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  1. Ok thanks for the insight and communication! Glad to know people dont have to file a police report for ID theft aswell. cheers
  2. ok i get that point. the question is still valid. Has personal info on GH also got compromised. why are you asking? I dont know, im assuming they hold it but could you clarify ? If not ofc my concerns are not valid. Otherwise you HAVE to take this scenario serious and into consideration. best regards
  3. Every FI with KYC has! to store your documents , being able to hand it to authorities in case of any legal actions.
  4. it makes sense since you dont need do any effort to fake ids if you have originals. Secondly you dont run risk to get detected since the used ID is legit. more over in case your account gets blacklisted you have a scapegoat and no risk for yourself.
  5. is it far fetched? maybe? is it possible? Definitly. These files were not more secured than encrypted secret keys. You assume the thiefs are plain stupid and use their real names? There is no need to fake something if you can use originals without risk to reveal ur id. If you have adminrights on gatehub to access encrypted secret keys surely you arealso able to copy KYC documents which are probably not even encrypted. Also if you do investigations how can you not consider a worst case scenario?
  6. this is why it will be hard to find the real people behind the scenes. I dont want to imagine innocent Gatehub customers being accused of money laundering or theft whilst the real criminals can feel safe opening accounts with stolen IDs.
  7. Ok guys i will let the cat out of the bag. This one might be even bigger than you think. Gatehub confirmed ~18k possible compromised accounts. Its clear the hackers must have had access to the database with secretkeys. looking at how the "hack" was performed and how they are able to launder the stolen coins with so many different accounts, its obvious he/they must be using fake Identities to pull this through. (Exchanges all have KYC). So we are not only talking about the theft of millions XRP but also 18k cases of possible theft of Identities, WE must assume the perpetrator(s) also had access to Gatehubs KYC database with all uploaded client documents. tl:dr Your passport might be used to launder stolen funds!
  8. an interesting topic about Gatehub security concerns back from 2016. maybe some relations here.
  9. Any news about tracking the lost funds? How about IP logs from hitbtc or where ever the coins went.
  10. To be fair, Gatehub claimed not to have access to users secret keys, so people considering it somehow as a kind of cold storage.
  11. @gatehub why after 4 days there is no official or public statement regarding all this anywhere?
  12. looks like someone at Gatehub wanted to ensure his retirement and snatched a batch of secret keys.
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