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  1. While almost all coins have moved towards ATH, XRP had a lot of trouble to reach $1. At some point, XRP finally managed to cross the 1$ mark and has been swinging back and forth between 1.70 and 1.50 since weeks now... just 50% of the last ATH. I know, dreaming is really fun and I also like to spend all the gains I will probably receive sometimes in the future... but XRP at 300$? Come on, you're not serious, are you? At 30$ I would already have to smile about the dreamer, but 300$....
  2. Got the same problem: First log-in at my CSC Desktopwallet V4.1.3 since 2018.. Wallet does not connect to my account.. Checking account via CSC.observer: still there with all my coins... but cannot connect... I only have 6 keywords to restore password... no securekey or phrasefile... anyone an idea?
  3. I have no idea what you are talking about or what you are accusing me of ... but in any case there is no need to get insulting (my first entry on the ignore list)
  4. What I'm actually trying to say: I no longer bet on a horse and dream of 10,000% profits... I prefer to take 3% here and there every week and 5-8% every month in profit - a sensible risk management and off I go. A profit of $275 every day is already +$100,000 at the end of the year. I am definitely done with HODLing. I've been dreaming for a really long time now and have talked myself into a better world every now and then, but at some point it's time to wake up.
  5. well, what exactly is the flare usecase if the XRP case goes to shit? When there is no XRP anymore? And hasn't Flare already announced airdops with other coins, at least LTC is in my memory. I wouldn't bet at the moment that XRP is worthwhile - apart from the usual speculative price movements. I have already made more profit with a few leveraged longs and shorts on small price movements than with XRP in the last 4 years. I - for my part - will hardly return to XRP. Last weeks I tried to gamble with my HOLO stash: Selling at 0.0003, rebuying at 0.0002 rinse repeat..
  6. Nicely derived, but... Cash is also a position!
  7. Thank you for sharing... insane. I come to the same conclusion as the commentator: Alone the facts that BG and CL personally enriched themselves by 700 million USD through XRP sales, but told us that they were "long XRP" in the same time and that Ripple bribed - pardon: incentivized - market participants to use XRP so that the "story" can go on, can only lead to one conclusion: hands away. Until the allegations are not cleared up (publicly, in court), I will not buy a single XRP anymore....
  8. thats why sometimes i wonder, whats the point of marriage / having a family? from an economic point of view you are right. Not from a philosophical point of view. Apart from the money (which I never have enough of anyway), I am infinitely rich through my two daughters and my son. I don't know if you can understand that, if you haven't created life yet... I was doing very well financially about 15 years ago. I had much more money than I could spend. hmm.. okay... I could spend more (sailing yacht, airplane, ...) but I really couldn't afford that ). But at that time it
  9. When I studied economics in the 1990s, I also learned a lot about the social market economy that we practiced in Germany. In about the same period Schremp (Daimler) started to promise "shareholder value", large U.S. consulting firms advised our hospitals on how they could generate profits from patients, our communities learned how to speculate with foreign currencies through these same consulting firms, etc........ Our Soziale Marktwirtschaft is history.... in the 200s we were smiled at... the sick man of Europe. That was the hour of Schröder's Harz IV reform. And today? I m
  10. Perfekt. thanks. Did not read this answer.. This is probably a more appropriate price trend.... today's XRP chart is probably somewhere before 2001 in this Amazon chart.. it will be interesting to see in which direction the XRP chart will develop ....
  11. AMZN: The price rose a few dollars each year. XRP: The coin is worth a few cents less each year. Somehow, the comparison with the Amazon share doesn't quite fit, does it? The wish seems to be father to this thought. I'm currently a little disappointed ofthe Ripple performance. I wonder what Ripple needs so many millions a quarter for. What are they doing with all the money? Is the x-border market really that interesting? Do the big players not earn more from the cooperation banking system than they could save with Ripple's solution? So the small banks
  12. well, there is a positive relationship between S&P, DJ and crypto prices. If the market shoots down, investors automatically draw money from risk investments ... and crypto is nothing else. In my opinion: behave as expected
  13. I wonder: What do they actually do with all the money? Investors and through monthly XRP sales Ripple (the comapny) receives fresh liquidity ... We're not talking about a few 100,000 or millions. that goes well into the 3-digit million amounts per year ... but where does all the money go? Does anyone know more?
  14. Still here and will be here the next 2-3 years
  15. Well, that's not difficult to guess and of course something will happen. .... It's going to be an explosion ... because five events are finally coming together and will result in a single "moon" shot: .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. CNY 2019 CNY 2020 and Wall Street Bonuses 2019 and 2020.
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