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    XRPwinning reacted to tulo in The Jed Attack   
    With that volume on Bitstamp the fees are 0.11%, so very low and I think the slippage on DEX makes him lose much more than those fees.
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    XRPwinning reacted to Chris_Reeves in XRP handled 7% of Total USD-MXN Flow   
    Let's take a breath and think about this.... what did this news change? They're using Visa Direct in areas where they have a strong nostro/vostro presence without RippleNet members available to leverage the "xCurrent" component of RippleNet. This is no surprise as I'm sure they're using Swift GPI in areas as well. That being said, for Moneygram to specifically say that their treasury department is utilizing the ODL portion of RippleNet in their cross border flows is absolutely amazing! Sure, we'd love to see all of the small transactions utilize RippleNet but there isn't enough liquidity and market makers to allow this to be a reality in the short term so their treasury department is creating batch orders that most likely match the combined amount of cross border flows going through their systems. So a few things:
    1. Why is this surprising? We all knew it was batch transactions just by looking at the consistent $$ sent through ODL
    2. Would you expect it to be any different? The goal is for this to facilitate the elimination or significant reduction in nostro/vostro accounts, something directly controlled by treasury departments
    3. Do you think it'll be this way forever? We're in maybe the "walk" phase of "crawl, walk, run" and this news, to me, is showing significant progress and positive implications for RippleNet as a whole. Moneygram is upgrading all of their tech, even in areas where Ripple cannot currently be effective. It's like being concerned that SBI will use Swift for some transactions while implementing RippleNet.
    We're early. Zoom out.
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    XRPwinning reacted to lucky in Does Novogratz have a point?   
    A decentralized digital asset can only work if the asset is distributed.
    XRP has no mining process to do that distribution, and for a very good reason: it is inefficient and wasteful. So it has to be distributed by preallocation ("pre-mined"). There is NO other way.
    The geniuses that created XRP ledger have created a company to do the distribution. All the incentives are aligned: company needs the asset to be distributed (used), and company also wants the asset to be as valuable as possible.
    To then say: "the company holds a ridiculous amount of XRP" just means you don't understand the whole idea.
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    XRPwinning reacted to DutchBeetle in Does Novogratz have a point?   
    He could very well be right, but it doesn't matter. This is a long term game. Every million $ of XRP sold by Ripple helps to build the ecosystem, whereas every million $ of minted and sold Bitcoin by miners flows for 95% to energy suppliers and mining equipment. Up to you to decide which type of network/infrastructure has better opportunities to grow.
    Fact of the matter is that the XRP-community has to have faith in the strategy of Ripple for the years to come. For the medium to long-term other players will join the team!
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    XRPwinning reacted to hamasugu in Sumitomo Mitsui (mega bank)Invests in SBI R3 and Money Tap Using Ripple Technology   
    Sumitomo Mitsui (mega bank)Invests in SBI R3 and Money Tap Using Ripple Technology
    SBI CEO Kitao had previously considered combining R3 and Ripple.
    It appears to have started with one of the megabanks, Sumitomo Mitsui Bank.
    Sumitomo Mitsui Bank invested in R3 and Money Tap.
    Kitao CEO is considering using XRP for money taps.
    And Yahoo Japan and LINE, the most famous messenger in Japan, have been merged.
    Yahoo Japan's QR code payment apps PAYPAY and LINE are considering integrating Money Tap.
    And Seven Bank, the banking division of Seven-Eleven, which has largest ATM in Japan, also invests in MoneyTap.
    Money Tap may be largest XRP wallet in Japan in the future. And it will go into the world.
    Because SBI is asking Ripple to invest in money tap.
    Sumitomo Mitsui Bank Wiki:
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    XRPwinning reacted to facts_dispenser in The big problem with XRP, and why you'll be waiting (a very long time)   
    You will be waiting 10+ years for XRP to hit 30 USD. Why? Because of a specific buzzword you are sure to hear going around...
    Let's look at this word. It comprises of two parts: Fin - finance, and tech - technology. There is already a problem here. Finance moves incredibly slowly and is anti-innovation, technology moves very fast and is pro-innovation. Bang. And therein lies the fundamental problem when it comes to XRP: the clash of industries.
    Let's look at cloud adoption as an analogy. Cloud really took off late 2000's, and are large corporations hosting critical processes in the cloud? Nope. Why? Because they're big and they move slowly. They may host non-critical workloads in the cloud, but on-premise private cloud is still a thing and it's not going anywhere anytime soon.
