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  1. I dont know if there are more people this time tbh. A lot of people were shaken out during the 2.80$ to 0.18$ plunge
  2. Wow... those are 4 pages long reading I will never get back.
  3. CryptHawk's Native Language is French from France. not english
  4. You just called a unicorn a "sheep"... where is your respect ?
  5. thanks for the advice. SOLD ALL.
  6. im just wondering... if they are jointly working with governments, why do they need to prey publicly ? sounds more like PR to me. Attract new money, new and mostly traditional investors .
  7. In any case, nobody ... NOBODY can predict what will happen with price when an exchange goes live or not.... coinbase anyone ?
  8. Yes. Just Join the Zerpening Club. The more it tanks, the more we buy the dip. You need to be in it for the technology
  9. WHO? id say.. probably the same guyz pumping BTC... they will sell BTC high and switch to XRP maybe ? by keeping XRP low, that allows them to pump BTC higher and higher (with all the time that may take). when they are ready, they switch to XRP directly BTC pair, and remove the selling pressure towards USD. that's how I see it. I know this requires tinfoil hat.. but its plausible.
  10. https://coil.com/u/Nouknitouk added two of my recipes: (Teriyaki steaks) and FWI chicken curry
  11. yeah. It actually looks like the shark pattern being printed. im not worried with this dip at all.
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