swings
  3. I get tired of BRAD saying he is LONG on Bitcoin. He calls it DIGITAL GOLD.
  4. HAHA......Buffet giving up on Stellar's biggest Partner....IBM!
  5. Rising Wedge Pattern!.....1.40 here we come! https://www.fxstreet.com/news/ripple-price-analysis-xrp-usd-price-action-within-a-rising-wedge-on-4-hour-time-frame-201802151611
  6. If you buy LTC at Coinbase to exchange for XRP at Evercoin or Shapeshift. (With wallet as final destination). I do not think it is tracked.
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