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  1. @Julian_Williams I mean it became pretty obvious your only job here is to shed good light on ripple. Since all of your posts are onesided and biased , it has indeed gotten funny.
  2. Well, the CEO was working at AOL and Yahoo before. We all know how that played out...
  3. The link you posted in the coil section reads like a big advertisement to me. If you feel offended because I point it out thats YOUR personal expirience. And im not the one getting personal or rude in this topic.
  4. You are writing blogs and obviously dont what is a rhetorical question? I recommend googling. Anyways good luck with your business.
  5. Wow, thats pretty rude. You might consider speaking for yourself. cheers
  6. Your argumentation seems a bit narrow or biased, whatever the boost program is merely a illusion. If more creators getting on the platform, your chances of getting paid anything will even diminish further. Coil is as useless as a humpback. What do i need it in my life for? Certainly I would accept 10k xrp for a few blogs on a monthly basis from anyone but I only accept payments in advance.
  7. You mean you were paid by coil for advertising coil? As far as you wrote, these boosts are not for granted. So this looks like a bad deal to me since average joe probably wont even get any boost at all.
  8. This is the problem why xrp becoming worth less and less. The only thing people use it, is to sell for cash. Ripple has made a fatal mistake imo by providing ripplenet services without xrp usage.
  9. Well, the market is a give and take. Small early investors like us made xrp gain any value to begin with. What happens when you dont give anything back? You see it by watching to the chart for the past 2 years. Price crumbling. People stop buying because you dont provide value with just milking the plebs.
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