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  1. Interesting... binance should be worth bout 50 billion then? What a joke
  2. This has crossed my mind as well. Insights on xrp news has decreased 80% or so?
  3. Couldn’t be much more clear. Not sure why everyone thinks it’s impossible to be compatible with SWIFT messaging when the whole point of RippleNet is to connect these antiquated systems with modern code.
  4. XRPwinning

    A Simple Explanation for XRP

    Too simple then perhaps? Suggestions? You do understand the concept of on-demand liquidity?
  5. XRPwinning

    A Simple Explanation for XRP

    Nice. Valid...Thanks. What can we change it to. Just (Non-Functional, stale, static, siloed, isolated) ?
  6. So every time someone asks me questions about XRP I'll start rambling off fantastic facts. This is hardly effective for explaining an exotic idea like crypto and XRP. I've been thinking about the best 2 liner explanation for the masses so here it goes. "Currently any international company needs to hold huge piles of DUMB money in various currencies for payments between different countries. XRP opens up the possibility for all these companies to share a big pile of SMART FUNCTIONAL money (XRP) and free up all the useless DUMB money they have locked away." And if this makes sense to them maybe continue on with some facts about instant speed, cheap ect. Any suggested edits are welcome!
  7. I really like to hear that. I just keep telling myself if nobody else uses it I'm gonna use it so screw it, lets start building. Its great to know other people see the potential here! Glad you like the UI! When I have it live on Codius I would appreciate any feedback on the UX/UI ?
  8. XRPwinning

    Was that It?

    Sometimes yah gota let that good stuff sink in for a bit... If shorts get their way I would be very surprised but also don't care cause it would only be a temporary dip. Buy moar. Friday Payday coming
  9. Really appreciate your sensible and constructive words. Thanks man
  10. No ignorance at all. Pull request would need to be approved by Ledger and rolled out after testing. and yeah your dead on. Just need the hardware to support parsing the OfferCreate transaction type. as far as testing it on your own emulator or device while developing the pull request for Ledger is where I’m falling short. Not much response from Ledger since they are busy with developing Ledger Live which should have trading support eventually. Which means I’ll have what I need for my own UI. I took a break for now. People hardly understand the benefits of what I’m building or Stellar X as well. Maybe another year education will catch up Stellar X has Ledger support and I’m already trading for free straight from my hardware. So I’m pretty happy since I can do what I set out to build myself. Only difference is XLM is the native asset of the DEX instead of XRP
  11. XRPwinning

    Strap In

    Which is nothing in investment terms so stay strapped
  12. XRPwinning

    Strap In

  13. And whoever thinks this is just nice to have is smoking something. This is a MUST have
  14. I’ve been chop chopping guy... and I have no problem shelling out some cash but this is all open source. I ain’t getting paid. We are all specialists I happen to be front end web so hence why I’m calling support from the community. And yes it only supports parsing 1 transaction type right now which is “payment” . It actually should be pretty trivial to someone with the right knowledge. Just adding support to parse additional fields