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  1. minicuzzo

    Purchasing XRP with credit

    I hope that those who say don't do it, don't take a loan for a new car instead lol. If the interest rate is low and your life is stable, it could even be the smartest move in your life.Difficult to say in general.Simple math is needed
  2. I know this club.There's a hole in the wall right? I met a swift employee there
  3. Man I'm realy interested in the average age of this community i just don't know how to create a poll??too stupid
  4. minicuzzo

    How much is enough

    If i make 100k i'm already happy.That's life changing.Don't need to make a million
  5. OMG you have no patience at all???
  6. Wow that guy was like an xrp_angel for you right on time
  7. You're absolutely right but you have to admid that xrapid going live is f******great.I don't care if the price goes higher this year or in two years but the race has begun
  8. That's arrogant.A taxi driver could be very smart and educated unlike your friend?
  9. I have the same mentality.Only sell when it's life changing. I rather go down with the ship than selling and see others making the big money.I would regret that for the rest of my life and getting depressed.Of course if you need the money quick it's a different story otherwise you did the right thing ??????
  10. Of course december is coming and they have to spread this rumor so that coinbase can deny it and drag the price down again.F....you