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    johnlogan got a reaction from Inequivalent in Trying to make myself feel better...   
    88cents but I will buy much more, add to my stack, lowering it further. We live in exciting times and people need to wake up and max out their credit cards, 
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    johnlogan got a reaction from ChuckN in What is your new EOY prediction?   
    No way over $0.30 EOY. Maybe $1 end 2020.- 
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    johnlogan got a reaction from carpetbelly in The reason I am still here   
    Well John Carpenter was the original source! 
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    johnlogan got a reaction from Scout in The reason I am still here   
    Well John Carpenter was the original source! 
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    Wonder how many people on here know where that quote is from, or ever played it?
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    Linux continues its year-over-year growth — at the expense of other operating systems. Linux remains the platform of choice for enterprises running it; more than87 percent added Linux servers this year, and 82 percent plan to add more in the next year. 
    1. Google
    Google, an American based multinational company, the services of which includes search, cloud computing and online advertising technologies runs on Linux.
    2. Twitter
    Twitter, famous online social networking and micro-blogging site that is Powered by nix.
    3. Facebook
    Facebook, one of the most famous and most widely used Social Networking service runs on the same platform.
    4. Amazon
    An American based international company which deals with International Online Retailing is in the list of Linux powered Company.
    5. IBM
    IBM (International Business Machine Corporation) the American based company which for sure don’t requires any introduction, is again powered by nix.
    6. McDonalds
    The world’s largest chain of hamburger fast foot restaurant uses GNU/Linux (Ubuntu) too.
    7. Submarines
    The submarines in the United State Navy are controlled by same platform.
    8. NASA
    National Aeronautical and Space Administration, The United nation’s Space program widely uses Linux in many of their programmes.
    9. Watches
    Most of you would not be knowing that there are Linux Powered Watches in the market, already. The watch developed by IBM running Linux.
    10. Mobile Devices
    True, you all know that Linux is powering Mobile Phones, Tablets and Kindle. If the news is true, Nokia is all set to come with its First Android based Mobile (Though the decision of Nokia is too late and Nokia has paid for this and still paying).
    11. Space
    A Specific Linux Distro (Debian) is already in the space. Debian led all the rest.
    12. Raspberry pi
    The business card sized computer designed for electronic projects as well as desktop computing which is very cheap in cost and is fully functional. Raspberry is a landmark in Linux Development.
    13. Desktop Computing
    Though a little late, Linux made a notable presence in the desktop computing market. In school and academics as well as in government offices Linux are being widely used, these days.
    14. Corporates
    The corporate offices are using Linux and finds it more productive than any other alternatives.
    15. New York Stock Exchange
    New York Stock Exchange (NYSC) which provides means for buyers and sellers in order to trade shares of stock in companies registered for public trading relies solely on Linux.
    16. Traffic Controlling
    The Traffic controlling system in most of the countries be it Road Traffic or Air Traffic Linux proved to be the best than any other available alternative.
    17. Nuclear Projects
    When it comes to Nuclear Ambitious projects, Linux is the best option. One of such OS is QNX, which lately is acquired by Blackberry Ltd.
    18. Bullet Trains
    The Bullet Trains in Japan runs at the speed of 240-320 km/h. All train tracking, maintenance, scheduling and controlling is Linux based.
    19. Tianhe-2
    The fastest Supercomputer of the world, China’s Tianhe-2, which is capable of performing 33.86 petaflops operations per second is running Kylinos, a Linux based Operating System.
    20. Internet Hosting
    More than 70% of Internet Hosting and service providers are Linux based. Thought this statistic is difficult to figure out but based upon the Linux compatible hardware sold, and demand for cross platform compatible hardware, the above statistics is a rough estimation.
    21. Missiles and Weapons
    The Missiles and destructive weapons of next generation is themed to be much advanced and Intelligent system than its predecessors. Well what else would have been its alternative.
    22. Hackers
    Hackers be it ethical or non-ethical prefers Linux over any other Platform. The availability of a variety of tools, the architecture, the security, the technique to handle things intelligently and control everything to the point required makes it perfect choice for Hackers.
    23. Other Industries
    The Wikipedia, PIZZA Hut, Aviation industry, Parliaments of countries like France are using Linux. When it comes to work in distributed system, multi-user supported system, the only thing that comes to mind is the Nix.
