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  1. @LilBender @dr_ed Hello. Still in Trrrrrrrrooooooooooonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn? I'm probably missing some news, but I haven't heard of tron in recent months. I still have my bags but thinking about converting some in VET. If I has my TRX in an exchange probably some had already been converted to VET already LOL lucky or not, they are in my nano ledger.
  2. Sheldon

    I got banned

    See you on a colorup club
  3. That's only a sample of what we have for 1c rises.... The one to 1$ are huge .... adn we have some stored until 100$ rises.... If (when) we get to 1000$ raises, we will post our personal space ships....
  4. OOL .... And so many post in here to laugh
  5. Sheldon

    Hi! I'm Bob

    In Canada there are people of many nationalities. And many send money back to their country of origin. I have heard that there is a company with a very good solution for this sending money out of the country. And it's not sending the money in a suitcase by plane or the slower swift solution.
  6. They say and So I assume that Tronscan wallet is included
  7. You can leave your TRX in tronscan . "All official wallets relaying on TRON’s network and carrying TRX will be eligible for BTT airdrops corresponding to the amount they are holding." https://medium.com/bittorrent/bittorrent-foundation-unveils-more-details-regarding-bittorrent-btt-airdrops-for-tron-trx-8bbd194f8a87
  8. Any news about the BTT airdrop to TRX holders?
  9. Welcome to this great comunity! The best one in Crypto We can see many good things in CSC and belive in a good future. Many of us already have a bag full of CSC. We also have a tradition that any new member give 1000XRP to all GOLD members and to members with sheldon has a Avatar. In you case you could send the equivalent in CSC.
  10. TRONNNNNNNNNNNNNN I mean Ceeeeeeee eeeeeeSSSSSSs Ceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
  11. In your wallet on the left click on receive coins Then right click on the address that appears. Select Copy adress
  12. Listing CSC in Binance would be great for price and volume !!!
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