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  1. 2 and 2 together - cannot wait for the 2s day :-) Tuesday (2nd Day of the week) 22nd February 2022 at 22:22 ! @22:22 on 22.2.22
  2. https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/752070/cryptoassets_taskforce_final_report_final_web.pdf
  3. Warning - daft thought but here goes: - Bitcoin is seen as a store of value but is just value created out of nothing really and associated to little or nothing currently - Bitcoin is unlikely ever to be used as a means of exchange for goods or services due to slow transactions - What if Bitcoin became a store of value for the global property market (gives it huge scope to grow from it current $114 billion market cap) - property transactions don’t need to be particularly speedy but property for many is there physical store of value - what if that was indexed against bitcoin rather than fiat in the future? A global reference for property value? anyhoo.....
  4. Hope press section is correct - paper by Stanford University concluding on the macroeconomic properties of XRP topping the charts! Interesting read: http://papers.netrogenic.com/sid/eco-friendly-money.pdf
  5. Agreed. Banks and financial institutions publicly expressing their interest, be it through pilots, trials, XCurrent adoption or other, implies there has been a huge time effort put into the potential adoption of XCurrent and XRapid, which in turn is very positive and exciting for future adoption of XRP. Time is money and no one is in the business of wasting either.
  6. Interesting blog article: https://xrpcommunity.blog/whats-taking-the-banks-so-long/
  7. Any merit on that basis in the idea that China may be siphoning FIAT currency from the world economy through manipulation of Bitcoin
  8. I believe in XRP and Ripple and I’m really excited at recent developments and for the future of the company and the asset. I would not laugh off the news about Facebook however. It’s a little naive. Also surprised at the uneducated comments re Facebook - for a community that prides itself in uncovering FUD about its own interests, there are some wild (and incorrect) assertions being made about Facebook in this thread.
  9. I agree that deliberate control of velocity is highly improbable. I think the potential limiting factor to continued growth of XRP (beyond growth due to short to medium term development of efficiencies in the financial transactions market) is in the growth of the global economy. There is currently a finite amount of money transferred in the world due to technical and liquidity limiting factors. I guess the interesting thing will be to see whether freeing up liquidity with successful wide scale adoption of XRapid will lead to an increase in the amount of money transacted globally. I would love to work out the XRP value sweet point at which all the potential efficiencies are achieved in the global financial transactions market but before we are reliant on expansion of the global economy to further increase the value of XRP. That would be my cash out point.
  10. Interesting theory introduced. Let’s look at it in a different way: Assuming MV = PT where M = Money (say XRP) V = Velocity (assuming a 4sec transaction time, this would in theory equate to the maximum times that money can be used daily as 22,230) PT = price * output = essentially everything that is transacted using XRP = let’s call this product Now let’s flip the equation: M = (PT)/V Let’s assume the product is a constant at €1,000,000 and velocity is at max M = (1,000,000) / 22,230 = 44.98 Let’s say velocity halves: M = (1,000,000) / 11,115 = 89.96 This leads to think that a control of the velocity, assuming product remains constant can allow manipulation of the value of M. It also means that increased velocity without increased product means a reduction in value of M. Now let’s assume product (PT) grows ten fold because velocity has now released liquidity and therefore ability to buy more goods and services (this ultimately depends on whether there is a basic demand for more goods and services included in PT but let’s leave that aside for the moment). Let’s also go back to max velocity for comparison: M = (10,000,000) / 22,230 = 449.8 My conclusions are as follows (and I’m open to criticism as I am aware of the flawed nature of the quantity theory of money): 1. Increased velocity with static product (PT) would lead to decrease in value of money. XRP value decreases. 2. Control of velocity with static product (PT) can lead to control/manipulation of value of money. XRP value is manipulated. 3. Increased velocity can lead to increased liquidity and therefore increased product (PT), pending demand for further goods and services made available through liquidity - this would then have the potential to increase value of money. XRP value grows. I and I think all here hope for scenario 3. I do think awareness of all factors is necessary however. There are some obvious gains to be made by XRP in efficiencies to financial transaction systems. Beyond that, there is huge potential but that potential is based on assumptions on the growth of the world economy that are far from straight forward and written in stone.
  11. We won’t know what to do with ourselves when we eventually cash out ?? The joy is in the gamble, the chase. Happiness often lies in the pursuit not the ultimate achievement.
  12. I agree - Ripple has used cryptography and blockchain technology to develop a smart digital asset (XRP) that facilitates fast and cheap transfer of value (currently between fiat currencies but who knows what else in the future) and efficient platforms (XCurrent and ILP) upon which to carry out the transactions. All in XRP. I think aside the ability to turn profits, plenty of which can and have been made with various cryptocurrencies, it’s exciting to play an ever so tiny part in something that has the potential to change the way the world works.
  13. Interesting article. I have a question though and would welcome the views of people on this forum: Assume Liquidity Providers (LPs) are the fundamental reason for the introduction of a burn rate based on the statistical probability of perpetual upward movement. This is potentially great for the value of the digital asset. On the flip side, increased usage means a higher extent of XRP burnt. So in essence, there cannot be perpetual upward growth because there will be a point in time where there is little or nothing left. I guess my question is, with increasing usage, do we create a poisoned chalice? I imagine this topic has already been discussed on this forum so would be interested to understand how Ripple intend to ensure that the burn rate doesn’t ultimately lead to the demise of XRP, albeit in a relatively distant future?
  14. Start a movement ?: X (10) Returned Percent - XRP It could be pretty amazing if people did that then posted about the initiative that benefitted. I think it’s early days and would be great to resurrect this post at a later point when XRP has reached a point where people are more likely to cash out. At the moment, there is too much unachieved potential for that to happen.
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