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    XRPwinning reacted to rippledude in XRP Price - from a investors point of view   
    No there is nothing wrong with this investment.  Bitcoin has halved, expect all crypto to go on a speculative run based on past experiences.  Xrp is one of the oldest and most accepted cryptos ever, it has had one of the highest market caps consistently.  There is a company based in silicone valley working for you and every xrp holder.  The founders new what was wrong with proof of work bitcoin and developed a transformative technology.  Every day there is positive news about ripple and xrp.  If you have held the last two years you owe it to yourself to keep holding.  The fabric of a new financial system is being woven as we speak and it should excite you.
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    XRPwinning reacted to Caracappa in XRP Price - from a investors point of view   
    For the people who fomo'ed in during the last bullrun in 2017 and don't have the patience to wait out one single macro investment cycle, yes it's a failure. This market leeches on those people with great succes.
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    XRPwinning reacted to quan in Oh shiaatttt! RTGS Global + Microsoft Launch Cross-border Liquidity, available to 43,300 Banks (No Blockchain or XRP)   
    My analysis of RTGS Global is not very positive. 
    In the 4th revolutionized world, everything will be tokenized.
    There are already platforms in the defi that enable users to issue their own stable coin with collateral assets. Every merchants will start to issue coupons that work like digital currency to efficiently manage market.  
    It means there will be millions of coins just like there are millions of private websites. 
    Who is going to connect all those coins realtime?  Dollar? 
    Dollar is already being abused with speculation. They have to print more dollar just to increase the liquidity which eventually diminishes the value of dollar.   
    Then how can they provide the liquidity to dollar without dimishing the value? By utilizing digital asset. Digital asset provides the liquidity and dollar becomes the measure of value. This is the game plan.(Leveled playing field)
    Digital asset is needed to free dollar  from the speculation, manipulation.  Digital asset complements dollar by providing liquidity, interoperability between ledgers 
    This RTGS system does not look like it's suitable for the future.  it looks like the system still needs "trust" between the banks.  
    Is this RTGS system here to realize the "level playing field"?   No, it just tries to extend the life of old fiat monetary system. 
    Invest in the future, don't look back the past
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    XRPwinning reacted to VanGogh in Oh shiaatttt! RTGS Global + Microsoft Launch Cross-border Liquidity, available to 43,300 Banks (No Blockchain or XRP)   
    LetHerRip is such an arrogant, smelly piece of garbage.
    I'll believe this tech when I see it. It sounds to me like a last gasp to hold onto legacy giants and the power they hold over all other players. Good piece of FUD, though. 
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    XRPwinning reacted to peanut56 in Oh shiaatttt! RTGS Global + Microsoft Launch Cross-border Liquidity, available to 43,300 Banks (No Blockchain or XRP)   
    This doesn't solve the problem of allowing Nation States to have a neutrally controlled exchange asset.
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    XRPwinning reacted to LetHerRip in Oh shiaatttt! RTGS Global + Microsoft Launch Cross-border Liquidity, available to 43,300 Banks (No Blockchain or XRP)   
    It uses available liquidity at central and commercial banks. You know central banks?, the ones that create money.
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    XRPwinning reacted to mandelbaum in Oh shiaatttt! RTGS Global + Microsoft Launch Cross-border Liquidity, available to 43,300 Banks (No Blockchain or XRP)   
    Wow. banks can now send encrypted messages to each other in 300 millisecond over a network. How revolutionary.
    I have been doing this in my job since 1998.

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    XRPwinning reacted to mistatee2000 in Oh shiaatttt! RTGS Global + Microsoft Launch Cross-border Liquidity, available to 43,300 Banks (No Blockchain or XRP)   
    Just another competitor in a very large market.  It was never going to be just one solution. The established banks will try to use this - it may work for them, but there are now many smaller institutions who want their say and slice, and the old system wants to keep them in their place ie at the bottom of the pecking order. The genie is out of the bottle and change is coming, but it is not going to happen overnight and it may not be RTGS Global or Ripple.
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    XRPwinning reacted to jargoman in How XRP fudders sound to me   
    All crypto are going to moon except XRP
    The top 10 should do well except XRP
    Utility is king, except with XRP
    Volume is a good indicator except with XRP
    Chart analysis works except with XRP
    Fund managers will soon buy crypto except XRP
    Crypto doesn't need regulations except XRP
    No crypto is a security except XRP
    Founders dumping is not an issue, except with XRP
    Partnerships are a big deal, except with XRP
    30% gains are proof it's a good coin, except with XRP
    Most coins will retest all time highs, except XRP
    Being added to an exchange is good news. Except with XRP
    Buy coins after the reversal trend, except XRP
    Crypto is going mainstream except XRP
    Buy coins when they dip except XRP
    Large caps are low risk except XRP
    They even throw some bullish facts in the mix
    99% of crypto are going to zero, except XRP but that won't effect price.
