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  1. i'd have already cashed out 100% near $30 and I won't have a care in the world after that.
  2. Please add mine. Thank you for your efforts, I really enjoy this game. (USD) Q1: 21.00 Q2: 8.00 Q3: 9.00 Q4: 4.50
  3. I think it was more of a meme/fantasy than a serious prediction. If you took it seriously enough to write a thread about it you have been mistaken.
  4. Banks will stockpile xrp at the lower prices and use them at a profit when customers make transactions.
  5. how can I create this escrow system you speak of?
  6. Why would he pre-announce hes going to start buying?? If you ask me he already bought in and is looking to hype it up and cash out.
  7. $17 to $34 would be amazing, hoping to get there by July
  8. thanks for putting this together, here are mine if you wish to include: March 1.17 June 3.24 September 7.19 December 32.33
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