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  1. not quite yet......... although I'm extremely interested to see how the IOU price and real price play out once launched. Should be some wild candles
  2. We all got wrecked but like you said we will March on and be pre rich a little longer
  3. I just used Wiestse's little app https://flare.wietse.com/ for adding the eth address to your XRP account with xumm. It was absolutely flawless. I trust xumm with a portion of my bag and I love it. Can even use it to sign trades on the XRP DEX using https://www.xrptoolkit.com/trade UI
  4. We say this coming from the public perspective. I wonder if any employees or management feels the same way. Maybe I just need to apply to Ripple. Should of did it 3 years ago..
  5. I think we're mostly experiencing Ripple distancing themselves from the Public eye and the insanity of young investors that comes with it. Lack of progress and lack of flaunting that progress can certainly be taken the wrong way. Especially with Swell going on and not a peep about it. Perhaps the Ripple execs feel comfortably nested deep enough in the Fintech world that PR can take a step back for a bit. There is just so much we don't know it's quite maddening EDIT: speaking of progress.. what other Crypto is actually touching real fiat in the real world? Other than some staking ponzi trash? Sure 5 million a day moving through the ledger is bananas but again, is bitcoin settling fiat transaction instantly in the real world as we type? What is ETH doing besides building an unsustainable ecosystem around high gas fees?
  6. Thanks for the feedback everyone! Had the same thought for the history filters, just been in MVP mode. And yeah mobile definitely isn’t polished yet sry bout that. @Trisky whatcha mean by direct competition pairings? ill try to get these suggestions done ASAP thanks again all!
  7. Been working on a ODL viewer. Has daily info, full history, recent transactions. Let me know if you have any suggestions! I can make the changes asap. Data is provided by Mourads API https://utility-scan.com/#/dashboard Here it is, https://www.xledg.com/
  8. No trading fee perhaps? Adds up when your dumping millions
  9. @richxrp Signed up on EquityZen but not seeing Ripple listed? Can you post that invite link perhaps? thanks! I would be very interested in grabbing some Ripple shares AH... nevermind. Found it. In the closed deals listings
  10. I started writing about esoteric history and how most of what we know about ancient civilizations is completely wrong. Egyptians not being the builders of the pyramids for example. I love talking about it but not the biggest fan of writing... you think people would be interested in that subject?
  11. don’t understand this part.. wouldn’t we be doing exactly what we’re doing now but holding other banks CBDCs instead of digital fiat versions?
  12. Yep. I can confirm, listened to whole conference call myself
  13. Sure they are aware, but not confident enough to put their neck out and be the first. Knowing with near certainty that digital assets are the future. Knowing that every day their company delays implementation is another day they are behind. This is the big difference between being aware and actually being a forward thinking leader. Very few of these types exist, Chris Larsen would be on the absolute extreme end of this spectrum And the savings can come from just using XRP, not holding it
  14. Your vastly overestimating the intelligence and awareness of people in C level positions. Especially when it comes to forward thinking
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