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  1. I'm still here since sep.2017 and willing to wait another 3 years. If we're still at $0.3 by then i will lose faith as much as i love ripple and xrp
  2. Ripple is as afraid of j.p coin as Microsoft is of this:
  3. $5 in the next few years??you're the opposite of a lambo boy..you're a Mazda boy😜
  4. Never..xrp will never go over $1 because of market cap. Edit xrp will never go over $2 because of market cap.Edit xrp will never be used.Edit never be used by banks.Edit never be used by big banks..that's it: NEVER BE USED BY BIG BANKS.You'll stay broke forever......
  5. The funniest thing is i just found out that this stuff really exists..so it was not intended as a joke by @Eric123😂oh man ignorance is really a bliss
  6. Yea right.They're like "man we could save between 40-70% with xrapid...but wait the community is too aggressive.So no
  7. Ok that's your opinion and it's ok but why did you invest in xrp if you think the current price is fair?
  8. I read that you bought in 2013 and sold with huge profit.That's incredible.You still hold some xrp?I think you should tell everyone your story to inspire
  9. and i liked the idea of xrapid and see all the benefits wouldn't i still ask: what if xrp goes to zero? What would be the answer? What would you say if you were working for ripple? I hope it's a stupid question that would mean that it's not a concern😂
  10. Come on .. let people have a little fun with their predictions. I find it very entertaining. As long as you believe in ripple and in xrp i think it's not a big deal.We're all grown ups and know how to take this at the end
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