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    XRPwinning reacted to mrhat75 in I'm out.   
    What has that done? I didn't realize banks started using it 
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    XRPwinning reacted to Hodor in Deep Thoughts (Crypto Version)   
    Blog URL:  https://coil.com/p/Hodor/Deep-Thoughts-Crypto-Version-/kDaje9VNB
    CryptoEri interviews me! I also cover Brad Garlinghouse's recent response to Steven Mnuchin's press conference, and provide 'something extra' for Coil subscribers.
    I hope you enjoy the read: Please feel free to share my blog with a friend or share it on any other platform - and thanks for doing so!  
    My blog announcement links on other platforms:
    Twitter Reddit r/Ripple Reddit r/CryptoCurrency Reddit r/CryptoMarkets Reddit r/xrp Reddit r/RippleTalk Reddit r/alternativecoin Reddit r/CoilCommunity Bitcointalk - alt coin sub forum Bitcointalk - XRP speculation thread
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    XRPwinning reacted to Sepp in Finding hope in dark times   
    I can only say patience, I don't want to be put away like a bearableguy123. I know from a reliable source that a number of European banks are seriously sitting around the table for using xrp. and believe me, this is not nonsense, I have been able to view various papers and e-mails from my client.
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    XRPwinning reacted to Mercury in Satoshi's thoughts on the original Ripple project   
    Somewhere somehow some bitcoin purist spontaneously combusted
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    XRPwinning reacted to Molten in The Poker Analogy   
    Just wanted to take a moment to expound on an interesting analogy that was made in another thread about poker.  Credit to @Spekul8 for smartly making a very apt metaphor that I think deserves its own thread.
    Just a bit of background, I am a somewhat avid online poker player as a hobby in my downtime (read: I have a full time real job).  Ironically, online poker has provided the only real life use case for BTC that I have utilized, as this is the easiest way to get money in and out of poker sites for US players.  (For our international friends, the US has a silly law that allows you to play poker in casinos but not online, at least for most states).
    Anyway, the analogy was made of holding a pair of aces (pocket aces) in Texas Holdem.  At this point, before the flop (when the first 3 community cards are dealt), you know unequivocally that you hold the best hand.  This is a mathematical truth and thus you can feel very confident about betting aggressively.  In the example that was given, however, the first 3 cards came out Queen, Jack and Two.  It was suggested at this point that your aces are no longer any good and that you would be making a foolish error to continue betting.  This is where the analogy starts to become more applicable to our current situation.
    Mathematically, you are still highly likely to have the best hand.  In fact, if you are smart, you are praying that one of your opponents holds AQ or AJ and will stick around long enough to pay you off with a nice pot win.  However, doubt can creep in at this point because the flop didn't explicitly HELP you.  Maybe one of your opponents has QJ... maybe J2... maybe QQ.  You could allow fear of the worst case scenario to scare you out of acting on what is mathematically still a very favorable hand.
    The point is that it can be very difficult to continue to be confident in something when doubt sets in.  It would be easy to play the above hand with great confidence if the flop came 2 J A, giving you three of a kind (a "set" in poker parlance), but this rarely happens.  Instead, you have to understand mathematically the odds of winning are in your favor with the top pair and play accordingly until you get firm evidence to the contrary.  This directly applies to our situation.  I think we all got into XRP because we believed it was the best cryptoasset, but we haven't flopped our proverbial "set" yet and thus it is easy to doubt.  But all of the news, objectively, is positive.  XRP WILL be used in large quantities, this is certain, at least by Moneygram.  Ripple and the other companies that are championing XRP continue to work to build on existing use cases and find new ones.  We are backing the most professional team in the crypto space. 
    Nothing is guaranteed, risk is everywhere, but the potential is almost limitless.  I think we are holding pocket aces.
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    XRPwinning reacted to Molten in The Poker Analogy   
    Ripple is definitely not our opponent in this analogy.  In fact, they are the ace in the hole.
    The point I was trying to illustrate with the analogy is that its can be easy to let fear and irrationality take over when you aren't getting constant positive reinforcement.  In our case, the news has been good but the price hasn't followed and this seems to have truly rattled a lot of people.  Nothing bad has happened recently, just the price went down a bit.  That's it, that's all.
