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  1. How long do you think will it take to see xrp mass adoption? 1 year? 3 years? 5 years?
  2. The thing is that people who have not invested in crypto also know about bitcoin. Its kinda mainstream now - nearly everyone knows bitcoin atm. It will take a lot of time for xrp to get to this position. I'm confident about xrp, but we relate to btc in all ways. I'm here in this board since more than 1 year. I saw all the action in november/december and the blood baths after it. Every pump / dump was related to bitcoin - just the coinbase rumour made xrp to rise without btc. So don't fight bitcoin - it doesnt make sense.
  3. Why are here so much guys thinking BTC has to drop? If BTC goes to zero, every altcoin will go to zero. There is no altcoin market without Bitcoin.
  4. I would do it diffrent. Sorry for my "bad" english in advance. Back in time my parents wanted to invest some money, to be exact 5000 Euro. This was the time, when BTC was on 0,01$. At this time I was only 14 years old and I told my parents to fully invest into bitcoin, because I spent all my time on the internet and learned to code python, c+ and so on on a very young age, so my interest was always on the internet. I thought crypto currenycs would be "THE THING" in the future, so I told them to invest. They didn't belive me and put all the money on normal stocks. They nearly lost all of the investment (loss of 3000 Euro I think). If I do the calculate right then: 5000 Euro / 0,01 = 500.000 BTC 500.000 * 19000$ (nearly all time high) = 9.500.000.000 Dollar Yep, that could have be a bright future, but always the same with parents and the internet..
  5. When I read something similiar like that from you, then I'm going to steal all your xrp and beat your ***.
  6. And this is the big problem. Everytime somebody says something different that you guys are thinking then it's directly FUD. Just like in the kindergarden.
  7. So what do you want to tell me with your 60k? I only own a "small" online business and don't have the money to spend it all on a risko investment. I bet here are a lot of people who only own a few hundred zerps and this was possibly their whole year savings. It doesnt matter how much you spend. As Marc Cuban always says : "I'm following the Green and not the Dream" and at this moment I don't think we will have a huge price movement until november or december again. Can you remember last year? The whole year was flat, nobody was interested in xrp. Ripple is a very good company and they made very good partnerships this year - but we dont own shares of the company we own xrp. You can't valuaed that as the same and this is the relection of the currwnt market.
  8. For all those who might think that the prize does not rise again or those who feel uncomftable with the prize behaviour now - just sell. It's so important to not listen to all this guys who say all the time "Just hodl" and so on. All these guys have bought for a prize lower then 0.40, they don't lose nothing, so that's why they tell you that all the time. I made this fault for myself and listened to them. I buyed my xrp for around 1.35 Euro, just a few days before the bull run. I made like 6k unreliazed profit and thought of exit because I had a really bad gut feeling. Now I lost all this profits and made over 2,5k losses. Just make your own decissions, it's probably the best way.
  9. I really hate people like you. We went so low, why the **** you didn't buy before? Let those little zerps rise now, I don't want to see them falling again.
  10. For me it was also very hard to hold. I bought 2 days before XRP reached it's ATH. So I was very hyped and belived that it will go straight up. Now I almost lost all my profits (about 5k unrealized profits). The main question for me is "Why are other coins still raising, if they don't have a common use?" And that's the point. Ripple has very strong partnerships and a very good leader team, but after all what I have seen it seems like that this doesnt matter to investors. I think it will do a long sideways walk in the near feature, because I don't see anything what could get it a hype again.
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