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  1. This particular news does not seem reliable, but what is clear is that VISA is looking for a blockchain engineer who ideally has knowledge of Ripple. https://bd.visa.com/careers/job-details.jobid.743999657361638.deptid.868537.html
  2. https://www.androidauthority.com/what-is-ripple-819806/
  3. You are focusing on the price per unit of XRP and its supply, but the total capitalization should still have room to keep going up.
  4. Oh, the Decimals to Percents Song is one of my favorites
  5. https://www.meetup.com/es/meetup-group-RKJvRrMT/events/244531292/ Sounds like an interesting event.
  6. xourexe

    Seoul XRP Meetup

    https://www.meetup.com/es/meetup-group-RKJvRrMT/events/244531292/ Ripple is hosting the first Seoul XRP Meetup on November 6th! XRP is the fastest and most scalable digital asset, enabling real-time global payments anywhere in the world. It currently ranks 3rd in terms of market capitalization after BTC and ETH. This meetup event is for anyone who want to learn about XRP, interact with Ripple employees and network with fellow XRP fans. 6pm Networking 7pm Presentations - Overview of XRP - XRP technical features - Q&A 8:30pm Networking Drinks & light snacks will be served.
  7. http://www.sbigroup.co.jp/english/news/pdf/2017/1018_a_en.pdf
  8. I just found this new presentation. @pedrorechez Congratulations for the wonderful work you are doing. I'm curious to know if PathShuffle could become a real competitor of Monero and Zcash in terms of privacy, and in which aspects it is better or worse if so. Could you explain, please? https://petsymposium.org/2017/slides/pets/Moreno-SanchezRK.pdf
  9. @mDuo13 I have always imagined that the XRP Ledger validators set could eventually act as a public and distributed source of truth for ILP transactions, with all the advantages this entails over the use of "private" validators. Furthermore, in this scheme, XRP would be the native form of payment for access to this public validation service, which would give XRP a real use and would generate an organic demand, beyond the purely speculative demand. Could you clarify if this possibility is real, or am I totally wrong about this kind of use for XRP Ledger?
  10. According to this new presentation from SBI Holdings, several highly relevant companies will participate in a training program on blockchain technology and crypto-currencies (XRP explicitly mentioned). If the Google translation is correct, the slide refers to Microsoft and Oracle among several other reputed companies. Can someone who speaks Japanese make a precise translation? http://www.sbigroup.co.jp/investors/library/presentation/pdf/presen170921.pdf#page=32
  11. I think that the Payment Request API is used to define how the payment is initiated, but if the payee and the payer don't have a common payment method, then that's where Interledger would come into play. https://www.w3.org/blog/wpwg/2017/09/14/payment-request-api-now-being-implemented-in-all-major-browsers-advances-on-the-recommendation-track/
  12. https://www.hedge-crypto.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/09/Hedge-tip-of-the-week-v2-xrp.pdf
  13. And I don't know how often you think about it, but the paradox is that this is supposed to be all about blockchain, decentralization, auditability... but yet, XRP's success is entirely dependent on secret contracts, opaque strategies and blind trust. It's not my intention to discourage, but for once let's recognize that the critics of XRP have also their reasons to be.
  14. I have always trusted and still trust Ripple's talent, but I think this situation with R3 is a direct consequence of the distribution strategy. We are now seeing consequences derived from that strategy. Only the uncertainty that this situation causes could be a major obstacle for XRP's purposes. And, unfortunately, we can not rule out that there won't be other similar cases in the future, since the details of Ripple's agreements are unknown.
  15. http://predprocessing.com/wp-content/download/bitcoin.pdf
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