    Now with XRP. Banks, especially T1 Banks, are some of the slowest and most clunky of the large corporations, whereas XRP is some of the trendiest and most cutting-edge of technologies. What do you think will happen when these two contrasting worlds collide? I mean, good heavens, Banks have stuck with Swift for almost 50 years for a reason - they really do not like change. What makes you think they'll migrate their critical workloads over to the XRP ledger in 1, 2 or 3 years? Stop being silly.
    A common criticism:
    People like to bring up Facebook and Instragram adoption rates by the end user, and like to tout this as evidence that XRP will grow in a similar fashion. WRONG, and it really pisses me off when people present this reasoning, actually. XRP focuses its utility on the backend where no user is directly involved; Facebook, Instragram and the like are focusing on the front-end user. They are completely different beasts. If you want XRP's price to go up, its backend usage needs to increase, to hell with BitPay and small transactions from the front-end users, that isn't what you should be looking for.
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    XRPwinning reacted to mrhat75 in Is it fair to say...   
    I just don't know anymore.  I've never seen anything this irrational in my life.
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    XRPwinning reacted to Staigera in Strange behavior from a non investor   
    5) Hit him on the head with a PlanK
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    XRPwinning reacted to Caracappa in Strange behavior from a non investor   
    I would go back to that 'being Italian' part and solve it that way... And put it on youtube with a clickbait title like "This is what XRP Army does to BTC Maximalist" (who cares about the truth) and collect the views.
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    XRPwinning reacted to ManBearPig in Strange behavior from a non investor   
    Tell him you capitulated and sold it all.
    Doesn’t sound like the person you want around if it goes exponential.
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    XRPwinning got a reaction from xrphilosophy in Coil recruiting   
    I started writing about esoteric history and how most of what we know about ancient civilizations is completely wrong. Egyptians not being the builders of the pyramids for example. I love talking about it but not the biggest fan of writing... you think people would be interested in that subject?
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    XRPwinning reacted to itcdominic in Coil recruiting   
    yes....you'll find an audience for any subject.
    Remember if you blog....stay active,  post and share on social medial, get your trusted circle of followers to help you,  offer give-aways and try and use pics,  solicit feedback and use it to improve your blog.
    Good luck.
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    XRPwinning reacted to CaligulazBaby in Coil recruiting   
    This is Lauren and she's in the CBC too.  She writes about other stuff but she loves history and wrote quite a few blogs about medieval stuff.  I really, really, really love history and would definitely read interesting blogs on historical figures, moments.  I currently watch a youtuber here,
    He does 20 minute biographies of famous people from history.  You will find people willing to read for sure, I'd be one of them.
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    XRPwinning got a reaction from CaligulazBaby in Coil recruiting   
    I started writing about esoteric history and how most of what we know about ancient civilizations is completely wrong. Egyptians not being the builders of the pyramids for example. I love talking about it but not the biggest fan of writing... you think people would be interested in that subject?
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    XRPwinning reacted to xrphilosophy in Coil recruiting   
    Will help spread the word to the many writer friends...Thanks!
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    XRPwinning reacted to lucky in Coil recruiting   
    Coil is not dead, they haven't even started yet. XRP is not a worthless token, and coil has 1 billion of them. This is not about easy money, but doing the things you like to do while getting paid for it. You are a troll.
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    XRPwinning reacted to CaligulazBaby in Coil recruiting   
    Coil have introduced a "boost program" where they reward bloggers with a monthly payout of XRP.  In December three bloggers received roughly 10,200 XRP, 8,800 XRP and 5,500 XRP respectively.....just for blogging.  That is an absolutely insane amount of money.
    Coil is trying to get their name out there and they can't dance with the big boys until us little guys bring enough value to the platform in the form of traffic.  Simple concept to understand.  So Coil and their massive war chest is throwing money (literally) at bloggers who are actively helping to build that landscape so the big boys come to play.
    I have no idea who you are, what job you have or what your current financial status is but 10,000 XRP a month for blogging is a handsome return no matter who you are.
    Hodor has left a huge gap in the market.  Galgitron is freaking hilarious but very rarely blogs any more (not as much as 2017 era) so do you think you could fill a gap here?  If you can be bothered to gather XRP related news and bring it to Coil's platform then you will get paid very well for it.  You don't even need to bring XRP stuff, the other guys in the CBC are producing anything from photo shoots, music lessons, delicious recipes or just musings on life.
    If you have any kind of passion or interest then maybe it's worth heading over to Coil and sharing it because you could get that cash monayyy.
