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  1. Done. For the sake of fairness, shouldn't the original server have an announcement of what happened? I'm pretty sure the new server folks are willing to disclose all the accusations and defense claims. (A lot of folks are still wondering what happened yesterday)
  2. r/Ripple should probably change the sidebar links to https://discord.gg/ttUXJZM The new server has most of the contributing members and founders. Had the owner been honest and straight about shilling and public ICO-ads, this would have been probably avoided.
  3. I'm pretty sure that's one of CoinCheck's accounts? I could be wrong. Probably an internal transfer to an account they own as well. It's my understanding that CoinCheck owns about 3.1B XRPs. By the way, folks. I also have some large funds transfer tracking server. https://xrpis.org/audit (Chrome or Safari, other browsers will lag a ton.)
  4. 5K users are pretty sizable, most of them probably having $1k~10k+ stake in XRP, so I would say yes.
  5. Folks, in case you haven't noticed and wondering, there have been a coup in the XRP discord server. The second largest discord server on XRP (4k+ registered members, I believe) has had a massive exodus over control issue with the server owner. (Primal & other mod's new server looks like this: https://discord.gg/ttUXJZM) EDIT (Nymdok has responded to the accusation): [ Accusation ] : [Primal]: SomeRandomGuy [the old server owner] has been f****** around in the background for months, he has been slowly setting up a move to change that discord to help shill his companies paid shill coins (he had a crypto marketing business in Rhode Island) and locked everyone out of control all anyone above mod could do was use the bit commands like kick mute etc we couldn't even change perms on channels or anything, I message SRG about this and he ignored me, a few other mods reached out and he ignored them, so I got the mods and admins together and asked wtf to do. We ended up going with a move to a new discord and inviting people over, the bit after that was a snowball affect as I didn't have any perms to stop the @ everyone spam. Or kicking people other than deleting the mod role. [ Defense ] : [Nymdok]: I can tell you what I saw. I can tell you what that discords owner has told me. His side of the story is that Primal's erratic behaviour caused the owner to remove his admin perms, and he now belives, after the chaos of yesterday that the decision was well founded. I was in there when Primal, Fisher, Lovecraft and others began spamming the channel with invites to the other discord, gave almost every user Mod permissions and got rid of thousands of users. I will not speak directly to Primals mental state as we have had disagreements in the past, and honestly, just because someone disagrees with me doesnt make them crazy. I will say that in the 4 months or so that Ive been in that discord, its been a fun place, it grew quickly and I was happy to Admin there for a time. Ive never had a problem with the owner. As to the accusations of 'shilling' I only know of one time that a coin was 'shilled' by the owner. I dont even remember the name of the coin, but a few months ago he did make an announcement about some coin. Once. I no longer have proof of the event as the whole channel has been scrubbed. As for Primal and his proof, I suppose he can speak for himself, but I was there when it went down. I saw what happened (from a users point of view) as did others. I dont know WHAT motivated the attempted destruction of the channel, nor WHY someone would feel motivated to attempt it. I can understand starting your own discord. I DONT understand trying to sabotage another. Im currently interim modding there now and will continue to while we rebuild. You are of course welcome to come on by, but this is largely all the info I have to share on this event. Come by, talk XRP, share information (Original server: https://discord.gg/qgfVERN)
  6. Thanks. I'm trying to hook up Google's TensorFlow & other neural net AI to find some local/global patterns to generate fair technical predictions.
  7. On second thought, it might be good to have a competition who can get the most profit out of the $100k starting balance. (Maybe a small prize under 500 XRP)
  8. No mobile layout for this console, unfortunately. Just too much data to be displayed at once.
  9. Hello, folks. I'm the same dude that built Large Funds Tracking (~90B XRP) visualizer. This time, I've spent a bit of time building a crude trade simulator for those who are interested in getting into trading but worried to perform poorly and lose real money. I think the simulation page is about stable enough to be made public, so here it goes: Data Analysis Panel & Simple Trade Simulation (though, it may be a bit buggy at times. ) I hope you find it useful. Cheers!
  10. When he bought 1.08B XRP with $2 million in 2015, the price was around $0.0018 (2/10th of a cent) per XRP. I don't see any reason blocking him from cashing out when he's already had 100,000%+ return (thousand-fold increase). (Meh, good for him.)
  11. Thoughts on the viability of a legal/regulatory application layer built on top of the existing XRP architecture? https://xrpis.org/xCommerce All feedback and criticisms appreciated, good folks. (Especially from @JoelKatz, ) .
  12. https://www.forbes.com/sites/nathanvardi/2018/02/07/matthew-mellon-xrp-ether-crypto-cryptocurrency/#42f89ef7eb35 It has come to my attention that Jan 9th~18th large selling episode is possibly done by Matthew Mellon. (The same source is still selling about 1~10M XRP a day on Bitfinex and Bitstamp, 350M XRP sold since Jan. 9th, I believe) His possible accounts, funneled from 2015 account with 1.08B XRP: https://bithomp.com/explorer/rDahLhHJaowRYn4hRkS9S2YpAeiTR8mjBF https://bithomp.com/explorer/r4FZaGzZcrJ3D8CJpd6d2qrnT4jWX4hJND https://bithomp.com/explorer/rGLU15RW13dwTnbQyLC21b56RkW83oFb49 https://bithomp.com/explorer/rPBk8rMKcNUt43jTZbNqRqdyWfk1R44Qqo
  13. It could be. It could also be bots. It could also be just a lot of people sticking with that ratio. Some whales / marketmakers were dumping previous to Jan 19th dip (~200M, and 100M after dip still), selling while buying pressure was good, keeping the price relatively steady until the dip. Now that the market is downtrend, they cannot do that, that will just make the prices plummet very fast. So they are careful not to dump too much too fast nowadays.
  14. Ripple has a full history server (s2.ripple.com) which you can request for more information about a wallet. I'm subscribed to about 200+ wallets accounts from the history server retaining about 200 recent transactions per each account, trim it down to nodes affinity with decent magnitude (>500k XRP total flow) then feeding it to node visualizing library. The dataset is served by Amazon Web Service, from S3 data bucket.
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