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  1. Think about what effect this will have on the economy. When the bubble comes crashing ( I'm not implicitly implying that XRP is in a bubble, you get the idea) what effect will that have ? So many people in their 20's borrowing thousands of dollars worth of money and then "investing" on crypto currencies. The government HAS to step in before things really get bad!
  2. I am not lying. check your charts. 1.64500 0.17930 (9.83%) it will go down to about 0.8-1.2 dollars if my calculations are correct and believe me , they are correct
  3. Maybe you are sarcastic here? if you really listened to my advice, good for you. seems like xrp is down 20 cents from when I warned everyone
  4. i've read nearlly all of your posts ! none of them come close to criticizing well known drawbacks of xrp / ripple !!! you use strawman tactics!! never going over serious flaws of the xrp!!!
  5. look at the charts, a head and shoulder pattern is forming! you know what that means? death to the xrp! if you get offended so easily from opposing views it seems like YOU ARE THE one that has sinister motives !!! trying to pump xrp and fool investors !!! i lost money because of people like you!!!
  6. look at the charts, a head and shoulder pattern is forming! you know what that means? death to the xrp! (i am no FUDer. why would i be? i invested lots of my hard earned cash here)
  7. now is a very bad time to invest i already lost so much money!! im telling you all (thank me later) that all the charts indicate that xrp will drop as low as 0.8-1.2 dollars!!!! i bet you guys 10 xrp for this !!!! i bet you all that xrp will drop to 1.2 dollars in a month!!! (edit) 8 hours later it is now 1.63502 0.18928 (10.38%)
  8. DUDE!! stop copypasting other people's hard work from tradingview.com! Literally ALL YOUR POSTS ARE COPY-PASTES from that website !!!You're copypasting multiple people!!!!
  9. https://multicoin.capital/2017/12/20/bear-case-xrp-bitcoin-futures-edition/ https://multicoin.capital/2017/12/08/understanding-token-velocity/ Thoughts? They only show facts about XRP, this is not FUD. As an XRP investor myself, it saddens me that this forum is not much different than the FUDers on twitter. No facts, all speculation... The only difference is that one group hates XRP and one group worships ripple.
  10. I was using TAs to trade for a quick buck. I thought maybe this time (even though the charts all pointed to an imminent dip soon) it will go even higher. So basically I bought XRP near an all time high and didn't sell when the ship was sinking.
  11. I'm just sad because I don't see XRP going over 3.5 usd anytime soon. Probably will take 3 more months .
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