    The OLX and Just dial have their user base just because of Linux. The service providers relied on Linux for developing Application that has a huge database and act as local google and Amazon.
    24. Postal Services
    The US Postal Services and banking sector of most of the countries are using Linux. Well USA uses Linux not only as mission critical application, but have tried building their system around. The use of nix in US Postal Service is a brilliant Example.
    25. Education
    Schools, colleges and Universities in Russia, Germany, Philippines, Georgia, Switzerland, Italy, India specially Tamil Nadu are using Linux even for basic computer education.
    The availability of specific Linux distro for every task makes Linux the most sought after platform. Edubuntu is a distro specially developed for computer LABS from educational point of view. (At my time RedHat was used for educational purpose, when I was pursuing my major in Computer Application.)
    26. Movies
    For those who think Linux is not for Graphical editing we need to mention that Oscar winning Titanic and Avatar were Edited and Graphics were created using Linux only. Moreover the video cameras these days are Linux centred.
    28. Networking
    Cisco, the networking and routing gaint are completely Linux Based. Real-Time Communication and Integration Solutions providing company finds Linux best suited to their Application Development and Delivery.
    29. Cars
    Recently, cars developed around Linux was exhibited. Making cars more intelligent which can work in odd situations, nix is the best choice.
    30. Future of ROBOTICS
    Again an intelligent critical application, which should work in odd situations and act accordingly, specially when robotics is supposed to be tied with army and security and there remains no place for any flaws, Linux and Only Linux………
    Actually the list is ever growing. That’s all for now. I’ll be here again with an interesting article soon. Till then stay tuned and connected. Give your valuable feedback in comment section.
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    johnlogan reacted to Tinyaccount in I just bought more   
    I always have mild FOMO.  I am buying 100 as we speak.  I don’t want to pay market so I bid a tad lower but I’m never game to go too low because it might run away.  
    So I’m sort of el-cheapo dollar cost averaging on weekly Tuesday buys.  
    I’ll admit I can never truly travel in a straight line...
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    johnlogan reacted to BluKoo in I just bought more   
    Yup, me too. If I made a new post every time I bought, then it dipped, so I bought more etc, well... there'd be a lot of posts. That's all that needs to be said 

    It's all fun an games though. Part of the experience if you ask me haha.
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    johnlogan reacted to BiffTannen in I just bought more   
    Wait 1 day and buy lower, or wait 2 days and buy even lower, or wait 3 days and buy even lower, and on and on. 
    **** this market. 
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    johnlogan reacted to Tinyaccount in What is your new EOY prediction?   
    A few months ago I was saying $5  -  $20.  But now I'm more pessimistic so I think when the 'at least one major bank' starts using XRP it won't lift quite as high because of the general disbelief.  Fomo will be a bit slow perhaps.
    So now I think $3  to. $5.   Long term....   much much more.
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    johnlogan got a reaction from mariusthegreat in What is your new EOY prediction?   
    No way over $0.30 EOY. Maybe $1 end 2020.- 
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    johnlogan reacted to mariusthegreat in What is your new EOY prediction?   
    0.14 USD min
    0.28 USD max
    Next year will be more of the same.
    Expect single digits next year. More regulation and more derivatives (shorting). 
    I feel there is a way to go yet.
    overall 2019 will be anemic.
    I suppose it’s up to you if you have the Gaul and stomach for it... 
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    johnlogan reacted to mariusthegreat in What is your new EOY prediction?   
    Been calling sub $1 since feb.(Not gloating)
    Good idea, good product, but the lack of regulation, governmental backing, hacks, lack of insurance offered to protect consumers on exchanges, the fact, fundamentally that many if not all of these coins are backed by nothing but faith, leads me to think there are many years to go. 
    I saw a comment above about “single digits” to elaborate, I believe XRP will fall below 0.1 next year, maybe around February, and the lul will continue.
    Regualtion, regulation, regualtion is needed.
    Some analyst are calling BTC to fall below 2.5k, this will also have a knock on effect.
    Happy to have a discussion and I’m not trolling or being super negative 😬
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    johnlogan got a reaction from Moonraker in Trying to make myself feel better...   
    88cents but I will buy much more, add to my stack, lowering it further. We live in exciting times and people need to wake up and max out their credit cards, 
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    johnlogan reacted to Eric123 in Manipulation in Anticipation of Bakkt Futures   
    This is what has happened and what is happening IMO.  My opinion only and I may be wrong - but I'm betting I'm not.  
