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  1. and once again... predicting an ABC Chart (blue line)... and got his blue line proofen right:
  2. THey also predicted the revive of jon snow. but didn‘t with Baratheon. But who lnows ... would be very inexpected by the fans
  3. A German research group has calculated several times the end of various seasons with the help of AI. Their results for season 8: Danaerys survives and ascended the throne "Game of Thrones": Algorithmus sagt Serientod voraus The group have called their application "A Song of Ice and Data". She searches the net for data about the series, the numbers are processed using artificial intelligence algorithms. "We use data from a fan page and the GoT Wiki." For each character, we collected information such as age, gender, relationship status, which books he or she found, and whether his or her partner is still alive, "Yachdav says Factors are included in the evaluation. Algorithms: Daenerys Targaryen and Tyrion Lannister have best chance of survival Nevertheless, or perhaps because of that, you can prevent unsightly surprises. Students at the Technical University of Munich have developed algorithms that predict the mortality probability of individual figures. According to the students' predictions, the eighth season sees Daenerys Targaryen with the highest chance (99 percent) of surviving the GoT final. The right hand of the king, Tyrion Lannister, also has a very good survival rate of 97 percent.
  4. Exactly what I am doing. I use him to manage my risks (fomo'ed to much), to re-enter or to get out of markets when it is better to not hodl anymore. I follow him (and a few others) since a few months and with his explanations I feel much safer, much more relaxed while trading (and hodling)...
  5. Hi there, yesterday I closed my "play stash"-positions on eToro and sold at 0.357 - Reward: ~200 Bucks. Only a few minutes later ETH collapsed followed by BTC, XRP and others later on... Why did I sell: I had confidence in the TA of botje11 who expected that "correction" - once again he was right. On telegram he warned a few hours before and he presented three possible scenarios plus the conditions that made the respective scenario likely. I was warned. And then ... as I sat on my couch another twitter message: Its most likely event will occur within the next few hours, condition by condition were met ... the correction must be made within the next few hours ... I sold... My advertisement for botje11 For those who are interested in TA, who do not want to be surprised anymore, who want to understand the mechanisms in this stupid market, I really recommend to follow botje11 on tradingview. He tries to be quite objective, shows scenarios and which are likely to be fulfilled. The nice thing about it: He also calls the conditions, what must happen, so that a, b or c could/should occurs. Nor is it a pity to reject his approaches when things change and reevaluate. Also nice: His training charts in which he explains patterns, forms and connections, for me: so understandable that I as a layman can even understand that. Look at his contributions, I think they are worth reading, you learn a lot and above all: they also help that you are no longer surprised by market movements (you expect them). https://www.tradingview.com/u/botje11/ Important and urgent messages are more spread via telegram: https://t.me/botje11 Why do I advertise him? I think he deserves millions of likes at TV because he is one of the best and most objective analysts for our crypto market. That is why I promote him Best regards xSodax
  6. Why is Ripple getting into video games?!! 'cause I have allowed them.
  7. Just doing the opposite.. trying to hit the break-out. My last "I am buying the dips" were very expensive... there is always a new dip after the dip ;)
  8. Judging by the speed of winning major banks as customers or partners and compared to new competitors and their partners / banks (JPM partnered with 11,000 Banks worldwide, IBM, ...) I would say that RIPPLE should hurry. If Ripple ever managed to win more than a minor bank or a FI with more than 5 employees, then I think $100 is achievable within the next 3-5 years. However, I think that the proportion of speculation is significantly more than 50-80%. Could it archive higher targets? IDK And it depends on Ripples progress in the near future - as mentioned.
