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  1. Ripple, the startup that owns world’s third-largest cryptocurrency and has some of the world’s major banks as stakeholders, cannot get its token listed on the top U.S crypto exchanges, even with money on the table.Ripple is accused of allegedly offering financial incentives to Coinbase and Gemini in an attempt to get XRP listed on both the exchanges. https://viraldocks.com/ripple-gets-rejected-gemini-coinbase-even-offering-financial-incentives/
  2. London Block Exchange, UK’s only dedicated multi-cryptocurrency exchange announces to add Ripple to the list of coins it offers to its customers. Ripple is the fourth cryptocurrency that is added to the London Block Exchange (LBX).Earlier this week, digital payments startup Uphold and the Thai Digital Asset Exchange also added support for Ripple. https://viraldocks.com/lbx-uphold-add-support-ripple/
  3. Ripple has donated $29 million in XRP to fund educational resources for public schools across the U.S. https://viraldocks.com/ripple-donates-29m-donorschoose-schools/
  4. As demand for cryptocurrencies is increasing day by day so is the concern of crypto regulators. Every country has its own views regarding cryptocurrency and therefore has set up its own set of rules for its regulation. https://viraldocks.com/guide-cryptocurrency-regulations/
  5. President of United States Donald Trump banned the purchase of Petro in the U.S, a cryptocurrency that is going to be rolled out by the government of Venezuela. https://viraldocks.com/trump-ban-oil-backed-cryptocurrency/
  6. Ripple hires a Chief Marketing Strategist to solidify the image of the company and its cryptocurrency in the minds of investors. https://viraldocks.com/ripple-hires-bloomberg-expert/
  7. Qarnot, a French startup, unveiled its latest product, QC1 that is a heater that mines cryptocurrency. QC1 is a heater for homes containing a passive computer inside that is focused on mining digital currencies. https://viraldocks.com/qarnot-unveil-cryptocurrency-heater/
  8. A Chinese cryptocurrency startup Miroskii featured pictures of its team members on its webpage along with the details of its upcoming ICO. Among all the team members, the graphic designer named “Kevin Belanger” stood out as he had an uncanny resemblance to the famous Hollywood star Ryan Gosling. https://viraldocks.com/ryan-gosling-cryptocurrency-ico/
  9. The leading global fleet payments provider, Fleetcor Technologies announced on Thursday that it has launched a pilot program with Ripple and Cambridge Global Payments. The New York-based Cambridge Global Payments is an international B2B payment provider that was acquired by Fleetcor last year. Cambridge is already a Ripple client that largely uses Ripple’s xCurrent payment solution. https://viraldocks.com/ripple-fleetcor-cross-border-payments/
  10. The former CEO of Microsoft is concerned about the crypto hype and warned every one of its deadly aspects. During a Reddit “Ask Me Anything” session on Tuesday, while answering a question, Gates said that the anonymity of the technology has “caused deaths in a fairly direct way.” https://viraldocks.com/bill-gates-warns-cryptocurrency/
  11. Goldman Sachs-backed payments company, Circle announced on Monday that it has acquired one of the most active cryptocurrency exchange Poloniex. https://viraldocks.com/circle-acquires-crypto-exchange-poloniex/
  12. Google launched a new product on Tuesday called Google Pay that will replace Android Pay and Google Wallet. The search engine giant launched the service in order to directly challenge Apple Inc’s similar service called Apple Pay.According to analysts, with the rapid evolution of payment providing services, Google will eventually adopt the Ripple blockchain (XRP) thus, creating waves in the commerce world. https://viraldocks.com/why-google-pay-needs-ripple/
  13. The popular messaging platform, Telegram raises $850 million, moving one step further towards its billion-dollar ICO. News of Telegram’s entry into the blockchain space first surfaced last month when a whitepaper consisting detailed information about the project appeared online. https://viraldocks.com/telegram-ico-raises-850m-investment/
  14. As Bitcoin soars, so do the complaints by Coinbase users. The day started off with news circulating social media platforms that Coinbase overcharged some of the cryptocurrency buyers up to 50 times the original price. https://viraldocks.com/visa-blame-cryptocurrency-overcharge-coinbase/
  15. Last month the popular payment platform, Stripe, announced to end support for Bitcoin till April, however, Coinbase just jumped in to fill the gap. The major cryptocurrency exchange announced the launch of Coinbase Commerce, an option for online merchants to accept payments in crypto. https://viraldocks.com/coinbase-introduces-commerce-merchant-solution/
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