    No institution is using crypto in real world except XRP but that won't effect price.
    Most coins are slow except XRP but that won't effect price.
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    XRPwinning reacted to LetHerRip in ODL Dead? Failed Project?   
    Checking on the status of ODL, the charts are looking ridiculously pathetic. Time to declared this dead? Has the project failed?

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    XRPwinning reacted to Jotaro in Flare - Architecture and Practical Issues   
    i still remember before the 2017 bullrun, EOS was the crypto dubbed "ETH killer".
    Lots of traction, expectation, hype, 0.50 to 22, now back to single digit dollars, i bought at 0.50, green all the way but didnt cash out at 22
    EOS seems dead now, governance issue pop out here and there, crickets sound getting louder and louder in reddit, so on
    and i recall there's other crypto also dubbed "ETH killer" before EOS, maybe NEO is 1 of them?
    wouldnt put too much hope on flare to crush ETH, governance issue may arise before any crushing happens, by looking at the terms like collateral, lose it if didnt top up to match, etc etc, sounds like trouble if you dont keep a close eye on the staking, may lose it, at least get this risk sorted out first before talking
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    XRPwinning reacted to Pablo in Flare - Architecture and Practical Issues   
    Can you elaborate?
    There's no slashing on Flare so they already got rid of one of the biggest problems faced by PoS and current DeFi projects.
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    XRPwinning reacted to Pablo in Flare - Architecture and Practical Issues   
    It hasn't been discussed much but I wanted to explore some of the Flare architecture because it creates a fascinating head-to-head battle with ETH.
    First, here's my understanding of Flare, summarised by @jn_r
    That's what I thought as well after reading the 2 whitepapers. They've used a hybrid model similar to something proposed by Emin Gun Sirer to "help" ETH. Emin is Professor at Cornell and CEO for AVA Labs which is developing Avalanche. Ethereans point-blank refused this idea, considering his suggestion a trojan horse to undermine ETH development roadmap.
    They were right to be worried of course because Avalanche has already overtaken ETH 2.0 which looks like it's going to be stuck in a 2017 PoS and sharding models that failed to impress across a range of other cryptocurrencies. It's taken Consensys, Joe and Vitalik so long to get their act together (they've been aware of ETH scalability problems for over 4 years now) that community developers have started leaving ETH for other projects that make easy money. I think the explosion of DeFi projects is part of that urgency although they've all run into the same walls that Cryptokitties did. Gas prices and settlement bottlenecks.
    That's not accounting for the monumental risks of moving the entire ETH platform, users and wallets across to ETH 2.0. If you take a look at the roadmap, the plan is to maintain 2 separate chains in parallel as phases roll out. And you can only move ETH in one direction to the new PoS platform, praying that funds are #safu. Holy cow - what a mess this will be. But hella fun to watch from the sidelines.
    Which brings us to Flare.
    The smart folk at Flare (probably under the coaxing/supervision of the smart folk at Ripple) started with a clean slate and have taken the best of all worlds. I'm not convinced about the use of EVM which is a dog's breakfast of a programming language and will need to be updated/replaced eventually. I suspect Flare used EVM as a competitive play for portability, market share and developer mind-share (a long standing problem for XRPL). Even better is how they kept everything simple.
    The benefit today is that Flare will be able to port most of ETH's smart contracts and (eventually) allow users to settle in ETH. At the outset, settlement can only go between Flare to XRP with other coins to follow but that's fine because we'll be able to compare and contrast.
    This thing is big. Real big. If DeFi projects take off in any meaningful way on Flare, taking advantage of XRP's liquidity, settlement speed and lack of bottlenecks, we may well witness one of the biggest shifts in crypto ever witnessed. It's a big IF but the barriers of entry to the Flare network will be low so it's "level playing field" and all that good stuff.
    It's incredibly exciting news for me personally as a lawyer who's waited for smart contract functionality for the XRPL but I'm holding off getting too excited after the Codius let-downs.
    All said, the ease of replicating EVM/DeFi contracts is going to create a fascinating competitive environment. That's topped off by the excellent airdrop policy (excluding Ripple - and hopefully Jed and other founders) and Flare's governance/voting model that should be a benchmark for other projects to follow.
