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  1. Could anyone please explain what is the destination tag? All I know that there is a public address where I receive the XRPs on Binance. What is the destination tag?
  2. I am going to buy around 4000 XRP from a friend. He will transfer through Binance to my XRP wallet. What I know that a wallet is activated by having a minimum of 25 XRPs, so in this case it will be activated. However, I need to know the following: What are the transaction fees From or To Binance? How long will it take the transaction to be confirmed and appear on my wallet? If I sent a portion of the XRP amount back to my own Binance XRP address, is it going to lock 25 XRPs to activate the Binance address/wallet? And how much fees? Kindly confirm. Best Regards, Help Appreciated!
  3. Who is smart? Many traders think that if they sell too early they lose potential investment gains and if they sell too late they may either lose much time on a pile of useless coins instead of converting them to useful life assets or miss the peaks completely. But the problem is clearly you never know when is too early or too late because anything can happen in the market at all times. So I thought of sharing with you my win/win trading plan. Since the market is mostly unpredictable I will try to guarantee at least that my initial XRP investment cost is covered by being predictable. Ripple as a company is heavy and backed by heavy hitters.. after all my online research. Based on my estimate the minimum XRP price guranteed is 25$, the maximum is 50$. Note that is all in 2018. So lets say I bought 1000 XRPs @ 2$. I will sell: 30% @ 25$ 30% @ 50$ 30% @ 75$ 10% @ 1000$ So what's the benefit of this model? @ 25$ you received a profit of 12.5 times your initial investment for 30% of your coins. @ 50$ 25x profit. @75$ 37x profit and @ 1000$ you'll not really care if it will ever happen or not because you have made 70 times the initial investment while eating popcorn. So why this should work? 1. There is profit for the whole year. No panics over major losses because the investment returns are gradual. While others will pray for prices to keep going up in a steady way you will feel better knowing that your investment is fragmented the entire year. 2. Sell all too early = fear. Sell all too late = greed. Both fail imo. 3. Following this plan keeps attention away from the governments on your sudden bank funds by keeping the interval gap wide. 4. Making use of some profits while still alive is better than dying in a golden grave. Now I understand that many of you will prefer to hodl for a very long time but I thought of sharing you this plan after being personally warned of what possible crisis can happen in crypto & financial world. Life would have been much easier if everyone made money eating popcorn. Remember that to eat smartly
  4. No. All I mean is that I will secure my wallet in my own way . Probably a desktop wallet on an offline device. I hope that I will be able to buy before XRP jumps to 5$ because yes.. the verification is taking forever.
  5. Assuming that I bought a stock of XRP in a secure wallet. I have some questions in regards to the following: What is the safest exchange website that can directly connect to my Bank's debit account to transfer the USD funds? Which one have you tried to be trustworthy? If I bought 1000 XRP, and 1 XRP became 1000 USD in 2021. I sold, then the exchange website had "technical issues" to transfer the funds or claimed to have been hacked. Has it ever happened to any of you? How can this step be guaranteed? I am sure it's not of the best interest of the exchange website to allow that much transfer of funds. Could financial politics really get into it? At which price point are you going to sell your XRP? 100, 150, 300, 500 USD? Or you depend on a certain date, Q4 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021? This question more likely depends on the possibility of a maaaajor correction like what happened in BitCoin... from 19,000 USD to 13,000. Your experience is highly appreciated. If the above XRP to USD scenario happens, do you intend to transfer the USD funds to your Bank in several short intervals or the whole sum at once? Would you consider transferring to several banks as well, instead of one? I am assuming that some country governments may have their eyes on enormous USD funds being transmitted for which purpose is to them *unknown*. What's your take on that?
  6. Thanks for your input. So the rumor is correct that Banks are going to buy XRPs with a very minimal price. In which case I have a few questions: Why did the price go up from 30,000% from Dec 2017 to January 2018? The Banks who partnered with Ripple paid the actual market price? What was the cause? Should we (ripple believers/investors) think of XRP as an asset? As if I am investing in the company's public shares? In other words, if I buy shares in Facebook or Amazon and they made profit... I will make profit. But I tend to equate XRP with Ripple shares, and I am not sure if that is an accurate decision considering XRP is only the currency, not the technology behind it. How long will you hold your XRPs? Do you set a minimum deadline like the end of 2018? Information appreciated.
  7. FYI, I have tried to create an account on blacksite websuite and received this error. Not a good start for me
  8. At the end of the article in the following reference, I found this comment: https://www.craigbeck.com/xrp-ripple-price-prediction-for-2018/ So what this guy is saying makes some sense to me. Why? I believe that Ripple has the power to control the XRP price by means of owning 60% of the shares. It will try to keep the price within a stable average because price volatility is the downside Banks see in the other cryptocurrencies and because they want to be able to use it within their system without having to calculate price differences all the time (As an example, Microsoft temporarily suspended Bitcoin usage in their app store for the same reason). So keeping the price rising in a steady trend seems to be Ripple's strategy, however how will they control the price if widespread adoption of Banks bought lots of XRPs to start using them? In this case, I believe that the XRP price will have to go high sooner or later. Having partnerships with 100 Banks, is different than 500 or 1000, or 2000! Correct me if I am wrong. I am obviously one of those who is interested in making a long term (1 or 2 year) storage of XRP coins, that's why I would love to hear your opinions about this theory. Thank You!
  9. Thank you all for your input. I had the same question as a noob and thought of searching, luckily I found your answers. I have some questions: 1. Is GateHub the most secure online wallet for XRP? If XRP goes beyond 100USD by the end of this year wouldn't online wallet think of transferring the XRPs to their wallets? :S Just a thougt. 2. What's the possibility of GateHub being breached by hackers? 3. What happens if I lose ledger nano s? If the wallet app is in the hardware itself, how is it possible to recover the funds? Best Regards and please feel free to give secure wallet suggestions.
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