    And just an aside... every big run up in XRP has occurred when the XRP/BTC pair fell down to levels very similar to where we are now.  If you want to see a freakishly similar pattern, just look at the graph:
    What's missing from this?  Oh right, the big giant speak at the end of each cycle.

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    XRPwinning reacted to Finesse in Tracking sells of XRP from Ripple through CryptoWinter   
    They have said retail investors are not their target audience, as such I would expect their strategy and actions to match up with that. 
    Were just hanging on the whales flippers boys along for the ride lol.
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    XRPwinning reacted to Tinyaccount in I’m trying to spend less time here   
    Oh dear.  Seems I missed a bit of a ruckus.    
    A couple of folk here know that as of a few days ago (well before the ruckus) I decided that the now-normal negativity and vitriol here at XRPChat was too annoying, and the time I spent here daily was too great, for me to continue in that way.  
    So I’m trying to disengage somewhat.... ( I’ve tried and failed previously because of poor self-control,  so ultimately,  if I can’t disengage enough to avoid spending too much time here I will have to totally disengage.)
    Meanwhile I see some significant people in the community have done a one-eighty degree turn and now feel that we might be being scammed by Ripple.  Fair enough...    I’m not buying into any of it.  I’ve made my bet and will ride it all the way up or down like the ignorant little retail investor that I am.   
    I’m really just posting this to say thanks very much to all of you who have helped me in numerous ways here,  and especially to those many of you who made me laugh out loud on many occasions with brilliant posts and memes.  I also wanted to explain my absence to those wondering why that loud-mouthed XRP maximalist Tiny isn’t making an alternative case in this current ruckus.
    I do hope those who are seriously doubting their XRP investment are wrong to be concerned,  but time will tell I suppose.
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    XRPwinning got a reaction from JannaOneTrick in Xpring invested projects   
    Perhaps in the grand scheme of things they are all planning on using XRPL in some way. It's just not abundantly clear to us plebs. I'm pretty sure I remember reading the SEC stated as long as the digital asset sales (XRP in this case) are used to fund the network then the question of whether is a security is blurred? Anyone else remember something like that?
    So what I'm trying to say is the idea that XRP sales are being used to fund something totally unrelated to XRP seems quite sketch and I doubt that's the case
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    XRPwinning reacted to RikkiTikki in If SBI and Xumm do nothing for the price...   
    So if you don't have confidence why don't you just divest and invest in something that gives you that confidence?? Problem solved!!
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    XRPwinning got a reaction from Finesse in Interesting article. This slide was pulled off the internet from the ABA.   
    Not sure anyone realizes how big a deal CLS is being on that slide..
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    XRPwinning got a reaction from XRPboi in Interesting article. This slide was pulled off the internet from the ABA.   
    Not sure anyone realizes how big a deal CLS is being on that slide..
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    XRPwinning reacted to Finesse in Ripple is Amassing the Strongest Team in the Market - San Francisco Tribe   
    Exactly lol some kids want the entire global payment rails to be overhauled by a groundbreaking tech in 2 years haha.
    I dont see why you wouldn't have a position now as so cheap and are waiting for fluctuations to jump in, interesting.
    I myself am accumulating as much as possible for that MONUMENTAL rise.
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    XRPwinning reacted to Finesse in Ripple is Amassing the Strongest Team in the Market - San Francisco Tribe   
    You keep saying value but have no concept of value.
    What you are referring to is price, it has lost a percentage of its price not its value as a fintech.
    What do you mean team ripple better get its act together? They own most xrp but dont control the price movement that is the market which is irrational and pushing shitcoins like litecoin and others with no fundamental value up in gains.
    Your whole post above speaks volumes to your ignorance of Xrp, Ripple, and the market in general.
    If you dont like what you see , sell.
    I on the other hand am very pleased with the real world progress of xrp. The financial system that was built decades ago isnt going to be overhauled overnight. Too many kids in this sector with no investment knowledge. Stock market investors are pleased with 8% in a year, here you are complaining after xrp is up from .28 at beginning of the year
    And this applies to @AlvaroXRP too.