    What's there not to like? Buckle up!
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    XRPwinning reacted to Dogowner5 in Appreciation/Volatility or Utility/Stability?   
    This is nonsense.  I absolutely know that you have no basis for it because there is none,  but I will ask for forms sake:  what makes you think that? Do you have any evidence for it?
    EDiT:  btw...  you do know that ODL means there is essentially no volatility risk yeah?
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    XRPwinning reacted to KarmaCoverage in Appreciation/Volatility or Utility/Stability?   
    Solving these natural imbalances is the core job of a MM, and the solution is not always a simple 2 asset back and forth solution. The two solutions that I think are best suited to the situation are
    1. find a party with a dependable economic interest which is counter the the main flow (USD --> Peso). To find a party with a direct (non-triangular) counter flow economic situation, I would look to businesses in Mexico who import something from the US.
    2. look for some form if Triangular Arbitrage opportunity, which can be more than 3 legs, and in the XRPL world it is called a "circular payment" which is something that Ripple has proactively not built into XRPL and make arguments against. I agree with that decision, because it is sort of like enabling a Loop, but also see where it would be useful, however the same behavior can be accomplished by using 2 accounts.

    It can help with reducing the cost of any leg in a triangular trade. Replace $ in the pic above with XRP, borrow that to start, and end with it. or borrow all legs of the trade, and conduct the arbitrage.
    Also, keep in mind that, re paying the XRP loan back in XRP the bad thing is if XRP goes Up, because you are paying the loan back with a more valuable XRP. If XRP goes down, you are paying the loan back with a less valuable thing of value.
    More importantly, or at least what I wrote about in, https://medium.com/@KarmaCoverage/what-could-xpool-be-an-attempted-guess-50165cb7e9cd there are systemic level benefits from being able to borrow/lend XRP. These out weigh the benefits/risks which individual traders are exposed to.
    In this write up https://medium.com/@KarmaCoverage/ripple-inc-as-a-lender-of-xrp-risk-exposure-goals-keep-upside-protect-borrower-from-downside-d018095d696f I discussed this, from an Exchange operator's perspective, who wants to offer their traders margin, shorting, and/or develop derivatives on XRP.
    Remember, Ripple Inc will be looking at this from the perspective of developing the ecosystem and environment in which XRPL will exist. This is a "systemic viewpoint".
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    XRPwinning reacted to KarmaCoverage in Appreciation/Volatility or Utility/Stability?   
    Both "market makers" & "liquidity providers" are technically Specialists.
    In the IoV...
    #1 is done via running Orderbooks on a crypto Exchange, and communicated via the Exchange's API.
    #2 is preformed via API Get calls and websockets connecting traders to data flows on an Exchange's (or private MM's) orderbooks.
    #3 is done by the traders using the Exchange's API Post calls.
    #4 the article is not considering that these roles and functions are now preformed via HFT and other electronic methods.
    ... and yes, Specialists of any type do hold an inventory of whatever asset they are making a market in.
    I've been writing about XRP Loans ever sense PayChan came out. While it is a couple years old, this How xPool write up is the most detailed explanation of how Ripple could mechanically manage lending out XRP.
     Imagine a Bank, with a Corp Treasury client who needs international payments to support their supply chain. Now this Bank knows an awful lot about the volume of Demand that the Corp is creating via their business activities, and they know how much that Corp is floating abroad. So the banker goes to the Corp Treasurer and says... "hey, I can give you a "line of credit" that has special international access. Then when you need to pay a supplier, you can borrow the money from your LoC for just a few minutes, then we (the Bank and the Corp) can either settle up with a debit of the Corp's cash deposit balance, or the Bank can carry the balance on the line of credit."
    This way, the Bank has upsold the XRP (charging a higher rate of interest than the rate the Bank borrowed the XRP from their MM at) for the time it had Utility and was useful for the international payment... and neither the Bank, nor the Corp are exposed to FX risk, the "special line of credit" is denominated in domestic Fiat.
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    XRPwinning reacted to KarmaCoverage in Appreciation/Volatility or Utility/Stability?   
    Nailed it, in seconds.
    Yes, and increasing in value is 1/2 the risk. They may need to pull capital out of "Float" if demand does not track with value growth. It would make more sense to put the value to work somewhere else, Market Makers are not Speculators.
