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  1. https://www.ecb.europa.eu/press/key/date/2017/html/sp170116.en.html
  2. Given the historial concerns on XRP distribution, I have always wordered if it would be possible at some point to set up something like a smart contact distribution system which distributes XRP in a reliable and predictable way, based on certain premises and without reliance on Ripple. These are just some improvised thoughts and I don't know if it would be implemented over RCL itself or another smart contract platform, but what do you think of it? Is it a silly idea?
  3. Which matters is your share of the total supply. If you are concerned about too many XRP in existance in comparison with your share, then buy some more .
  4. XRP supply is not really a problem. It doesn't matter where you put the decimal point. It's more about XRP being useful. If xrp proves to be useful in the area where it is supposed to be, bridging $250 Million through XRP today would require (in theory) the whole available supply. And it may seem to be a lot, but it is not when we are talking about cross-border payments industry.
  5. I wonder how those time frames are calculated. It's always "in the next 5 five years". I've been hearing that for... ... the past five years
  6. De todos modos, el planteamiento del articuo resulta un tanto engañoso, porque tanto BTC (así como también XRP) es hoy en día una inversión de muy alto riesgo. Nadie que tenga una percepción normal del riesgo cambiaría todos sus pesos por bitcoins. ¿No estáis de acuerdo?
  7. My understanding is that RCL is now referred to as 'a network of ILP Validators reaching consensus through a byzantine-fault-tolerant (BFT) consensus algorithm', which means that it acts as a decentralized ILP validator, without counterparty risk.
  8. http://edition.cnn.com/videos/spanish/2016/12/28/cnnee-portafolio-intvw-chris-larsen-internet-y-la-banca.cnn
  9. Oops! I'm sooooo slow when writing in english
  10. The Bitcoin community (or at least part of it) has a fundamentalist and fanatical view about bitcoin . They don't want to admit the centralization of the network, in hands of a few pools, nor do they consider a problem the creator owning more than 1.5M bitcoin (according to estimates). In favor of Ripple, it has to be said that its little community is more measured, rational and self-critical .
  11. Hello triplex and kimchee ! How did you guys get to know about Ripple?
  12. This could be a summary on what the outside perception of XRP/Ripple is (min. 21:16) https://youtu.be/w7AUri_K5AI?t=1276
  13. OK, I was looking at the big picture and obviating those limitations, which I ignored. So I guess the kind of device is not so trivial. Anyway, is it so important that it generates secret keys?
  14. kanaas, you are from Belgium, right? If I'm not wrong, your national ID card is quite similar to what you propose. It's a smart card with a microchip which holds a secret/private key. The signing process takes place inside the microchip, so the secret key never leaves the smart card. In the case of Ripple, Bitcoin, etc... it would be transactions which would be signed inside the card, in a safe and isolated environment, and only once signed would be published to the network. If it is a smart card or any other kind of device, as well as the type of connectivity (USB, NFC...), is something trivial.
  15. - Outside perception of XRP Centralized and sometimes not even considered as a cryptocurrency, not in the same sense as the other altcoins. Bad reputation in general. - Target audience? Forex traders in a first stage. - Future of XRP Mainly dependent on the degree of centralization of the network. - current price/volume Price in line with the current usefulness of xrp. The increasing volume does not say much about anything. - What factors would affect its movement? Decentralization, distribution and promotion.