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    XRPwinning reacted to Finesse in Ripple is Amassing the Strongest Team in the Market - San Francisco Tribe   
    I dont give a **** about the crypto world and what a bunch of teenagers can accomplish with their parents money with dodgecoin,litecoin, 'insert any coin without real world use case that pumps', etc.
    In the real world 28% ROI is ******* amazing, maybe if you guys stopped investing baby bags you would be ok with 28%.
    Xrp got this fan because it has a real world use case and is one of the fastest cheapest digital assets that is a finished product not a whitepaper. 
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    XRPwinning got a reaction from Benchmark in I do not understand the hate.   
    Pretty sure it’s just because XRP has been a threat to bitcoin since 2014ish. Maxis started a rage campaign and been going ever since  
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    XRPwinning reacted to bootywhisperer in I do not understand the hate.   
    I have been in the XRP coin for a while and have remained silent. Bit coin maxi's say that XRP is a bankers coin. But isn't bitcoin also a bankers coin? Fidelity is mining it and a terrorist supporter coin as Iran is  mining it as well as China. I'm sure North Korea is mining it.(when they have electricity). Any coin that can be mined can support rouge nations or violent groups. The elites backed both sides in WW2. They funded the Allies and they funded the Nazi's. They made money either way. They are investors thats what they do. If you want to become rich you must think like the rich. If you want to become rich rob a bank if you want to become wealthy OWN one. Thank you XRP
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    XRPwinning reacted to Vvittin in McDonalds a Ripple Partner?   
    Come on.....no ones that happy to eat mcdonalds....exspecially in San Fran.....lol...unless thier all starving interns.
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    XRPwinning reacted to iLeeT in McDonalds a Ripple Partner?   
    I think they are just celebrating at our future workplace.
  22. Sad
    XRPwinning reacted to Cooliozxrp in Ripple, Moneygram, FAB -- Payit   
    There is no proof this is xrapid, an article from a dodgy crypto website does not prove anything..
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    XRPwinning reacted to Cooliozxrp in Ripple, Moneygram, FAB -- Payit   
    I never said anything about ripple. Also there is no proof ripple is involved in this, just another crypto crap "partnership" claims. A partner with B ,B partner with C ,does not mean A is partnering with C! Wtf!
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    XRPwinning reacted to Julian_Williams in Ripple, Moneygram, FAB -- Payit   
    it is perverse how you continue to make excuses to avoid seeing what is unfolding in front of your eyes.
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    XRPwinning reacted to GrayFox in Egypt & Ripple - the next corridor?   
    First of all, love the break down of the points covered and the sauces. Makes my posts look like a cluster bomb that went off 

    I might not be particularly focusing on Egypt but I have been looking into Africa as a whole. It seems like there is a massive push around the world for developing nations and emerging markets to move into mobile money and building future proof payment rails. It is easier to do that in those nations because there is barely anything there to begin with. It might take longer for developed nations to catch on as they are deeply entrenched in their old systems. Case in point is Kenya and M-pesa which is one of the most successful cases of mobile payment implementation.
    Take a look at the African Free Trade Area (much like the Customs Union in the EU) which is a monumental task if achieved and bare in mind Egypt is a ratifying member of the trade deal. If Africa is to create a free trade area with free movement of goods and labour, they also need to have interoperable payment rails and also need to include informal SMEs. This is where Mojaloop and Bill & Melinda Gates foundation are playing a huge role in Africa.
    On the eastern side of the continent, a new super country is being formed, going by the name of East African Federation with the goal of eventually using one currency.
    Africa is heavily moving towards mobile payment as it is cheap, affordable and easy to deploy. Putting things into perspective, out of all the mobile money services in the world, Africa accounts for around 50% of those deployed which has lead to more fragmentation with some countries having 2-3 different mobile money services. 
    It is not just Egypt, it is Africa as a whole that make it the most ideal candidate for Ripple and I personally believe Interledger Protocol will play a huge role in shaping the future of this continent. 
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