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  1. well, there is a positive relationship between S&P, DJ and crypto prices. If the market shoots down, investors automatically draw money from risk investments ... and crypto is nothing else. In my opinion: behave as expected
  2. I wonder: What do they actually do with all the money? Investors and through monthly XRP sales Ripple (the comapny) receives fresh liquidity ... We're not talking about a few 100,000 or millions. that goes well into the 3-digit million amounts per year ... but where does all the money go? Does anyone know more?
  3. Well, that's not difficult to guess and of course something will happen. .... It's going to be an explosion ... because five events are finally coming together and will result in a single "moon" shot: .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. CNY 2019 CNY 2020 and Wall Street Bonuses 2019 and 2020.
  4. every hour: open 2 new accounts build trustline for 100 BTC send 50 BTC to one of the 2 new accounts The "Master" has 1061 connections and each of these 1061 accounts is linked to exactly one account and those 2 accounts are sending 0.019 BTC back and forth every 2-4 minutes burning 0,000012 XRP transaction costs rise, as we can see in "older" ping-pong accounts Someone with big bags who wants to burn XRP? Possibility to "double" or "earn" BTC or XRP (bug?)?
  5. what are you telling? not real? no neverland? no lil Tinker Bell? next you want to make us know that there is no Santa?
  6. RippleNet with it’s xCurrent (4.0) is one of those NSP’s! PROVE IT
  7. No worries: Heard the definition of a s!tcoin is a loss of +80% from ATH... ... hm... naaah!
  8. and once again... predicting an ABC Chart (blue line)... and got his blue line proofen right:
  9. THey also predicted the revive of jon snow. but didn‘t with Baratheon. But who lnows ... would be very inexpected by the fans
  10. A German research group has calculated several times the end of various seasons with the help of AI. Their results for season 8: Danaerys survives and ascended the throne "Game of Thrones": Algorithmus sagt Serientod voraus The group have called their application "A Song of Ice and Data". She searches the net for data about the series, the numbers are processed using artificial intelligence algorithms. "We use data from a fan page and the GoT Wiki." For each character, we collected information such as age, gender, relationship status, which books he or she found, and whether his or her partner is still alive, "Yachdav says Factors are included in the evaluation. Algorithms: Daenerys Targaryen and Tyrion Lannister have best chance of survival Nevertheless, or perhaps because of that, you can prevent unsightly surprises. Students at the Technical University of Munich have developed algorithms that predict the mortality probability of individual figures. According to the students' predictions, the eighth season sees Daenerys Targaryen with the highest chance (99 percent) of surviving the GoT final. The right hand of the king, Tyrion Lannister, also has a very good survival rate of 97 percent.
  11. Exactly what I am doing. I use him to manage my risks (fomo'ed to much), to re-enter or to get out of markets when it is better to not hodl anymore. I follow him (and a few others) since a few months and with his explanations I feel much safer, much more relaxed while trading (and hodling)...
  12. Hi there, yesterday I closed my "play stash"-positions on eToro and sold at 0.357 - Reward: ~200 Bucks. Only a few minutes later ETH collapsed followed by BTC, XRP and others later on... Why did I sell: I had confidence in the TA of botje11 who expected that "correction" - once again he was right. On telegram he warned a few hours before and he presented three possible scenarios plus the conditions that made the respective scenario likely. I was warned. And then ... as I sat on my couch another twitter message: Its most likely event will occur within the next few hours, condition by condition were met ... the correction must be made within the next few hours ... I sold... My advertisement for botje11 For those who are interested in TA, who do not want to be surprised anymore, who want to understand the mechanisms in this stupid market, I really recommend to follow botje11 on tradingview. He tries to be quite objective, shows scenarios and which are likely to be fulfilled. The nice thing about it: He also calls the conditions, what must happen, so that a, b or c could/should occurs. Nor is it a pity to reject his approaches when things change and reevaluate. Also nice: His training charts in which he explains patterns, forms and connections, for me: so understandable that I as a layman can even understand that. Look at his contributions, I think they are worth reading, you learn a lot and above all: they also help that you are no longer surprised by market movements (you expect them). https://www.tradingview.com/u/botje11/ Important and urgent messages are more spread via telegram: https://t.me/botje11 Why do I advertise him? I think he deserves millions of likes at TV because he is one of the best and most objective analysts for our crypto market. That is why I promote him Best regards xSodax
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