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  1. I usually have to laugh about predictions but since the moneygram thing i can't ignore him.It's a strange feeling, the 38 old in me tells me to be embarrassed but the excitement is stronger...to the moon
  2. Idk..before i invested most people were telling me to not invest more than i could effort to lose and do my own research.This was written everywhere.I always took moon lambo talk as a joke.Hodl for me means being patient for at least another 3 years. Do what you think is best for you. Good luck
  3. Exactly..after that moneygram deal i wouldn't even sell if ripple would change their name to ponzi ripple
  4. Wow a gold member saying this?? Do you even realize the destructive force of your writing?
  5. Stablecoin?? Look at march 2017.We only need patience, nothing else
  6. I'm still here since sep.2017 and willing to wait another 3 years. If we're still at $0.3 by then i will lose faith as much as i love ripple and xrp
  7. Ripple is as afraid of j.p coin as Microsoft is of this:
  8. $5 in the next few years??you're the opposite of a lambo boy..you're a Mazda boy😜
  9. Never..xrp will never go over $1 because of market cap. Edit xrp will never go over $2 because of market cap.Edit xrp will never be used.Edit never be used by banks.Edit never be used by big banks..that's it: NEVER BE USED BY BIG BANKS.You'll stay broke forever......
  10. The funniest thing is i just found out that this stuff really exists..so it was not intended as a joke by @Eric123😂oh man ignorance is really a bliss
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