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  1. Rippex should continue to function until the ledger’s code is updated rendering Rippex incompatible or until the public Ripple development server shuts down or changes its URL. For some pease of mind, Id recommend checking out Harbor. You’ll have a familiar experience, except it Harbor is faster, supported by the developers, and doesn’t rely on 3rd parties to connect to XRPL. https://www.secureblockchains.com/harbor-xrp-wallet/
  2. @mDuo13 Thanks for the awesome response. I understand the situation much more now. Harbor Wallet allows DEX exchange but we haven’t had much activity on it probably because it in fact isn’t as simple to use as an exchange, we’ve yet to implement charts, and... I assume related to our inability to allow deposits and withdraw of fiat and limited currency pairs.
  3. Have you tried trading in Harbor Wallet?
  4. I missed the recommendation from Ripple to NOT use the DEX and to use other exchanges... Is there a reference someone can point me to? Are they just trying to avoid those transactions?
  5. Yes I see that now. I haven't spent much time on that page but I saw this JPY volume and went searching for the gateway, I never even noticed that the "XRP Ledger" is listed by itself on that page.... perhaps I never scrolled down far enough. Its crazy that so many off-chain solutions account for the majority of volume. Why aren't people using the decentralized exchange?!?!?
  6. I noticed on XRP Charts today that a full 28% of daily volume for XRP was through Bitbank for the XRP/JPY trading pair. (See image below.) However after using Ripple's DataAPI "Get All Gateways", I can find no gateway listed named Bitbank and the JPY gateways I do see are ones I believe I've seen before. Are their gateways that XRPCharts sees that we do not have access to? My goal is to give Harbor users the ability to trade XRP/JPY through this gateway.
  7. Secure Block Chains is happy to bring another 1000XRP give away to the XRP Community. This time we are asking the community to help us design the new Secure Block Chains logo and the new app icons for both the desktop and mobile versions of Harbor. Throughout the month of August you can submit your designs to us for consideration. You may submit as many design variations as you would like. Visit the link below to find specific design requirements for each project. 500XRP will be given to the designer of the logo selected to replace the existing Secure Block Chains logo. 500XRP will be given to
  8. 1) Yes. 2) I should have said it is "immune to external human influence". There is nothing the customer can do to influence the transaction after it's been placed. We can update the code when necessary.
  9. Thanks for your feedback, I’m glad your enjoying the wallet so far. XRPL Escrows don’t automatically release at a certain time. Either an escrowCancel or an escrowFinish command must be sent by someone to change the status of escrowed funds. We could build a smart contract that automatically releases escrows for users that wish to delegate this responsibility to someone else but it would require CPU power that costs money. Would you be willing to pay a modest fee for this feature? Perhaps 1-2XRP? Releasing funds from escrow yourself is free.
  10. It is a smart contract that monitors the price of XRP across several major exchanges and executes the release command based on your selected parameters. It's automated, immune from external human influence, and decentralized. We are seeking patent protection for the process so I cannot go into any more detail at the moment without invalidating the patent request. Once we reach the "patent pending" stage, I would be happy to provide a complete rundown of the process.
  11. There are companies that do just that. If they provide services and have adequate knowledge of XRP ledger functions is another question. We haven't done any research into it as I'm sure it would be quite expensive and it would need to be done every time we release an update to provide complete assurances. (The same audits would need to be performed on any software, open source or closed source, to gain the same level of assurances) I also wouldn't personally trust an audit that was paid for by the company being audited. That's a blatant conflict of interest. I once read a scientific paper
  12. The code only gets reviewed by more eyes if there is a capable and interested party to do so. Furthermore, unless there is a public repository of these 3rd party audits for the layperson to check, how would anyone know that there is or isn't something malicious in that code? I believe the common consensus that it is more secure because it is open source is a false sense of security because of the aforementioned lack of interest from developers. We have had countless people complain about our software being closed source, but we have yet to have anyone ask to see the code. (We have offered)
  13. Does labeling something open source mean it cant be hacked? Does the open source nature of Toast mean that they can't include some function that steals your secret or funds? I have 100% confidence in the Toast team and KNOW they wouldn't do that, however the open sourced nature of their code has nothing to do with that confidence. Our code can easily be decompiled and analyzed by someone with technical skill to confirm that the software doesn't operate in a malicious way. SBC has the goal of becoming the industry leader in creating solutions for businesses and consumers based on the XRPL techn
  14. A lot of our customers post about their experiences on Twitter and Facebook. Here are a few examples:
  15. Thanks for clarifying. I now understand why High Account and Low Account is used in lieu of account names. Now I'm struggling to determine a use case for this information. Perhaps a 3rd party validating lines of credit between 2 parties?
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