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  1. I'm sorry you had to sell. Hope you come back soon and till then
  2. Xrp at 22cent and you guys are wondering why people are buying?? Ok
  3. OH I wish I was paid by ripple instead of my fat stupid boss that I can't stand😂I don't like the price either but in this moment I see it as an opportunity. If we are still under $1 in 2022 I will think differently for sure.
  4. Same in Germany my friend.. Who needs ripple when we have swift😂
  5. My bags are very heavy but at this prices even my wife finally said "OK, let's buy more. Hope it stays under 20 cent for a few days until my money arrives to my bistamp account..but it's OK, as long as it takes days for the money to be transferred I know I have to buy xrp instead of selling them😂
  6. I think I would start beeing negative around 2022 if the price is still under $10 or so, let alone under $1. I'm invested since 2017.My goal was beeing patient for 5 years and than revaluate. But honestly I'm positive more and more as time goes by.This is becoming much bigger and significant than I ever thought when I bought in 2017.
  7. I see it completely different. For me it makes no sense to invest in anything other than xrp. When Utility starts I want to be part of that with my investment. If it never starts, the money is gone and I can handle it. Nevertheless, I respect your decision much more than those who constantly complain and still do not sell. You behaved mature and rational unlike the majority of people who are extremely annoying and getting worse and worse with time instead of investing in something else.All the best!
  8. So you waited two years and once the moneygram deal was announced you sold? What's wrong with you brother???
  9. Idk..before i invested most people were telling me to not invest more than i could effort to lose and do my own research.This was written everywhere.I always took moon lambo talk as a joke.Hodl for me means being patient for at least another 3 years. Do what you think is best for you. Good luck
  10. What dark times??? Xrp was at $ 0.006 two years ago
  11. Exactly..after that moneygram deal i wouldn't even sell if ripple would change their name to ponzi ripple
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