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  1. Im still waiting for the boat to pick me up to Dizer's Island party.
  2. Yeah I also think NOONE EVER had this idea before in the whole history of xrpchat!
  3. @gatehub it seems to happen to more peope and me aswell. Im not getting any location/device confirmation emails aswell. I also cleared cache and tried on different browsers.Would be great if gatehub tells us whats going on.
  4. who told you gatehub is suitable for daytrading crypto?
  5. I never had problems with gatehub, and since they updated the site, it feels way faster and not clunky anymore. Hope you get your problem resolved though. cheers
  6. superboon

    Tax Question

    idk in which country you are located, but in germany you can write losses off from crypto to crypto only. Means you cant for example deduct the 2000$ crypto loss from other incomes.
  7. Hi everyone, since the tax return deadline in germany is approaching im sure many of us may have the same problem. Filing ur tax return is a pain in the a... and i want to get some professional advice . I would appreciate if u guys share some expiriences u had with tax consultants regarding crypto in the past. Also if anyone can make a recommendation for a good tax consultant (preferably in Berlin) that would be awesome. cheers.
  8. All you need is your secret key you can either write it down print it out or store it somewhere else. If lets say after 5 years you want to access your xrp again , all you have to do is create a wallet with your software of choice (local desktop wallet) or online (eg gateway/exchange) And then import your key. Thats it.
  9. just kidding, can you provide me with more information? like certificate of ownership and a copy of your id?
  10. All i can do is three fiddy... and im taking a huge risk here.
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