  9. a very interesting answer at QUORA (in german; translated via google) -> dumb vs smart money How is it that small investors constantly lose money while trading? This is simply because the retail investor or retailer does not realize that the financial market is a zero-sum game and he therefore does everything wrong, which can only be done wrong. Not without reason they are referred to in the industry as "dumb money". The retail investor must be deliberately misled and inevitably lose money because they are the profit of big fish (I hate this denomination, smart money sounds better). Smart money recognizes the signs in the markets, but that's a problem because they all go in the same direction. So, if smart money buys then there has to be someone selling to them. This is where dumb money comes into play. They are the liquidity we need. You have to do the opposite of what we do. If we go long, we have to make sure that they shorten. If we shorten, we have to make sure they go long. So we have to create illusions: 1. The illusion of market sentiment, or how to manipulate the order books of brokers, investment banks, and clearing houses Felt 99% of all retail investors always consider the so-called market sentiment in their trading decisions. This is the sum of both open and pending buy-sell positions, displayed as a percentage. So when the chart says "75% sell," retailers tend to sell (human herding). But that's a problem, because in the end we're the ones who are moving the huge sums of money. At 500,000 Max Mustermanns (dumb money), the average per capita with 3000 euros to trade, comes a hedge fund (smart money) with an average of 25 million euros. So a few hedge funds can greatly influence the gap between buy-sell and thus change the market sentiment. Once the retail investor gets wind of it, as suddenly "12% buy" to "80% buy", then he wants to go long and that drives up the price, because the demand has increased enormously, but the supply has not risen. As a result, smart money loses money. So we ensure that by so-called zombie orders, the perception is deliberately distorted. A zombie order is a buy-sell position placed in various places, in bulk, above or below the current market price, but never triggered as opposite positions are opened just before the corresponding price is reached. Before that, the zombie orders are changed algorithmically at irregular intervals and placed elsewhere, to give the impression that the market's expectations have changed. So if a negative market position is suggested, then "dumb money" panic and thus increases the supply and the price drops. Meanwhile, smart money buys these shabby financial products, and if there are no retailers left to sell, then the markets become aware of the shortage of supply and prices go up. Therefore, the market sentiment that the small investors like to orient, completely useless and only serves to lure retail investors into a trap. 2. The illusion of volume, or how to become invisible to the stock market via dark pools When it comes to financial products that are traded on the secondary market (stocks, bonds, commodity contracts, etc.), there is an exchange supervision. One of the tasks of this supervision is, among other things, to measure the trading volume in real time, whereupon all market subjects have an insight. But this is problematic if we want to buy a commodity contract on sugar, amounting to $ 30 million. If we were to wield the $ 30 million on the secondary market, market makers would see that because of the increased trading volume, someone is in the process of making a big deal and they will increase the spread, which in turn (depending on whether long or short) influences the price. This is also noticeable to the other market subjects, who keep an eye on the trading volume. The market reacts here even before we own our stocks, bonds, futures, options, etc. This reaction is unprofitable and, in the worst case, can cause panic. Such price shocks are bypassed by a so-called dark pool. This is the deep web of the financial market. There anonymously change share packages, bonds, options and all sorts of financial products that are listed, in a matter of seconds the owner, without the police (stock exchange supervision) will notice something. Since the volume is unknown due to decentralized transactions, millions to billions of dollars can easily be moved with a click of the mouse without anyone getting wind of it. However, one must after the transaction, the respective financial regulatory authority (in the US, this is the SEC) tell in what amount you have, for example, acquired shares of XY. However, this makes use of the large speculator and asset manager, from hedge funds to ordinary investment funds. Because this information is made public by the authority, picked up by the media and spread everywhere like a bang. So when headlines from Wall Street Journal, Handelsblatt, CNN, CNBC, etc. say, "XY becomes majority shareholder of ABC with 17.2%," the mass of retail investors is hysterical and also increases. This pushes up the price and that is the moment when smart money is sold to the retail investors who, thanks to the so-called experts in "Börse vor acht" and their consorts, think that they have got the next big thing. In this method, only by the herd instinct and the blind authority faith of the mass is made profitable. 3. The illusion of indicators, or how retail investors are kidding themselves When I was working at Blackrock, there was a cynical slogan that the guys from the trading department told me during their lunch break: "Indicators are the suicide weapons you give to retail investors . " No matter where you look, every broker, every bank and every seminar propagates the same indicators and strategies for their clients: MACD, Stochastic Oscillator, Bollinger Bands, Accumulation / Distribution, etc. They serve only one purpose: to make Max Mustermann believe that the market has a system and that he can control this system. To make him believe that there is something like a trend in the price. If the retail investor does not get a sense of control, then he feels like being in the casino and helpless. What do people do when they feel helpless? They despair and flee and now dumb money is missing. The brokers can no longer collect commissions from Max and suddenly smart money no longer has a golden cow to milk. The party is over. That's why you make sure that the retailer is constantly fooling himself. But you can not let him lose all the time, otherwise he would resign himself and think "I can throw money out of the window right away". So the markets are influenced in such a way that these indicators occasionally apply, Max wins a little, and his prefrontal cortex gives him euphoria, so he persuades himself he can actually "beat" the market. Euphoria and anxiety are two extreme feelings that can lead to loss of control. Indicators may be interesting from a mathematical point of view, but they are useless in practice because