    Groups/People with money power/bitcoin= "They"  
    Last year "They" Bought bitcoins on the exchanges in anticipation of the CME futures (CME market was cash settled only, trades on CME did not affect the price - these basically were just bets not purchases of bitcoin).  The plan was to drive up the price of bitcoin by buying bitcoins on the exchanges in Oct, Nov, Dec 2017 then "They " took leveraged short positions on the futures market.  Then "They" sold their bitcoins on the exchanges driving down the price and making money on their leveraged shorts on the CME futures market.  This was the tail wagging the dog price wise.
    This year and upcoming -
    The Intercontinental Exchange ICE - (the owners of the NYSE) is starting a futures market at the end of January 2018 called BAKKT - https://cointelegraph.com/news/nyse-operators-bakkt-confirms-end-of-january-launch-date-for-digital-assets-platform.
    BAKKT will be settled in bitcoin.  Because it's settled in bitcoin "They" can't just make a bet on what will happen on the exchanges then manipulate the price down.  BAKKT will have to enter the market and buy the bitcoins and move them to their wallet.  This will significantly drive up the price of Bitcoin.. 
    So basically we are watching a reverse of last year "They" are driving down the price of bitcoin in anticipation of the futures market driving it up which starts at the end of January 2019.
    Once bitcoin moves up the entire market will move with it.  Bitcoin is a lot more scarce than most commodities and has a set number - "Physical" futures market should propel it to ATH.  XRP and all ALT's will go along for the ride.  
    Would like to hear other's opinions. Especially why I am wrong.
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    johnlogan reacted to Defcon_1 in Why did the price drop all of a sudden?   
    Oh, don't worry - 'support' is not far away.
    I recall the same noise when XRP dipped below $2.
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    johnlogan reacted to Defcon_1 in STAY STRONG!!!   
    And I am sure the ones calling you a troll have fallen silent.  That will be conveniently forgotten.
    Now $3 EOY seems wildly optimistic unless some huge breakthrough occurs.
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    johnlogan reacted to P3T3RIS in Why did the price drop all of a sudden?   
    My buys got filled between .38 - .34 as I expected. New sell orders set to levels few cents up to add selling pressure. Bitfinex showing quite a wall at .37 and in case XRP won´t climb back at all, this all indicates to me that there is an instant selloff after buyins at .34, selling all they´ve got to buy below ticker and are able to sell soon, below .37 it now seems. I´m laddering my buys and anything I get, I set instantly back to market for upwards moves to sell. Now that we reached SUPPORT (edited) here, I remove all my buy orders downwards until closer to .25 and wait and see which decision market makes. Reminds me of september 20 - 21 but other direction, when price held steadily at .45 before sudden spike to .75 in 3 hours.This could continue fast.
    When I am building long positions, by setting sell orders 1 - 2 cents or 5 - 10 cents higher means I am part of the market and make it harder for any upspikes to happen without prior notice and it helps "feel the pulse" much better. If there are no buyers at this level, there definitely is need to push it lower below .32.
    Next strong support if this won´t hold here, is around .25, since we now know any downward pressure takes us well below .32 
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    johnlogan reacted to Raekwon in STAY STRONG!!!   
    LOL, that is hilarious. Says a lot about these 589 moonboys.
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    johnlogan reacted to Defcon_1 in STAY STRONG!!!   
    This crypto market is the great leveler - all the pompous posturing and nonsense results in nothing more than tossing darts at a board.
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    johnlogan reacted to BeSeriousXRP in Is everybody aware of:   
    Drops mic. I rest my case.
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    johnlogan reacted to strikerjax in So Monday we Go Up - 1 dollar (on Monday)   
    Looks like we are headed to hit .15 first.
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    johnlogan got a reaction from GiddyUp in Is crypto dead?   
    Why do new technologies like crypto tend to bubble up? Because it’s very hard to value a new technology’s intrinsic value using traditional valuation methods (present value of discounted future cashflows) as they generally don’t generate any cashflows until very far into the future. In the case of XRP this becomes even more difficult as many of them will never generate cashflows and yet will nevertheless be incredibly valuable.
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    johnlogan got a reaction from BecomeRich in What is the longest you are willing to HODL?   
    Too many nights in farang drinking cliques will do that to you! 
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