    So here's the deal.  I spoke with Karlos briefly and he changed the name of one of the forums toward the bottom of the menu so that it is for Coil posters.  We now have a community location to gather.  I have applied for the boost program and should I be successful I want to do a giveaway here on XRPchat.  I will pay the monthly subscription for ten members so you can post some blogs and see how you like it and maybe get your big boost payday yourself.  If you pay the subscription then I will return the money to you plus 20% so you even make an XRP or two from that transaction too!  Example, price is $0.20, you pay $5 sub which = 25XRP, I will send you 30 XRP.
    All I ask in return is that you are reasonably active in the Coil forum here on XRPchat.  You get streamed XRP as other subscribers view your content so we could work together and get a pretty lucrative circle jerk going on just from views.  You won't make much XRP unless you are a decent blogger who gets on the boost program but with my free offer you can at least jump on the train for a bit and see how you like it and make a few free zerps on the journey.  It really is win win.
    I don't want to try and feed you BS like, "let's all work together to spread the XRPL good word" or, "do something now and you will reap the reward next year when XRP does blah blah."  I am telling you that right now, Coil are offering disgusting amounts of money to people who are willing to write some decent material and if you think you can string a sentence together without dribbling all over your keyboard then your bank balance is going to thank you.
    So, if you are interested in getting in on this action then please say hello in this thread and should I get the Coil boost, I will fire XRPs to everyone who posted and we can start making some goddamn money.  And in this disgusting multi-year bear market I think we all deserve a reward or two because sitting around twiddling our pubes while we hope for a price spike is getting boring.
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    XRPwinning reacted to rippletotheend in This is the reason Ripple must burn their escrows.   
    Genius logic, I think you need to sell any XRP you may still be holding and go all in Stellar!
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    XRPwinning reacted to mrhat75 in What's your prediction on utility price?   
    Oh you poor thing. You didn't become a millionaire overnight on your $2,000 dollar investment. Boo hoo
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    XRPwinning reacted to minicuzzo in I see all the fears in this forum BUT   
    True but you know what's certain? Xrp is the only crypto (out of 3000) used in the real world. In 2-3 years this progress should be reflected in the xrp price. If by then we still follow bitcoin like sheeps this market doesn't deserve to be taken seriously and I will be out. Maybe by then this crazy maxis will take over central banks and governments and dogecoin will hit 100k😂😂😂
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    XRPwinning reacted to tony71 in I see all the fears in this forum BUT   
    I see so many negatives comments,  I know most of us are in the red.  But aren't we in this for the long term?  I know I'm,    I'm looking for a turn around in mid 2021 and by mid 2022 we will be making new ATH but I can be wrong just like all the TA out there.   The bottom line is this is a long term play from 2018, so by 2023 we will see our results.   in 2 years we will be looking back at 2019 and it will be part of history.
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    XRPwinning reacted to Chewiecoin in Yes I’m Still Here   
    Hey everyone 
    Price must be bad as I’m getting tagged by all my FUD Patrol friends all over the place.
    I guess I deserve a few posts against me. I honestly thought we’d be between $10 and $20 by now.  But instead we are between 10 and 20c. Well that sucks, doesn’t it!
    Please do what’s in you’re best interests. Whether that’s sell, hold or buy more. 
    I’m still holding and I’m in my biggest hole so far. Have we hit the bottom? Who knows now one does. Can we reach $4, $10, or even $100? No one knows that either. 

    I’ve always said focus on the fundamentals. Have they changed? I don’t think so. I think they are stronger than ever. But I’ve been saying that for over 2 years. 
    Good Luck to all genuine XRP investors out there. I hope you all have a Merry Xmas/Happy Holidays.
    PS - I still think we are over due a speculative bull run. Let’s see if 2020 can mirror 2017. If not I’m sure I’ll get tagged some more lol. 
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    XRPwinning reacted to Chewiecoin in Yes I’m Still Here   
    Well hello to you too.. You don’t know me. So why do you profess to? I bought in before the Dec 2017 run and bought all the way up and also all the way down. 

    Check my history in here and my posts. It all matches. Not that I have to justify myself to you.
    And don’t tell me how to behave. I am optimistic and still am. Do more than 5 minutes research and you would be too. 
    Congratulations to anyone who thinks XRP is doomed and has been professing it for years. That’s not me. I’m here, I’m holding. One of us will be right and only time will tell. 
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    XRPwinning reacted to googie in I see a new corridor   
    Using the formula (n * (n-1)) / 2 where n is the number of corridors, I make that 15 corridor pairings based on RUB, USD, MXN, AUD, PHP and EUR.
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    XRPwinning reacted to Dario_o in I see a new corridor   
    This chart is starting to look like a great F*** you to ODL detractors
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