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  1. While the Hatfields and McCoys are at each others throats the zerpers are off in their field tilling it fresh for the new year's planting.
  2. I'm downtown near Little 5 Points. Let's do some drinking!
  3. Keyword being "comply". Because as stated, the regulations already exist. I was just reading something where banks were talking about certainty and avoiding those risks. It's been a common theme since almost the beginning. If I find it...I'll post it for you. No article is going to use the exact language you require, but if you had any real interest in researching the subject you would see that there is much room for regulation across the spectrum of government institutions. The Investment Company Act of 1940 will likely need to be amended to encompass approved procedures for cryptocurrency trading - in fact, the very definition of a security may be amended. That constitutes additional (albeit amended) regulation. I'm sorry but you're just attacking the rhetoric again. It will be difficult to have a meaningful conversation. I'm not trying to change anyone's mind or attack anyone, just offer my opinion within OP's guidelines. The assertion was that a government shutdown may ultimately delay government action in this industry. If you disagree, that's fine. I wish you luck in your investments.
  4. Yet, as I said...there's no substance to it. You can't point to regs that are lacking or specifically needed, you just assume they must be lacking...just because. If you feel "belittled"...well...that's a personal issue. I certainly don't feel belittled, I merely pointed out your attempt. It's not a personal issue for me. The fact that the industry needs more "comprehensive regulation" is well known. I can point to any one of a number of articles on the topic, but here is one for your review: https://cointelegraph.com/news/sec-says-crypto-based-funds-not-ready-for-regulation
  5. Again, I'm forced to disagree. There is certainly room for additional legislation, and it will follow along with the SEC's determinations. I don't think it is wise to attack the rhetoric when you understand the underlying concept, unless your objective is merely to inflate your own assertions by belittling others. I believe that we still have a wild west atmosphere and we won't see mass adoption for some time. The government still has a huge role to play in my opinion.
  6. If you're waiting for more regulations for adoption, you might be waiting a long time with the Trump admin. He's cutting regs. However, adoption on larger scales doesn't require additional regulations, they just require an "all clear" order from Gov. If banks knew all was legal...they'd fall all over themselves to adopt. Certainty is what banks want. OP: Gov shutdown = no affect on crypto although I don't doubt speculators will try to stir up some good FUD over it. This is essentially what I mean by "more comprehensive regulation," as there are certainly still some questions as to the underlying nature of crypto from a securities perspective. I disagree that large scale adoption only requires an "all clear" from the government. Regulation needs to introduce additional safeguards for the average consumer. For example, many of us are likely unaccredited investors who have purchased unregistered securities. There is presently no recourse, and I think more comprehensive legislation will give the next generation of investors the fuzzy feeling they need to invest. I don't anticipate that the current administration will do anything positive for the crypto space.
  7. Perhaps only to the extent that a dysfunctional government will prolong the wild west atmosphere in the US by delaying more comprehensive regulation and the adoption of cryptocurrencies on larger scales.
  8. I don't do this because it raises my tax liability. You can take losses as well but it forces you to pay more to play each year (depending on your stack growth).
  9. ...maaaaybe. You are Pickle Rick, after all. I'm sure there's a perfectly rational explanation.
  10. We were real nice about it too. Just remember, what doesn't kill you tries again.
  11. Aaaaaaaand it's back. IT'S ALIVE!!! IT'S ALIVE!!!
  12. Global Market Cap 2015 - $3.153B on Jan 14 2016 - $6.039B on Jan 16 2017 - $14.467B on Jan 12 2018 - $428.556B on Jan 17 Still very little chance of falling from grace at this point. We'll be fine.
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