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  1. Well John Carpenter was the original source!
  2. Nothing wrong with being divided on price. We are however, as a community, more pessimistic than before, not many mooners left.
  3. I predicted $3 EYO and was considered a troll back in Q1-18
  4. 88cents but I will buy much more, add to my stack, lowering it further. We live in exciting times and people need to wake up and max out their credit cards,
  5. Why do new technologies like crypto tend to bubble up? Because it’s very hard to value a new technology’s intrinsic value using traditional valuation methods (present value of discounted future cashflows) as they generally don’t generate any cashflows until very far into the future. In the case of XRP this becomes even more difficult as many of them will never generate cashflows and yet will nevertheless be incredibly valuable. HODL
  6. Too many nights in farang drinking cliques will do that to you!
  7. Sub 40 cents now - you are crazy not to buy more now! We will recoil like no tomorrow in a few days.
  8. Most on this forum is thrilled with XRP dropping!
  9. Yep, looks like it will take several years before we pass $1.- unfortunately.
  10. Invest $1 mill now and enjoy big profits when we hit 75cents.
  11. This is my fear as well. Its a real possibility that XRP will be severely damaged by this drop -and those to come.
  12. Wait what..? You want XRP to go down?
  13. Im all the way back at 0.9249 DCA. 58 cents would be a wet dream.
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