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  1. someone needs to research this more...... this is the only positive news i see on (shorter) horizon.
  2. This is interesting, makes me think it’s definitely done by a bot, if the timings are correct, there is a definate progression/regression in value. More importantly, it will keep on going automatically till stopped, even more importantly..... we can predict the specific time when it will happen.
  3. It’s showing 100 xrp now? please confirm or correct
  4. once again, btc drops down, xrp f-drops down further.
  5. I am quite sure all these whales crossover and play poker every night...
  6. Although I read all the new beforehand, but still good to know that I didn't miss anything. Keep up the good work.
  7. With this type of post I may be completely wrong or maybe completely Right, please bear with me, just sharing my thought. (Ratio of usable bitcoin whales/retails holders is somewhere around 80/10 or close, just guessing) Imagine you are a bitcoin Whale and you have lets say.... 100k Bitcoin. Including you and your group/friend whales you have about 2M Bitcoins. Now in past few months, after the ATH, you foresee the tides turning. You realise that bitcoin has a very realistic chances of going to Zero with all the regulations creeping up everywhere and ripple will be the future or other regulated blockchain coins/products. It may take a while, months.... may be couple of years, but its going to happen. Now the question is, What do you do? Scenario 1- Every man/woman/child for himself and start dumping bitcoin for ripple or USD. This will cause chaos and no one will be able to Unload all coins, also you won't be able to get your coin's worth anyway. All whales loses. Scenario 2- Make a whale pool and systematically start pumping and dumping the bitcoins slowly to others (avg joe). Meanwhile slowly keep increasing your stash of ripple.... by gaining from weak hands. Obviously you have to program the bots in a way to keep the price within acceptable range for sometime, while you slowly unload all you Bitcoins for Maximum possible price and getting Xrp in lowest possible price, hence maximizing your profits. Soon you become xrp whale from bitcoin whale. Supporting facts- 1) As you all know and stated- -- BTC goes up : XRP goes up but less. --BTC goes down : XRP goes down more. 2) There are always fake sell as well as buy walls of same amount on all exchanges to keep the price exactly within the acceptable range so as to work in tandem with other currency bots. (I can attach screenshots if someone failed to see this) These two points mathematically supports this theory. And if its true, we'll see xrp mooning/lamboing/cabining or in my case bmwM3ing suddenly pretty much coinciding with falling/decoupling btc. So, either you can read and disregard this which is ok..... or may be you will remember reading it somewhere in few months and comeback to it. Only time will tell. Thanks for entertaining me. Personal views appreciated. @RegalChicken @zenkert @XRPisVELOCITY @ReformedEquityTrader @ElChupaThingy78 and others.
  8. Talk about whales. Our own xrp chat members can start a bullrun if they want to.....?
  9. Good to know we have some medium sized sharks and dolphins here.....
  10. Haha..... I don’t expect half of them to post. What i dont get is whats the harm in publishing dca?
  11. Think about people who (if) will be reading this in 2020. And you are probably better off from billions of people who still think Crypto is a scam, what is ripple?, this bubble will burst, crypto is too complicated to invest, bitcoin is the boss, ripple is a banker’s coin, etc.... ?
  12. Siphoned of money from my own personal loan and also bought 5x the original planned amount.?
  13. I expected that. But no issues. All I am interested is in DCA.
  14. Hey guys just wanted to get an Idea of DCA (Dollar cost avg) of all the members here to see where I stand (where we all stand) compared to fellow zerpians. No need to share any personal Info like amount held etc if you dont want to. If this catches on, I will make a table periodically for easy reference. And if you are able to lower/change your Dca it can also be updated. It will be in following format. 1) Price/DCA on first ever buy (I started buying at 1.8) 2) Dca now (current DCA) 3)Total zerps held (No need if you dont wanna disclose) 4) Target Zerps (Total amount you are planning to achieve if things goes to plan) So, 1.80, 1.27, ——, 50k
  15. guys this is due to binance accidental selling btc/via. via coin is up 64%. https://thenextweb.com/hardfork/2018/03/07/binance-accidentally-selling-users-cryptocurrency-bitcoin/ Also, several exchanges are down kraken, cex.io..... (I think precautionary) End of the World?
  16. Too early to think about that. Also they pay their ca's millions of dollars to save millions more. SO, no need to worry, they'll find a way. India, japan, thailand etc already using apps via phone to pay for items of retail..... your veggies, petrol and what not...... and on large scale. Not quite mass adoption yet, but yes its available as a mode of payment at most places and catching on quickly.
  17. Guys...... chill..... just because they didn't show that doesn't mean it didn't happen. It was recorded, and will be shown soon, online, if not not on TV.
  18. https://twitter.com/twitter/statuses/971153204162519040
  19. Company has nothing to do with the font. AFAIK its the poster’s phone’s overall Font.
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