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  1. Ah haven't seen a Haejin video in a while... I remember when he was saying XRP was going to shoot up to double-digits early last year. We saw how that turned out. His predictions looked good when he was calling for a moon during the bull run; didn't do so well in 2018. If anything, I would counter-trade this guy. Here's the first result from a "Haejin XRP" search on Steemit - speaks for itself. https://steemit.com/rippl/@haejin/ripple-to-wave-towards-usd15-44-or-higher (This doesn't mean i am bullish right now, just don't trust anything you read online.)
  2. What a load of tosh. If they can add XLM, their excuse for not adding XRP being "adding other chains is a lot of work" is completely invalid.
  3. This! Just because we don't all believe in $589 by EOY, doesn't mean we are bearish or trolls. I just don't have unrealistic expectations for how long it would take for XRP to gain utility. There will be no "switch" that will give us massive adoption - it will take time and happen slowly as production contracts are brought into place (at least in the near-future). It is naive to think that we can have significant adoption this year. There is a quote by Bill Gates that comes to mind:
  4. This isn't educated speculation, it is wishful thinking.
  5. Agree with the above couple of posts. Why is there so much chat about $589 in this club? Did something happen to the BG123 club? If not, can we please keep these topics in there. The $589+ EOY debates were fun to begin with, but it is becoming increasingly embarrassing - especially when people shout about it on Twitter (usually because of some global conspiracy). Now, the 589'ers seem to think whichever Ripple event is coming next is when some world-changing news involving partnerships with SWIFT or the IMF will happen. It is fine to indulge wild fantasies, but keep it to yourself or to a private group. Please.
  6. That guy is all over the place though... some days is really bullish on XRP and other days he calls it a scam or heist. Obviously, would love for him to be right in his prediction, but he has been wrong on XRP trades before (pretty sure he was calling it a good buy in February). Also, he has posted inaccurate, negative comments about the Jed McCaleb agreement on Twitter before. I can't tell whether he is going to be bullish or spreading FUD in any given month. I believe his Twitter handle is @ProofOfResearch (it's changed at least once) - make your own judgements but please don't FOMO in.
  7. I doubt this would ever happen. XRP is a global, decentralised asset - and having one government take control of over 25% of XRP through nationalisation or a deal with Ripple would not sit well with the rest of the world. If this was even attempted, I am sure there would be blowback from the rest of the world. There may also be legal ramifications from other non-U.S. entities that Ripple has partnered / had investment from? People have bought into cryptocurrencies partly because of the freedom from government intervention and whilst Ripple may be a U.S. company, XRP has no specific ties to the U.S. or the dollar. I assume it would easy to fork XRP to reduce Ripple's stake, if there was consensus amongst the majority of validators. If XRP were to be a global successful, most trusted validators would not be based in the U.S. Edit: My fork/validators statement above is probably technically incorrect. If there was a fork that most people used, that may become the de-facto "XRP".
  8. Yup, I was fairly new to XRP/crypto back then, and was swept along with the SWELL excitement - unsurprising considering we all have a financial stake in seeing XRP succeed. That is exactly what comes to mind when I read excited posts about the SBI launch. There will no doubt be someone refreshing CMC five minutes after the launch announcement to see if the volume has doubled... who am I kidding, I will probably check too, just in case.
  9. I am not expecting the SBI public launch to have a noticeable impact on the price (aside from perhaps a small P&D). The early investor news didn't have a lasting impact, and I don't think we had any sustained increase in volume? There seems to be an assumption that we will have a flood of new XRP buyers, but why are we expecting SBI customers to suddenly be interested in XRP? If they were already wanting to buy XRP, they could easily have done so through other exchanges. I think some people here are in for a disappointment - I highly doubt we are going to see a meaningful change in XRP value through more exposure to retail investors. Institutional investors are apparently waiting to hear whether XRP is a security, and we don't yet have significant adoption by banks/remittance companies. I am bullish on XRP long-term, but until we see real adoption and increased volume, we are at the mercy of the market. I hope I am wrong, but am expecting to be hodling patiently for a couple of years.
  10. Well I resisted for a whole five minutes! I told my wife this is a strategic buy - when we hit a sweet ATH, I can pull out the recent investment to recoup most of what we put in. A sensible investment move, but she is getting suspicious... I don't think this is the first time I have used that excuse.
  11. @Rutski It's back to high 60's (at least on Bitstamp). I don't mind too much about getting the timing perfectly right. Already bought most of my XRP and have been hodling, This is fiat I wasn't planning on putting in, but getting the itch again...
  12. @Elitefoo Do you still think we are going to dip to low 0.60s? Not sure if the current spike is due to excitement about SBI going live, which sounds like will only be widely available from July. I have a bit of fiat on the side, which I am debating putting in now vs waiting to see if there is another dip. Perhaps I should sleep on it - everytime I FOMO'd in last year, there was always a chance to buy cheaper.
  13. I don't think you can use two points on a graph as the basis for extrapolating a price prediction for EOY. I could probably pick a peak from a few years ago as the first point, and along with the Jan 2018 peak I could draw a line with a lower gradient than you have in this graph - giving a lower EOY prediction. (I tried creating an example on TV but it doesn't look like they have data that far back.) Now, I don't rule out a triple-digit EOY value - I just think it is highly unlikely, unless Ripple have some big XRapid announcements in the pipeline. I am still optimistic, but until I see evidence of some big partnerships using XRP in production, I am inclined to hope we reach high single or low double-digits by the end of this year. Caveat: I have no idea how big an effect Ripple's change in marketing strategies (targeting the general public through TV shows), regulations, or the arrival of long-awaited "institutional investors" could have on the price in the next 7 months.
  14. Respectfully, you are wrong. Like @Ripple-Stiltskin , I know a number of people who bought in during the December run-up. Yes, there were plenty of exchanges who stopped allowing new users, but not all of them. I personally helped people buy XRP for the first time in mid-late December (thankfully well below the peak). Kraken, Bittrex, Bitstamp and others were all backed up, but I think I got people in through using CB or P2P crypto sites to buy BTC. LTC or ETH, then using Binance to purchase their XRP. Our personal experiences are not indicative of the market. I would love for you to be right about the XRP run-up being due to XRapid trials, and maybe such a scenario contributed to the rise, but I don't think you can rule out the influx of new investors being a significant factor in the price rise. If I looked at just my personal experience, half the crypto investors I know bought in December - and nobody new has been buying since. That evidence, in isolation, could lead me to believe that the new investors were the only reason for the run-up - but there are probably other factors I am not aware of. Still, fingers crossed that XRapid going into production this quarter has an effect on the XRP price!
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