they only reflect what has already happened in the markets, but can not predict the future development. Nevertheless, the retail traders like crazy on it and always looking for the system par excellence. The only problem is that the financial markets are not systemic, but the market conditions, and thus the price, by the psychology of the mass, is subject to constant change. You can not expect in a dog-eat-dog industry, where everyone is against everyone, in the long term to win if you do what everyone else is doing. Indicators are a sleight-of-hand trick. Three times you can guess who is "dumb money";) CONCLUSION: The reason why 99% of all market subjects lose is simply because they are kept from understanding that markets are psychologically motivated and have virtually nothing to do with finance. It is always said these days "the financial markets are now decoupled from the real economy". They have always been, that is not a modern phenomenon! The tulip crash in the 17th century proves it. It is a constant game between fear and greed, pessimism and optimism. Money leverages all reason-oriented, rational ways of thinking and lets people act on impulsive, primitive, instinctual emotions. If you do not let yourself go, you will go home as the winner. A striking example that I just remembered was the crash of the EUR / CHF in 2013. It became clear how much the herd instinct can get out of control. The Swiss National Bank has said that it will fix its currency to the euro (pegged currency rate) at an exchange rate of 1,204 That means from the perspective of the financial markets that the price can not fall below 1.204. I and my team then speculated that this circumstance would make the marketplace bullish and that all of them, because of this deceptive certainty, would order a buy order at 1,204 because they believe there is no downside risk below that exchange rate. We therefore sensed a huge potential that we could exploit, so I told the head of the trading office to instruct the boys to buy the Swiss franc and at the same time to short the euro, that is to sell because we expected that the euro would depreciate in relation to the franc, provided that the swiss national bank repeals the fixation. In January 2015, it happened: they announced that they had lifted the fixation. Within one day, the EUR / CHF crashed down, triggering all buy trades placed at 1,204. Both retail investors and their brokers have been trying to close positions that are continuing to slide lower, but since no one expected the 1,204 mark to be lifted, there were no buy orders down there. Nobody wanted to buy the Euro, they fled en masse into the Swiss franc. Many brokers went bankrupt and many retail traders had a negative balance after waking up in the morning. The original, exuberant optimism has turned into a mass panic within a few hours. These are all the nuances that retail investors do not see. But when they realize it, they change from "dumb money" to "smart money" ... so they play in the 1% league. Please do yourself a favor and forget all the pseudo-experts in stock market before eight, or recommend any banks, brokers, seminars, financial newspapers or Youtuber ... they are all there just to mislead you.
  10. hehe... no, was refering to those who meant TA is useless. by now I expect a drop to old levels... more likely that a moonshot...
  11. So: TA useless? Do not think so. You can not predict a price for the future, but you can predict trends and their likelihood and use that to your advantage. Exactly what I did yesterday morning: how likely is a moonshot now? We are still in that bearish channel (no trend-reversal yet), volume was decreasing, RSI-Indikator showed overbought territory... and bought 10k Zerps a few days ago at ~.305 ... selling? waiting, maybe losing money? My descion based on TA: minimize my risk or take a calculated risk I closed my business at .33xsomething and realized a few hundred dollars. Then I split my fiats into two equal portions, opened new buy orders at .3475 and .365. If we shoot up, I'll jump in as soon as the price breaks those resistances. But: Should we instead drop (breaking thos supports), then I can readjust my two purchase orders at any time, in order to rebuy cheap(er). So I am prepared for the bullish as well as the bearish version and will not be surprised. now I am waiting for either the bull or the bear taking controll again...
  12. hmm... maybe they are right: Salesmen! It is your turn now... everxything is finished and polished... now go out and deliver new customers... go go go
  13. Hard core Facts: Fact, Genesis date is 2013-Jan-01 03:21:10 What in a drunken new years celebration the tech guy decided to create xrp? Fact is xrp genesis ledger is Number 32570 (The beginning of the database is lost for ever) Fakt is over 50% of circulating supply at the time got released on August 2014 at a key stroke and price or volume did not move. Fact is you will never own a XRP it will always belong to Ripple Inc. Just like a Casino token, chip, jeton always belongs to the casino you my take it home.....but its not your. (If you have Bitcoin private key its yours.) Fact, XRP is centralized digital money Fact Ripple Inc. can freeze anyone's funds and have done so with Jeb Mcaleb Fact Ripple Inc. can reverse funds Fact is that the circulating supply has decreased from time to time (laughable). Fact is bribery is rampant at Ripple Inc as the company gifts XRP's to partners, friends, banks.... Fact, Ripple Inc has contingency plan to become a software company if xrp fails Fact is xrp Marketcap is wrong Fact decentralized coins don't have CEO, ................ Fact, Banks dont need xrp and create there one DLT based database token. (Project Ubin) Fact, it is not a coin Fact, contractual agreements only affect Ripple Inc and have nothing to do with xrp. Fact, from Ripples technical operations a single xrp works as well as 100 000 000 000 xrp Fact, it has been hacked in the past Fact, the criminals have been previously been fined (you cant fine a blockchain) Fact, XRP carries to much heavy overheads in form of Ripple Manager bonuses at the expense of xrp security (how much was spent on xrp security last financial year?) Fact Ripple employs paid shills operatives. Fact, Ripple Inc. investors (*see bottom) live i expensive Residences, XRP gamblers in the slums Fact, Ripple Inc. uses a known criminal as advisor („Karl-Theodor Maria Nikolaus Johann Jacob Philipp Franz Buhl-Freiherr von und zu Guttenberg“) Fact is legal eagles swirling as a central point of congregated money can be found and Ripple Inc (3 law suits) To have ripple account you must have at least x number XRP for it to be functioning. This is akin to tax required in the nation's fiat currency to artificially create use cases for that currency. Fact, a single company is selling all XRP, decentralization is a joke As long as we can read such facts, XRP will only increase by utility ....
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