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  1. hehe... no, was refering to those who meant TA is useless. by now I expect a drop to old levels... more likely that a moonshot...
  2. So: TA useless? Do not think so. You can not predict a price for the future, but you can predict trends and their likelihood and use that to your advantage. Exactly what I did yesterday morning: how likely is a moonshot now? We are still in that bearish channel (no trend-reversal yet), volume was decreasing, RSI-Indikator showed overbought territory... and bought 10k Zerps a few days ago at ~.305 ... selling? waiting, maybe losing money? My descion based on TA: minimize my risk or take a calculated risk I closed my business at .33xsomething and realized a few hundred dollars. Then I split my fiats into two equal portions, opened new buy orders at .3475 and .365. If we shoot up, I'll jump in as soon as the price breaks those resistances. But: Should we instead drop (breaking thos supports), then I can readjust my two purchase orders at any time, in order to rebuy cheap(er). So I am prepared for the bullish as well as the bearish version and will not be surprised. now I am waiting for either the bull or the bear taking controll again...
  3. hmm... maybe they are right: Salesmen! It is your turn now... everxything is finished and polished... now go out and deliver new customers... go go go
  4. Hard core Facts: Fact, Genesis date is 2013-Jan-01 03:21:10 What in a drunken new years celebration the tech guy decided to create xrp? Fact is xrp genesis ledger is Number 32570 (The beginning of the database is lost for ever) Fakt is over 50% of circulating supply at the time got released on August 2014 at a key stroke and price or volume did not move. Fact is you will never own a XRP it will always belong to Ripple Inc. Just like a Casino token, chip, jeton always belongs to the casino you my take it home.....but its not your. (If you have Bitcoin private key its yours.) Fact, XRP is centralized digital money Fact Ripple Inc. can freeze anyone's funds and have done so with Jeb Mcaleb Fact Ripple Inc. can reverse funds Fact is that the circulating supply has decreased from time to time (laughable). Fact is bribery is rampant at Ripple Inc as the company gifts XRP's to partners, friends, banks.... Fact, Ripple Inc has contingency plan to become a software company if xrp fails Fact is xrp Marketcap is wrong Fact decentralized coins don't have CEO, ................ Fact, Banks dont need xrp and create there one DLT based database token. (Project Ubin) Fact, it is not a coin Fact, contractual agreements only affect Ripple Inc and have nothing to do with xrp. Fact, from Ripples technical operations a single xrp works as well as 100 000 000 000 xrp Fact, it has been hacked in the past Fact, the criminals have been previously been fined (you cant fine a blockchain) Fact, XRP carries to much heavy overheads in form of Ripple Manager bonuses at the expense of xrp security (how much was spent on xrp security last financial year?) Fact Ripple employs paid shills operatives. Fact, Ripple Inc. investors (*see bottom) live i expensive Residences, XRP gamblers in the slums Fact, Ripple Inc. uses a known criminal as advisor („Karl-Theodor Maria Nikolaus Johann Jacob Philipp Franz Buhl-Freiherr von und zu Guttenberg“) Fact is legal eagles swirling as a central point of congregated money can be found and Ripple Inc (3 law suits) To have ripple account you must have at least x number XRP for it to be functioning. This is akin to tax required in the nation's fiat currency to artificially create use cases for that currency. Fact, a single company is selling all XRP, decentralization is a joke As long as we can read such facts, XRP will only increase by utility ....
  5. xSODAx

    Clean up the forum

    @flanman banned and still around.... what is your story? qui bono
  6. --- if it makes payments and settlement faster then it is bad news if it minimizes nostro/vostro due to fast and instant settlement (between buyer/seller) then it is bad news... guess we need more info about this... by now I do not dare to judge this news wether bad or good news... completly sceptic now
  7. maybe because of this statement "...is aiming to overtake swift banking network.." which doesn't open doors (in the end)....
  8. "So you've said before that you think there's a world where Ripple could take over Swift." This is exactly what made me angry when I first read that headline a few months ago. Loudmouth is closing doors instead of opening them... I really hope that these are good news for us but I stay sceptic...
  9. went in for a glance....
  10. At the moment it is not even possible to estimate a price for the next 24 hours at all. I agree 589% with botje11:
  11. If I were 14 or 15 then I would also feel rich when I had won 500 Bucks.... wait.... is he maybe the husband of ripplewaytogo... huh?
  12. Blödsinn.... nobody is confirming (expect that treasury company in 2017)
  13. same here... I do not take it serious until it is confirmed....