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  1. no I haven't either. they've been pretty silent about this and it worries me tbh
  2. Im not betting but id be happy to stand corrected after spending the last 3 years DCA'ing from 2.80$
  3. heard that three years ago when price tanked from 2.80 to 90c. went to 11c over the course of the years. and there was no PnD back then. Be careful guys, tomorrow will be hectic. We may pump, or dump. both ways might be interesting to watch on the depth chart though
  4. Actually I did quite a bit of XRP charting in the past. fibs, and all. did a few bad calls, and a few good ones. a week ago, I called the weekly inverse H&S with a target of 50 cents. I posted it on TWitter, but thought to myself, this is almost impossible considering how bad XRP has been in the last 3 years. a 100% jump is insane. it happened and surpassed it. perhaps weekly patterns are at play. I use to chart with 4h and 1d charts. maybe weekly plays out better i'm unsure. but right now, charts aren't at play. Id say FOMO is at play. currently, RSI on weekly chart is WAY WAY WAY overbought. in typical TA, this would warrant a huge correction. When we hit 45 cents, I called for a correction to 32 cents. It did not happen. when it reach 50 cents, I still called 32 cents correction. why 32 cents ? Because I remember a historical spot about 1.5 years ago where 32 cents lasted for weeks as a support until we finally broke below in a clashing bull-breaking event. but so far, its ignoring all levels, all resistance, etc. correction ? idk. a few minutes ago, when price was 60 cents, I was saying the next level was 0.62. 0.62 was busted in seconds as I watched the sell wall getting eaten on bitstamp. I dont see a correction yet on the radar anymore. I am seeing an 88 cents potential target and THEN perhaps a correction in the 60s somewhere (65 cents ?), but that is not trading advice. I've never traded my own words except once. I'm not a pro trader at all. I dont think this is the pump where XRP busts through its ATH. I just don't think thats the one. If anything, this pump is a replica of the Mar-May 2017 pump. People had to way another 7-8 months for the pump that brought XRP to its historical ATH. meh. we will see. in the mean time. Rockets are appropriate
  5. I think we are about to get the next leg up. short timeframes look great. Longer timeframes look ready for cooloff, but currently the market seems to ignore indicators and FOMO is stronger than indicators. so my vote goes for the 70s and Id even reach to 88cents by EOW if the trend continues. I know it sounds crazy. (especially coming from me hahaha)
  6. I dont know if there are more people this time tbh. A lot of people were shaken out during the 2.80$ to 0.18$ plunge
  7. Wow... those are 4 pages long reading I will never get back.
  8. CryptHawk's Native Language is French from France. not english
  9. You just called a unicorn a "sheep"... where is your respect ?
  10. im just wondering... if they are jointly working with governments, why do they need to prey publicly ? sounds more like PR to me. Attract new money, new and mostly traditional investors .
  11. In any case, nobody ... NOBODY can predict what will happen with price when an exchange goes live or not.... coinbase anyone ?
  12. Yes. Just Join the Zerpening Club. The more it tanks, the more we buy the dip. You need to be in it for the technology
  13. WHO? id say.. probably the same guyz pumping BTC... they will sell BTC high and switch to XRP maybe ? by keeping XRP low, that allows them to pump BTC higher and higher (with all the time that may take). when they are ready, they switch to XRP directly BTC pair, and remove the selling pressure towards USD. that's how I see it. I know this requires tinfoil hat.. but its plausible.
  14. https://coil.com/u/Nouknitouk added two of my recipes: (Teriyaki steaks) and FWI chicken curry
  15. yeah. It actually looks like the shark pattern being printed. im not worried with this dip at all.
  16. 1st Quarter 2019: $0.45 USD 2nd Quarter 2019: $0.39 USD 3rd Quarter 2019: $0.65 USD 4th Quarter 2019: $589 (jk) $0.55 USD
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