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  1. The fact that a crypto exchange will offer its services to 40 countries (inkluding xrp) is not exactly the same as sayibg xrp will have major adoption in 40 countries. This is click bait.
  2. I dont know, but I hate that they call currency Ripple and not XRP. Isnt there more to expect from a serious report?
  3. I’d say your impatience is your biggest enemy. The biggest mistake people make in investing is that they are impatient and let their feelings get them best of them. They sell when the price drops instead of buying, and they buy at the top instead of selling. Too many have this «get rich quick» urgency, but let me tell you folks, thats not how investments work. Fortunes in the stock are built in 20, 30, 40 years by regular savings by ordinary people, buying shares in index funds. Read up on the marshmellow experiment. It showed that people with the most self dicipline and prefered delayed gratification instead of instant (smaller) reward, did better in nearly all aspects of life - like education, wealth, health, etc. So - with all my heart - hodl! Rome wasnt built in a day.
  4. They are uniting the claims, to process them together. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/441508825523159040/477643819198971905/Ripple_Order.pdf
  5. I feel the same way bro. The more I read about Ripple and XRP, the more certain I become that this is a very solid investment. I feel like either we are idiots in here, or the rest of the world are idiots not to see what is so obvious.
  6. It takes a great man to admit he was previously wrong
  7. Wow. He talks about «real use cases» and «cheap to transfer», with out even mentioning XRP.... this guy has been living under a rock since 2009.
  8. Now is the time to BUY, not sell.
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