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  1. Deeznutz

    A Bit of Good News

    Take a look at the market numbers right now. You might be pleased.
  2. Deeznutz

    A Bit of Good News

    Miss the entire second paragraph?? It is when it happens far more frequently than it used to. We even used to have threads complaining about XRP lagging behind in recovering. That was the gist of my post. Jesus, you are negative.
  3. Deeznutz

    Research conclusions, $10,000 XRP

    Math isn't subjective??
  4. I looked at the charts on Livecoinwatch this morning and saw some good news. As of 5:48 AM EST, XRP and Cardano are the only coins in the top 30 that are in the green. Also, Bitcoin Gold and XRP have decreased the least in the top 30 in the past 24 hours. That's not bad. The market as a whole sucks. I know that but sometimes it's easy to think, "XRP sucks." I remember when the market was in the red, XRP's price went down an inordinate amount compared to the other coins and was slower to recover. I'm rarely seeing that anymore. I hope that if we're doing that well now in relation to the others, that xRapid will further separate us from the herd. Well, I tried. Go ahead and give me the finger or call me "moron" while you suffer from caffeine withdrawal. (If you're in the US. If you're in Australia, Asia, or Europe, you have no excuse and are just being a ****.)
  5. Alright, no problem. I can just go old school and print it out, proof it, scan it back in, and PM you when it's done.
  6. Deeznutz

    XRapid in use within a month

    Wells Fargo is one of the most morally bankrupt companies in the world. I hope at some point Ripple and its partners throat-chop them.
  7. The newer, mildly enjoyable one or the old disco one where Richard Dawson would hug the female guests and just blatantly cop a feel?
  8. Good read. Let me know if you need it proofread. My OCD kept telling me to go get my red pen.
  9. I feel anxious...here it comes...😟
  10. I cannot imagine having such a consuming, pitiful need to be acknowledged, positively or negatively. The attempts at sarcasm and grandiose claims of adding a rational, alternate viewpoint don't hide it.
  11. There’s some all or nothing thinking here. The whole market has tanked, not just XRP. And I don’t recall Ripple making promises they don’t keep. EOY is what’s been promised repeatedly. I also don’t recall everyone here ever agreeing on anything, much less on when prices will go up.
  12. Deeznutz

    Possible XRAPID launch time frame discovered?

    Good God, it’s a mess. Definitely do this by PM. You wouldn’t like it when some members’ posts show what they really think about today’s issues if this is explained publicly.
  13. You’re clairvoyant and you can read minds. So...you work at SWIFT during the day but at night...you fight for slower, more expensive technology as...Jabit-boy. Superjabit. Ultrajabitman. Z
  14. Ahh, excellent. Thanks for the info. That makes it clearer. I knew I was missing something. 👍