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  1. The video doesn't mention Ripple, but the article from its website does: https://www.bbva.com/en/news/economy/financial-and-commercial-services/fintech/bbva-completes-first-real-time-international-money-transfer-europe-mexico-ripple/ https://www.bbva.com/es/noticias/economia/bancos/fintech/bbva-realiza-transferencias-internacionales-tiempo-real-europa-mexico-ripple/ It also says they are working with R3, Ethereum Enterprise Alliance and Hyperledger.
  2. https://letstalkpayments.com/navigating-the-maze-of-blockchain-consortia/
  3. Great job! @miguel @Tim Thanks for this detailed report!
  4. Yes, the article also says that Ripple has partnered with banks to enable near real-time processing for international remittance and small business payments. Do you think it refers to a new partnership that we were not aware of?
  5. So now the goal is not only to replace SWIFT as a banking standard, but also to become an alternative to networks such as Visa or American Express. Very interesting and positive for XRP.
  6. I've always thought that Stellar could have been perfectly complementary to Ripple, but it's true that the founder undermined his own credibility. It's hard to believe in a project directed by someone who proved to be so irresponsible.
  7. Equally sufficient to break the market, and there is no guarantee that he will not have a bad day.
  8. There is someone/something called Satoshi Nakamoto supposed to own 1.5M bitcoins. Is that much different from Ripple's case? At least we know who is behind Ripple.
  9. I have come to the conclusion that it's only a mix of ideology, maximalism and ignorance. I don't do a much deeper reading of it.
  10. You are right, as @Sukrim pointed out, this wouldn't help in any way if the secret key is compromised, and I guess warnings to prevent mistakes belong to an upper layer.
  11. For me the idea is quite clear: some transactions will be routed directly between private networks and some others will be bridged through RCL. However, I cannot understand yet why Ripple doesn't speak clearly about XRP and RCL when they refer to their banking products.
  12. https://ripple.com/files/ripple_product_overview.pdf Once again not a single mention to RCL/XRP. If XRP is supposed to be mainly intended for finantial intitutions but they don't even mention it on their product sheet, then this results too confusing. I wonder what @miguel thinks about this.
  13. I've been thinking how practical it would be in terms of security if there were a spending limit for XRP transactions, just like on credit/debit cards. That limit would be set up with a predetermined expiration time enforced by RCL (similar to PayChan or Escrow) and it would have to be renewed (daily, weekly, monthly... or every X time). I've been also checking the documentation but I believe that such a feature is not even expected. Are you aware of something like this? How do you feel about it? Do you think it would be helpful to prevent mistakes or even thefts?
  14. Doubt solved! So PayChan might open the door to many use cases that we have not even imagined, and that's great! Thank you @Vinnie!
  15. I guess my question could be summarized as follows: is it imperative to check the valididty of each "Claim" against RCL individually or is it possible to accumulate them without further verification than the initial one and the final redemption?