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  1. I started writing about esoteric history and how most of what we know about ancient civilizations is completely wrong. Egyptians not being the builders of the pyramids for example. I love talking about it but not the biggest fan of writing... you think people would be interested in that subject?
  2. don’t understand this part.. wouldn’t we be doing exactly what we’re doing now but holding other banks CBDCs instead of digital fiat versions?
  3. Yep. I can confirm, listened to whole conference call myself
  4. Sure they are aware, but not confident enough to put their neck out and be the first. Knowing with near certainty that digital assets are the future. Knowing that every day their company delays implementation is another day they are behind. This is the big difference between being aware and actually being a forward thinking leader. Very few of these types exist, Chris Larsen would be on the absolute extreme end of this spectrum And the savings can come from just using XRP, not holding it
  5. Your vastly overestimating the intelligence and awareness of people in C level positions. Especially when it comes to forward thinking
  6. Nice find! Integration engineers will be snatched up in a heartbeat. Much work to be done with connecting all these systems. Internet of Value progress in plain text
  7. Massive. Thanks! Finastra -> CLS -> SWIFT Ripple -> Finastra..........
  8. Same thing..? Gold is interchangeable for any fiat across the globe. Gold just doesn't have a suite of features built into it. XRP can do many more nifty things than just a dumb pile of gold. By dumb I mean incapable of doing anything except sitting in a vault. This is the difference between gold and XRP but that's just my opinion after 3 years of intense research
  9. XRP was designed to be an exchange currency. Not a currency. Something that only existed physically in the form of precious metals. Then internet money came along. Does gold not appreciate and also act as a currency?
  10. They appear quite bullish for XRP. This is great stuff thanks. Another step to mass real world adoption
  11. I agree. But to be clear we have no idea what is or isn’t happening
  12. Nope.. talking about the ability to issue IOUs on the XRPL using the DEX features. (Decentralized exchange) end game being banks exchanging their CBDC’s with each other using the XRP ledger
  13. Hmmm not extremely excited about that as a CSC holder. Was hoping they would be only focusing on gambling. Video game industry i imagine is already very competitive in the crypto area
  14. I love how it speaks like this is something coming in the future but its happening right meow
  15. The poor guy is clearing struggling with making decisions for himself. almost feel bad for him..
  16. Perhaps in the grand scheme of things they are all planning on using XRPL in some way. It's just not abundantly clear to us plebs. I'm pretty sure I remember reading the SEC stated as long as the digital asset sales (XRP in this case) are used to fund the network then the question of whether is a security is blurred? Anyone else remember something like that? So what I'm trying to say is the idea that XRP sales are being used to fund something totally unrelated to XRP seems quite sketch and I doubt that's the case
  17. Not sure anyone realizes how big a deal CLS is being on that slide..
  18. Pretty sure it’s just because XRP has been a threat to bitcoin since 2014ish. Maxis started a rage campaign and been going ever since
  19. I’m not even this happy when I get real food for free at my work.. something is off..
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