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  1. Here's another take on it, it was actually a pretty awesome interview, Brad and MichaelA if you listened at the start are good friends, it was a very informal interview and those 2 were like a long married couple, it was kinda cute AF if you don't have a stick up your ass. Likewise MikeB was equally relaxed with them, there was no contention and no bad vibes, I'd take a guess that they all enjoyed it, and don't take my word for it because I posted as much on Twitter and MikeA and MikeB both gave the posts a like, so yea please take those sticks out of your collective arses and lighten up, or should they swear a vow of silence and become monks just in case some regulator somewhere doesn't like something they say? Was a very good interview if you take it in the context they all gave it.
  2. and we are still not listening. Nope not seeing that either. The turds try to over run Reddit, a trip there is very rare, on Twitter we batter them, they are here to, hope you guys are holding up ok
  3. Need more shots Actually, been hitting them pretty hard for a while, almost feel sorry for them, they fail at Twitter almost as bad as they fail at cross border payments
  4. Exactly like that, and now you have a new follower to, mind you I'm not sure that's exactly a good thing
  5. Please consider tipping them via @xrptipbot and then reminding them that unlike swiftthatsnotsoswift it's in their wallet a few seconds after you've pressed enter, flooding them with micro tips every time they post, well if it does nothing else it will give me a good laugh
  6. Normally when I comment on threads here they die, fast, so sorry if you have to kiss this one goodbye but I saw this and just had to say this is sheer genius love it, god I hope they give you an answer again apologies if you were looking forward to a good thread after this lol. Now that is words to the wise, please sign me up to sue the **** out of them to
  7. Looks like I owe you an apology on this one, I read something completely different (I thought you were implying that the protocol was easily somehow hacked) the cold light of day tells me different, humble pie I shall eat, yes you are actually correct it is very easy to get hacked. Sorry about that.
  8. I'm sure of your lack of anything of substance to back up the FUD you posted to Rachel.
  9. You laid the assertion I'm still waiting to hear your facts, but of course you don't have any do you.
  10. Yep you are, it was a 5 on 1 gang bang that was uninvited Matt saw it out for the XRP Community, no one could have done better under the joke circumstances, they weren't there to understand they were just being Bitcoiners, scared and lashing out, nothing more nothing less.
  11. Could you maybe explain the "it's easy to get hacked" part, you know for us unedumacated folk? I've only googled some stuff but I'm pretty sure it isn't, can you please detail said hacks?
  12. XRP Chat - Newbiexrp, SunnyDay99, kryptoroi Reddit - unbearablegirl123 and a host of others. Twitter - @LeeR9991 , there's another variant of that where it's whining about it's account being suspended, @xrpsara Probably a whole hell of a lot more to, #toxicpshyco avoid at all costs! Have a look at them, the MO is easy to spot, pretends to be a fan but can't hide the seething dripping hatred, something like Chucky's sister wants to be your new BFF toxic AF!
  13. Not really a Mod's job is to control the nutters posts, the people who need help who make fake accounts by the 100's all running the same MO, among other things.
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