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  1. Well if the sec declares xrp a security backed by the value and future stock price of Ripple and at the same time there is an alternative token for odl, I have no problem with thatπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
  2. I could care less. I believe in xrp, bought in sep. 2017 and never sold only bought more. It's about new investors that read this negative stuff and believe it.
  3. No I don't even mean the bull run. Look at the chart from 2015,16 and beginning of 2017 and the price now. Xrp is more than 4000% up and it will happen again. But if I were you I would sell, find a crypto/project that you believe in and never look back. Good luck
  4. OH yeah?? What happened to the price of xrp before 2019? How many people thought"i wish I had bought xrp"
  5. If bitcoin goes up we go up. It's very simple.
  6. Year of the halving.. This year and next year will be great.Many chances to clear the room.
  7. Yes it's a childish behavior... I like your analysis a lot like most people here although I think it's not that difficult as long as we only follow bitcoin. I hope one day we decouple and than it's gonna be even more interesting to see what you post/think. Keep up the great work
  8. The same people will be the first to ask when $100 when we go upπŸ˜‚
  9. Why Heartbreaking??? This is going to happen again in the next bull run. It's all about cycles. The mentality changes with the price development
  10. I didn't question your expertise. I was only referring to this "One of the reasons I switched to csc for the next few years" but no problem, i say it over and over again, to me xrp is the only investment in crypto that makes sense but I'm not judging others.
  11. https://coil.com/p/karstnDE/Tracking-utility-on-the-XRP-Ledger-Analysis-of-tools-and-a-forecast-attempt/9xvuwpju
  12. I absolutely agree with you, but this very long bear market had a very strong impact on all of us. It was very painful and this changed the mentality of everyone in the space. So now it's sometimes difficult for all of us to distinguish between justified optimism and hopium. For xrp this year started very well and it's absolutely ok to expect a bull run for 2020. I think those that stayed strong during this 2 year bloodbath can be very very proud. Most people are unable to do it, otherwise everyone would get rich if it were that easy.
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