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  1. and a comment like this makes you angry??relaxe a little bit.If a women or male talks like this its not gonna hurt anyone
  2. Your intentions are good but again, i think you can't do this.But im no expert bro
  3. I'm not sure if you can write this on open forum.Sounds like price manipulation plan馃槀馃槀馃槀
  4. But for now they're the biggest company with the most important and most impressive projects using xrp
  5. Of course xrp would still exist if ripple fails but that's what im trying to say.I would give up than.Ripple fails and i sell.Maybe it's the wrong thing to do because of other use cases unrelated to ripple but for me it means i leave the xrp train
  6. Never heard of use case? "Ripple will never announce XRP failure" i never said that.I was talking about ripples xrp mission and yes that's why im here and thats all i care about 100%.When ripple talks about the future of cross border payment, about xrapid but even when they only mention xrp it gives me......you know what i mean馃槀
  7. It all depends on your plan. If you want to make quick profit and trade than yes, this moment sucks and I understand the frustration. But if you invested in the future of XRP than this price, the whales, the bears, strategies ect. dont mean anything.How could I sell now or start trading and end up with less xrp if nobody is using xrp yet? If in a few years ripple announces the failure of the xRP mission, I will start to find my exit point and say goodbye and never come back. But before that happens, I'll be patient. That's my only strategy
  8. Why???You think women don't talk like this?馃槀馃槀馃槀
  9. Not selling.This nervous kids make me feel so courageous, patient and mature.Thanks kids 馃檹and now sell everything馃槀
  10. I'm a man.Can i say that?...to all my american friends: was this already sexist?is my xrp career over? Man this #metoo thing makes me so confused
  11. No no i dont work for ripple.I have a very boring office job.You talk as if somebody forced you to buy xrp thats the reason why i encouraged you to sell
  12. Lol why dont you sell?
  13. I don`t want to be arrogant, but when people get panicked, get nervous and some sell, that`s when i know it's not easy to make money. It's just easy for people like me. All the rest will leave and the big players take over
  14. minicuzzo

    Who sold?

    Sell?? My biggest concern right now is when to buy..i want to invest a lot but im not sure if it we reached the bottom yet.If somebody could give me some advice i would be glad