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  1. Doesn't that Suzie lady some forum members watch want XRP to be a security? She predicted the value, if that happened, to be at some ridiculously high number. The SEC would be stupid to rule XRP as a security, though. Why wouldn't Ripple pack up shop, move to Malta, and service Asia's banks and other money movers? Plenty of exchanges there, obviously. The exchanges would just need to prohibit Americans from buying. I don't think the SEC will make that mistake. They've been in constant contact with Ripple and you can be sure they've discussed this, everything else we can think of, and a lot of other things we haven't thought of. One more thing: even if XRP is labeled a security, guess what? We can still have endless discussions about whether Coinbase will add us! Because now they have their securities license.
  2. Deeznutz

    SEC Responded to me

    There are a few CEOs saying this. There are also CEOs saying that XRP is the best thing ever. This has been answered repeatedly. The court almost never makes policy. It will wait until the SEC decides. The case goes to trial (which could be a long time from now) and then we get a decision. Usually the court will side with the relevant department (the SEC here) because they are the experts, but not always. Then the onus is on the judge to explain why they disagree with the policy in place. Yes, a forum member who is a lawyer agrees. i find it very likely that you are a troll fuddiing the forum, for the record. The way it’s worded gives it away. But whatever. Question asked and answered.
  3. Deeznutz

    Your favorite XRP/Ripple YouTubers

    The Civil War still very much affects us in the South. “We” (not I) lean towards the “states should be autonomous” side because of the war. We still have evidence that we were a part of the Confederacy everywhere. Many don’t know and don’t care to know very much about foreign policy. Pretty much, everyone watches or reads their one favorite media source that reinforces the view they already had. It’s scary. Right now, the issue of illegal immigrants entering the country is tearing us apart. There is no easy answer, both sides have valid points. We’ve got problems but don’t get me wrong- I think America is still a pretty great place to live.
  4. Deeznutz

    Your favorite XRP/Ripple YouTubers

    Hahaha! After my post, I realized it was four- ABC, NBC, CBS, and PBS. I think of PBS as the progenitor of Discovery and History channel and Animal Planet. I watch British documentaries on the Roku all the time. Excellent!
  5. Deeznutz

    SEC ruling? Any timeline?

    They won't- they'll wait for the SEC ruling first. Then, the court decides whether to accept the existing decision of the SEC, which is what usually happens, or the court will disagree. Then it's incumbent on the judge to explain why. Then, the ruling can be appealed. There was a thread about a month and a half ago that a forum member who is a lawyer addressed it. It's in my comment history around that time but I don't have time to go back that far to find it and cite it. Everyone has the right to their own opinion though.
  6. Deeznutz

    SEC ruling? Any timeline?

    My comment here is not directed at you but at Blockchainmovement. This is a prime example of why we have so much confusion and conflicting information.The SEC doesn't have to do jack**** by that date. Now some people have their hopes up for no reason.
  7. South Carolina. 🙁 Things would be a lot better in the U.S. if both parties would work together. A one party-dominated system doesn’t work very well here.
  8. Deeznutz

    DCG 0% Allocation of XRP

    I actually looked into investing in it for a minute. It’s either gonna be “Holy batsh*t, Batman this is crazy” or “This is genius. Why didn’t I think of this?” I was almost the proud owner of like 30’ x 30’ of virtual land in Decentraland.
  9. Ehh, I see what you guys are saying about this guy and totally agree. But chill out with the “Democrats suck.” My state is completely, totally controlled by the Republican party and has been for decades. We pretty much suck and always have since Reconstruction. We prefer a very limited government. We rank near the worst in most meaningful categories: education, health, infant mortality, domestic violence, poverty, quality of infrastructure, etc. etc. We receive more money from the federal government than we send- so we’re living off of your generosity. Thanks y’all! Not trying to start a huge political ****storm thread-derailer here, but both parties are not doing a very good job. End of tangent.
  10. Here's my new haiku. Like to hear it? Here goes: Naive, obnoxious Stellar fanatics just like Bitcoin maximals You can do it too! 5-7-5.
  11. It’s false. You’re welcome! 😁
  12. Deeznutz

    It drives me crazy, xrp vs xlm.

    Why do we have to have a competition between assets constantly? If Stellar goes into direct competition with Ripple, targeting the same markets, they will be annihillated. There is plenty of room to find their own area of expertise. Ripple has too much firepower- business relationships, infrastructure, number of employees, contacts within U.S. and foreign government offices, upper management on critically important boards, a partnership with a massive bank that just opened an exchange to assist, banks and payment providers already using their solutions,- that is what we’re aware of. Any adult with common sense knows that there are always cards held close to the chest that haven’t been played yet. Stellar will work through and find its own thing. It’s pretty immature and classless that these XLM fanatics are trolling the forum. They are starting to rival Bitcoiners as the most delusional, fanatical, mentally adolescent crypto proponents out there. Great, Stellar partnered with IBM. One major (debatable) win for Stellar. Get a few hundred more and we can compare apples to apples. Put this XLM thread ca-ca where it should be. In the alt-coin section. If I want to read about it in every other thread, I’ll go there or to a Stellar forum. And I promise if I do, to not act like a classless, twelve year old jerk.
  13. Deeznutz

    SBI CEO new Tweets

    I know ! I didn't practice what I preach this time.
  14. Deeznutz

    SBI CEO new Tweets

    Aren't you a busy little bee today? "I'm gonna troll every wittle thread I see today! Because me and Johnny from 10th grade Social Studies class think XLM is like sooo much better-er than XRP. They're like so non-profit and stuff." Run along and try to get a girl's phone number or read a book- school starts back next month, so value the free time you have.
  15. Deeznutz

    So XLM won?

    Ignore this crap. This is a bored, 15 year old out of school for the Summer. And any response, in his mind, validates his "importance." There are plenty of other things useful we could be doing today besides engaging a little kid in a conversation about the real world.