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  1. Deeznutz

    XRP & New Bull Run

    I'm holding a good bit of KIN too. It's a really good use case, like you said. It's either going to be a huge success (in which case a lot of people are going to be very wealthy) or it's going to totally flop. No in between. Just my opinion of course.
  2. Deeznutz

    BCH hash war

    Oh don't worry. I'm following it. It's fascinating to watch.
  3. Deeznutz

    BCH hash war

    While the Bitcoin holy wars go on, the adults in the room quietly go about their business: signing new partnerships, working with the SEC and other government bodies, and planning crypto world domination.
  4. We are the only top ten coin in the green for the past 24 hours according to Livecoinwatch right now. That by itself means nothing but it's becoming a pattern. XRP seems like it's off doing its own thing more and more. If the market ever improves, that could be interesting to watch. Edit: As I type this, of course XLM magically follows XRP into the green at almost exactly 50% of XRP's value. Something's fishy with this Stellar ****.
  5. This crash isn’t surprising. Whales need Black Friday cash money too. It can take several days to cash out and have the money deposited in your account. This was done out of an abundance of caution- get it done so you don’t have to worry about it. Plus, some businesses start holiday sales super early.
  6. I can almost picture you giggling to yourself as you typed this.
  7. Deeznutz

    Viamericas is using Xrapid

    Right. Credit unions are NCUA insured and regulated. They're allowed to be non-profit organizations because their fields of membership are relatively small (must live, work, or worship within such and such county, for example). The only reason Catalyst Corporate CU is big is because its members are not people, but credit unions (if that makes sense). In other words, it provides services to the smaller credit unions who otherwise wouldn't be big enough to offer them on their own.
  8. Deeznutz

    Ripple Insights | Q3 2018 XRP Markets Report

    I **** you not, guys, on my bucketlist before I die- I want to “unmask” a bot on here and mess with it. Let me know if you find one. Fascinating...
  9. Deeznutz

    Take a loan against your XRP

    I think this is a good idea but wouldn’t use it...yet. I can’t find it right now but I think the LTV was like 30-40%. I get a credit line of $4000 secured by my $10,000 in XRP. If I can’t pay back the amount owed (lost my job for example), bye bye to all of my money. And any dispute goes to arbitration. I would wait a little bit for the market to mature and the LTV to become less strict before using this. Seems legit and ultimately good for the cryptosphere though.
  10. Deeznutz

    Chine lifts ban crypto

    China changes their damn minds more often than my wife does.
  11. I just want $10. $10. That’s all. Is that too much to ask, gods of crypto?
  12. Deeznutz

    The Real reason CoinBase hasn't listed XRP

    It’s pretty well known that Brian Armstrong despises Ripple because of a nasty argument he had with one of the founders a while back. What I don’t remember is what it was about. I’ve gone back and forth on whether this is at least a contributing factor or not. I think I’ve come to the conclusion finally that it is. So far, he’s gotten away with it because 1) his company is doing well, 2) he’s made a ton of money, and 3) he doesn’t have to truly answer to anyone yet. I won’t go into why he won’t be able to afford to continue this. Most of us agree on why. My point is, we are not always rational. That’s not news to anyone but just a reminder that even otherwise extremely successful people mess this up in key situations. Maybe that’s what’s happened here. Armstrong made a bad move based on emotions and now it’s hard to find a way to list XRP and save face. The argument he makes about only listing assets that meet the “exacting” standards of Coinbase’s digital asset framework test (DAFT) are silly. Anyways, maybe the reason for all of this drama boils down to emotion. It wouldn’t be the first time this happened in business decisions. Just my opinion. @Hodor wrote a letter to Armstrong almost a year and a half ago, right after Litecoin was added. I accidentally came upon it and think it’s good. https://xrphodor.wordpress.com/2017/07/09/open-letter-to-brian-armstrong/
  13. Never underestimate the amount of stupidity groupthink can cause. Normally sharp execs do it all the time. Might be what's going on here. Might not.
  14. Right, but I think (OP correct me if I’m wrong) he means a total breakdown of our monetary system. How it happens isn’t the point right now. The question is can XRP be used to fix the problem. I don’t know if the U.S. could experience hyperinflation to the point where things “break,” but others have. Maybe one of our experts can weigh in.
  15. Deeznutz

    Up or down from here

    Stop all this likebaiting! You sit on a throne of silver lies!