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  1. It's an incredible response for xrp. I honestly didn't expect it. I was convinced that we would go under 10cent after this terrible news. Only for you SEC:
  2. I'm in the same situation and I'm not selling for the next few month and follow the situation with SEC carefully. I don't need the money so I'm relaxed. There is still enough time to sell xrp for something else. Even if i have to wait another year but this is such an exciting "zero or hero" moment that I'm willing to take that risk.But obviously I'm not going to wait another 3 years while even dogecoin outperforms us and we stay under 50cent lol
  3. Besides think about how the situation would turn postive for xrp and the price. It would change everything. It would end all the negative views on ripple. We need this confirmation by banks: "Garlinghouse had previously said "dozens" of banks would use its cryptocurrency product, now known as "on-demand liquidity," by 2019. While it's won over money transfer services such as MoneyGram and Azimo, Ripple has so far failed to convince big banks to at least announce publicly whether they're using XRP.The executive said uncertainty around the legal status of the cryptocurrency could be to blame. "Because of the lack of clarity about some of these regulations, we have customers who don't want to publicly talk about what they're doing," he said."
  4. Why a fight? It's not a big deal. It's about beeing honest and basically repeat what Brad told us "if there was clarity and regulation we would probably use xrp" . Let's be very clear we as xrp holders need to have this responses not the SEC. Otherwise we have been fooled and the the maxis were right the whole time and there was never a need to hold 60%of the supply and sell it on the open market (except making money dumping on us!!!) I will monitor the whole situation very carefully like most xrp holders for the next month. If i don't like the result i only wait for a higher price and sell after more than 3 years. I hope they were honest with us.
  5. You think? We will not get any information at all? I have no idea
  6. If it's true that banks were not using xrp only because of regulatory issues (that's what Ripple told us for many years) is it not the perfect moment to get banks executives(big names, not some bank that nobody heard of) in court for this trial and hear it directly from them? That's the allegation from the SEC and the btc maxis: "nobody wants to use xrp" I think it's time to hear it straight from the horses mouth=bankers. They could end this discussions/allegations once for all
  7. I won't sell now. It was a shock for a few days and i really thought about selling but now i realized that we will have clarity. Since i don't need the money I'm just too curious what's going to happen.Too exciting times to sell. Besides i have the impression that no crypto project is safe from the SEC for the next 12 month or so. Imagine selling xrp for something that will be attacked next by them lol.. Maybe we are just lucky to be the first receiving clarity in the space.
  8. I'm 100% invested since 2017.I'm not going to sell. I see no point in it (zero or hero). I'm not depending on the money so i couldn't care less. So i'm not asking out of concern but curiosity: What would really happen if xrp was declared a security? P. S I'm very ignorant on this matter. Please only respond if you are informed well, because i see too many "experts" on twitter and it seems they don't know what they're talking about.
  9. But as i wrote, you can still see some letters from the missing words. I thought it would be much easier /faster
  10. Excuse my ignorance but with a program it should be possible no? You're referring to the manual method right?
  11. Thanks again, i thought there was a software/program or something. I think it's too much work and time consuming like that but thanks a lot for your advice
  12. Thanks, but this is not possible because 4 words are not readable. If it was only one word ok, but how can i find the right combination
  13. Hi everyone, i lost the 24 recovery phrase to my first wallet from 3years ago. I don't have a lot of xrp on that wallet but if there is a chance to recover it would be great. To make a long story short, i did find a picture of the recovery phrase that i wrote on a piece of paper once, however 4 of the words aren't readable. But the correct order of the list is very clear and also at least one or two letters of the missing words. Do i have a chance? What can i do?
  14. Yes i can wait another 2 years sure but in the meantime something needs to happen. This spark thing sounds very very good for us holders. We'll see
  15. Well as much as i like brad, I'm holding for 3 years and i want to make some money now
  16. Honestly when i started this topic i didn't know about spark yetπŸ˜‚ who cares about ripple anymore?!
  17. When i saw Christine Lagarde with Brad on stage and she was talking about ripple i immediately bought a ton of xrp. It was a huge buy signal for me. This is the reason I'm so surprised about Santander bank. Why did they make such a statement?! It shocked me honestly.
  18. Exactly.. The only reason why i still keep my xrp is because i believe that Ripple uses all the token to build the ecosystem. But I'm not going to finance ripple forever if things remain the same. Ripple has to deliver. They are under pressure and i think it's absolutely important to be critical with them over their supply.
  19. What's so funny guys? 😁 Maybe this was already addressed and discussed. If yes, then i'm sorry. I don't follow every news, so i'm not very well informed all the time. Could you please calm me down and tell me that everything is ok with Ripple and xrp? πŸ˜‚
  20. What do you guys think? Are you worried? Are those maxis right? Why is santander absolutely not interested in xrp?Apparently there are many things and problems that we don't know about. I don't want to give up just yet, but it really worries me.
  21. What? What do you mean? I'm confused P. S. Of course i mean no demand from banks and institutions. Basically the same situation we have now.
  22. If there will be no demand for xrp in a few years and Ripple does not burn or get rid of their escrow, it looks exactly the way bitcoin maxis describe it. There is no reason to have so much supply if no use case. I love ripple and xrp but they have a huge responsibility. I'm still confident but only time will tell.
  23. I don't think so. Ripple is already under enormous pressure because of the huge supply they hold. Right now us holders are still patient but to see projects like chainlink exploding it feels very bad and makes people doubt a lot. Most feel like xrp should have done that. So either ripple succeeds in xrp adoption or they have to burn the supply,because than it means that there is no need for so much xrp. (like stellar did). Otherwise we're all out.
  24. I'm 100%invested in xrp since sep2017. My bags are heavy as f***. Not interested in anything else,maybe in 2years if we're still under $10. But we won't.
  25. Well if the sec declares xrp a security backed by the value and future stock price of Ripple and at the same time there is an alternative token for odl, I have no problem with thatπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
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