    Correct, this is why Loans of XRP have been a topic of conversation for years, all the way back to the beginning. Enabling a Market Maker to borrow their Inventory of XRP, enables the Market Maker to choose which portion of their inventory they want to have... A. fully vested, or levered up (via borrowing it) and... B. enables the Market Maker to pursue a "Marginal cost structure", whereby they borrow inventory at x% and sell access to that inventory at x+%. limiting their exposure to market volatility.
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    XRPwinning reacted to xerxesramesepolybius in Appreciation/Volatility or Utility/Stability?   
    Well I am glad you don't think I'm  a Bitcoin troll. I have little interest in that madness.
    You know "market makers" should really be called "liquidity providers". Liquidity provider is the term from the FX market, market maker is used in securities markets. 
    Loan idea is an interesting topic.
    A liquidity provider (in the remittance case) is primarily is providing liquidity converting from incoming XRP into the local currency eg. pesos or baht etc.
    So they end up sitting long on XRP until they can get the XRP to an exchange where they can change into dollars (which then have to be converted back into Pesos via conventional methods).
    You would only potentially benefit from borrowing XRP if you are selling XRP in exchange for the currency being sent via remittance i.e. dollars. Is there really any lack of liquidity in selling XRP for Dollars? That is a serious, non rhetorical question. Anyone?
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    XRPwinning reacted to KarmaCoverage in Appreciation/Volatility or Utility/Stability?   
    No offence, but I'm just going to go ahead and call BS on this.
    The real reason to be thankful to BTC is for pioneering blockchain technology... and having a governance structure that makes it unusable in actual complaint financial transactions. The fact that the crypto markets follow BTC's market movements is due to the fact that BTC is the "bridge currency" for essentially all of the crypto market. This will obviously change with time, as BTC's dominance wanes and fades away. Yes there is still, and will continue to be (relative to public markets) a lot of volatility in the entire crypto market. The good thing, is that an XRP TX is so fast, that the TX participants are not exposed to much of that volatility risk. or 2.a... Yes Market Makers are exposed to "prolonged periods" of volatility while holding XRP. The good thing, is that because the inventory turn over cycles are so much faster a Market Maker will need to float substantially less overall amount of capital held in the asset which they are making markets in "(relative to the conventional payments)", XRP in this case. "Do you prefer X or X market conditions" , this is simply a False Dichotomy which is defined as...  
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    XRPwinning reacted to WarChest in Crypto Eri - News from the Far East   
    These stats could be displayed real-time on the Ripple Web site. Customer names and which products likewise.
    Ripple should get proud and loud about what Ripple has achieved and get the true message out to the Prospective Customers, XRP holders and the General Public.  
    We seem so under the radar for a company with this worth.
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    XRPwinning reacted to Panzer_Kitteh in CFCU's Currentz, powered by Ripple Technology, Question   
    What happened to the partnership between Ripple Labs, Inc. and Catalyst Federal Corporate Union? CFCU created an entity called Currentz, LLC, which was supposed to be their platform that utilized Ripple technology, around the time of the 2018 Swell event. I don't see anything from their corporate communication over at CFCU's website about Currentz that is recent. Silence on this is a bit concerning. But maybe others on this forum know more about this that can educate the rest of us with whatever information they have on this subject. 
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    XRPwinning reacted to retep in Should have switched to Chainlink   
    And when i just would have invested 30% of everything that i earned the past 35 years into microsoft, then i would have had tens of millions right now,
    and when i would have invested that 30% in xrp when it was 0,0028,  and sold it when it was 3,60,  then i would have lived on a yacht right now,
    and when i could look just a day ahead into the future, then i could have bought the entire world by now, twice!
    And when.....
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    XRPwinning reacted to Karl in Should have switched to Chainlink   
    LINK ? ALGO grew 500% in the last five month as well. This doesn't mean I would invest in such a white paper project based on an ERC-20 ICO and pure speculation.
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    XRPwinning reacted to Panopticon in Should have switched to Chainlink   
    You probably missed XRP reaching 3,4 USD with an even greater supply back then.
    Yet another one of those "Ripple should burn XRP" guys. Never gets old. Yeah burning the supply worked great for stellar. They admitted their tokens are useless (you never destroy property that has value unless you are insane) just to get a 8% pump or something.
  25. Haha
    XRPwinning reacted to minicuzzo in Should have switched to Chainlink   
    I don't think so. Ripple is already under enormous pressure because of the huge supply they hold. Right now us holders are still patient but to see projects like chainlink exploding it feels very bad and makes people doubt a lot. Most feel like xrp should have done that. So either ripple succeeds in xrp adoption or they have to burn the supply,because than it means that there is no need for so much xrp. (like stellar did). Otherwise we're all out.
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