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  1. Yes this is key. Ownership does not determine control. Control does.....
  2. Not sure what the report says, but the figure that they show of 3,000 million is obviously totally wrong... Unless they are claiming a monumental drop, which the article doesn't appear to be saying at all... 3.7 million million (3.7 trillion) would be more like it, but in 2025, 7 years from now, that may actually be underselling things imho..... I think we could see 1-2T within a year or so... I guess we'll see (any of us that are still around then....)....
  3. Or, you could look at the past..... Not more than 10 months ago, demand rose as speculators pushed daily volume up to 8B and the price to almost $4... Since then, the number of exchanges offering XRP has exploded, to about 200 now I believe... This makes such a surge not merely easier than before, but more likely. Add to that the addition of utility and you have even more impetus. So, what you are claiming is impossible within 5 years actually happened in a matter of weeks.... But then, Fidel Castro always did have a problem with being on the right side of history....
  4. 1. Yes, a very good possibility, given the multi-trillion dollar market Ripple is aiming at and many other potential use cases going forward. 2. Already happening. Anyone paying the slightest bit of attention to the DA market can see the avalanche of institutional investment that has already spent years and expended massive costs preparing the infrastructure to take on this market. 3. Not if the rise is steady and based on real-world utility. There is absolutely no reason for a crash if the price is based on actual use. None. So there it is. All of your underlying assumptions for the above price predictions are perfectly reasonable, except for the last one. I hope this has been useful/informative/entertaining to you!
  5. I've read through some of your posts here in this thread, but to be honest I'm struggling to find anything approaching a point. If you don't think XRP is a good investment, a) what are you doing here? and b) what does it matter if someone else feels differently? Personally, I have done hundreds of hours of research into XRP and this market, and I am very optimistic about the future. So many blocks have been laid, and there is so much going on in this space. It hasn't been an easy year in terms of price, and there will still likely be difficult days ahead. But I fully expect to see the crypto market increase over the next few years. And the reason I'm invested in XRP is that I think it will outpace the growth of the market... So I'm very happy with my investment, and very much looking forward to seeing what the future brings...
  6. XRPSherpa

    FUD or FED?

    Wow, this thread is tons of fun.... I've been missing out.... For what it's worth, there are many different kinds of contributions that people can make to a society or a community - like the XRP community. Some people are crazy smart and talented and create tools or find ways to expand the tech. Others get out in the 'trenches' and fight the FUD. Others do deep dives and research topics of interest. And then there are some people that provide support and encouragement to those that are in the community. Some people are better suited to one of these roles than others. Some are great allrounders and can contribute on multiple levels. But it isn't helpful to attack those that are not on your particular wavelength just because you can't see their value. They have value to someone, or else they would be ignored and shunned. My two zerps worth....
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