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  1. Thanks Zerptime... I had searched for Zb before posting - rather than zb.com. Nonetheless, it is interesting that there was low activity pre swell and high activity post XRapid Japan announcement. Perhaps its not the pump group some of the comments I've just read suggest. It appears to be 5th now in exchangebl size and growing quickly. Thanks for all your replies.
  2. No I didn't. I looked into it trading volumes because I had expected a drop in price post Swell to 44c and it wasnt happening. I'd suggest now the disproportionate volume on Zb is just increased trading as a result of the XRapid Japan launch news... it doesnt warrant a question anywhere. ( I probably shouldnt have asked it here!) IMHO At any other time this may have increased prices. Once the excitement on this dies down on Zb and Jpy & KWN exchanges I expect the price to test 44c & perhaps lower - untill we see some real XRapid use. I'm no trader and could imagine lots of people disagreeing with me. Which I'd be happy to hear...
  3. Okay... I think I'm there now... This increase is proportionate to the JPY increase over the same timeframe. It must be a reaction to the Japan XRapid announcement - local trading partner and all. The fact that this announcement is having more of an impact on the local trading exchanges is great. It may show others are undervaluing the importance. It's a Chinese exchange that's growing quickly though so will be interesting to track their take up of XRP.
  4. Hi, I've noticed a disproportionate increase in XRP trade volume on Zb exchange over the last three days - accounting for 20.8% of traded volume in the last hour. Any thought's why? Is it just a disproportionate amount of weekend traders or is there some news that I haven't seen? Last 1hr: 2.6m USD (20.8% of traded volume) Last 24hr: 58.7m USD (17.6% of traded volume) Last 3 days: 153m USD (12.1% of traded volume) Last 7 days: 197m USD (4.2% of traded volume) Last 30 days: 1.45 B USD (7.5% of traded volume) Thanks.
  5. The 47 countries using the UPU clearing solution... http://www.upu.int/en/activities/upuclearing/member-countries.html
  6. https://www.profitconfidential.com/cryptocurrency/ripple/xrp-price-prediction-swift-tries-combat-growing-xrp-threat/ I enjoyed reading this article and would like to know what 'report' its referring to. What have I missed? They are maintaining the $10 price prediction too. "there was a report that SWIFT, Ripple’s main rival, is talking up its efforts in distributed ledger technology (DLT)." It's nice to see predictions holding firm despite the long slump.
  7. I'm with you on that.... and they do say life is about the journey rather than the destination. We'll get to our destination but lets soak in the journey first! Although sadly I never did get a beard up-date (or a "bup-date" or a ...?) Where was I? Oh yes, every day spent going sideways is just a coil of the spring that's getting tighter with every bit of good news. 2018 is gonna be interesting.
  8. Any beards in sight? The suspense is just annoying me now... we're in 2018 and it ceels like I'm back in the 80's with 4 channels.... i guess i can wait another few years...
  9. I'm conflicted between trying to access this interview, shaving off my beard or buying more XRP.... Whats happening now?!
  10. It looks like you are seeking confirmation to hold. You are in the right place! My gut tells me to hold. If you wanted a short term trade - clearly it was a mistake. But if medium to long term is your thing. Don't panic. If you got into the trade for the right reasons, and those reasons still hold true, don't sell. If you need the money - that's another matter. I had the same feeling when I bought in near a high in May 2017. You can imagine what I'd be thinking now if I sold at $0.16 having bought at $0.35. I'm sure others were asking similar questions on this forum at that time as well. Charts have a habit of repeating certain patterns. December to Jan were not too different (chart wise) from May 2017 (okay a slightly more significant retracement.) Although it doesn't feel like 'normal market activity' when you are on the wrong side of it, there's lots of theory out there to suggest it is. Look up the Elliot curve, and if you want to feel bullish look for analysis on XRP and parabolic curve. Then look back at all the good news that's hit in the last two months and the long term potential again. Arguably XRP is well undervalued. If you want further confirmation to hold, do some research into the psycology of trading. Hopefully you'll stay patient and we can all meet at an XRP party in 3 to 5 years time. Goodluck!
  11. Thanks for the detailed reply Hodor. Really usefull and will look back over Korean heavy point too. Its great to be able to ask these sorts of questions and get an informed response. All the best.
  12. Thanks @Hodor Appreciate the info and opinion as always. I think I'll watch from the sidelines on this for a bit. Hope to see a new road map on Omni's slack soon. XRP was a no-brainer for me. