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  1. WHO? id say.. probably the same guyz pumping BTC... they will sell BTC high and switch to XRP maybe ? by keeping XRP low, that allows them to pump BTC higher and higher (with all the time that may take). when they are ready, they switch to XRP directly BTC pair, and remove the selling pressure towards USD. that's how I see it. I know this requires tinfoil hat.. but its plausible.
  2. https://coil.com/u/Nouknitouk added two of my recipes: (Teriyaki steaks) and FWI chicken curry
  3. yeah. It actually looks like the shark pattern being printed. im not worried with this dip at all.
  4. 1st Quarter 2019: $0.45 USD 2nd Quarter 2019: $0.39 USD 3rd Quarter 2019: $0.65 USD 4th Quarter 2019: $589 (jk) $0.55 USD
  5. I disagree with this completely. Every company's twitter feed is FILLED .. and I mean literally filled with trolls and anonymous people just posting sh*t. I dont think any SANE company or bank would decide not to partner with Ripple because of an online bear with a couple thousands of followers. not to save Millions/billions of dollars.
  6. haha..thats entirely a possibility. which I would find kinda funny. I just dont see finding him and his riddles entertaining as being a problem. i am invested deeply in XRP, more than I probably have should, my dca is still well around 80cents....have never seen green and am hoping that in 5 years perhaps Im going to get a good return. If people are not mature enough or adult enough and are basing their investment STRICTLY and uniquely on these riddles, then id say its their friggin problem and they will learn the hard way. criticizing and shooting em down on twitter or here is not going to change anything anyway because they are so convinced in it. oh well. moving along.
  7. I dont say I disagree or agree. I just give him the benefit of the doubt. and tend to find this whole riddle thing quite entertaining
  8. Who said he was an insider at Ripple. he could be an insider with Market manipulators. All these pumps and the markets are manipulated aren't they ? Its not utility that kicked off the pump in Dec 2017 was it ? it was speculation and market manipulators. i have my doubts about BG123, especially considering he was telling people with funny kids pictures when price was at 2.10$. so yes I have doubts, but the coincidences leading to April 9th massive pump cannot be ignored imo. thats puts him more in the camp of manipulators than a ripple insider though
  9. he predicted the pump april 9th. In the weeks preceding, he kept flipping his twitter picture with his finger pointing at 4th tooth, then 9th tooth and back and forth.
  10. Nov EOM: 60 cents EOY 2018: 0.725$ This is the unicorn's view.
  11. I still think #3. my bet is 0.725 $. Wish it was 10$.. but this year has burnt too many people. will take a while before something sparks interest again
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