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  1. @B172 there is a correlation between the work of Ripple but there doesn’t have to be a correlation between Ripple and the price of xrp.
  2. Pretty sure CB wouldn’t be listing ether if it were a security. Why is this guy even an expert?
  3. I got some of my stack at .28 in September only to watch it drop to about 0.15 then slowly stabilized itself before the zerpening at year end. I thought about selling but I can only lose when I sell! I kept it till now.
  4. When it starts pumping we’ll blow thru the single digit prices in minutes..
  5. This is a really big IF, but if this really happens then you’re wrong. The price would be much higher than $4.77, considering money flowing from new investors and other crypto as well.
  6. And people in 2016 thought eth would hit $50-100 top in 2017.
  7. I am rather optimistic on the price of ripple. I mean look at last year’s growth and consider how low the price of ripple is right now. It’s not going to stay at this range in dec 2018. The price can easily reach $3x (10x from ath) and possibly $100 when FOMO happens and more funds pouring from btc and other altcoins to xrp. Just my 2cts
  8. Because there was never a flock of investors at this magnitude in the longest time.
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