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  1. https://cryptodaily.co.uk/2018/03/ripple-xrp-amazon-partnership-could-be-mega-for-cryptocurrencies/ I dont how speculative this is, but if this happens, everything will turn around for Ripple, REAL FAST!
  2. https://ambcrypto.com/ripple-xrp-creates-a-one-of-a-kind-mobile-app-called-moneytap/ Mobile app Money Tap by the 61 japanese banks consortium, immediate transactions between multiple banks instantly using XRP or Ripple Tech. is this huge? Any thoughts?
  3. But what blockchain does it use? Is it its own, the white paper just says P2P Value Protocol, seems like a scam.
  4. https://medium.com/@RippleBytes/ripplebyte-decentralized-ripple-currency-18d83c643dd9 Did anyone hear of this Ripple copycat that is decentralized, I dont know where it came from but has a crowd sale in 3 weeks. Any thoughts? Is this a threat or a fork to XRP?
  5. https://news.bitcoin.com/new-research-suggests-ripple-is-even-more-centralized-than-previously-thought/ Does anyone believe this is true? Is Ripple and XRP more centralized than we think. People thinking XRP will fail and only Ripple technology will flourish. Lets discuss, aaaannndd go!
  6. I mean Banks using SWIFT, dont always mention they are "Using Swift", its working in the background. They rather focus on having their Brand, Santander, to be focused on, without needing to distract people to seeing the word Ripple in their presentations. Maybe makes sense
  7. The Presentation just says “Innovation: Same day mobile international payments in “3 clicks & 40 seconds” for our retail customers using distributed ledger technology" Since Santander is listed on Ripple partners website, and they might not be calling out Ripple, but mention Distributed Ledger Technology, means the technology is adopted. It has to be! at least xCurrent
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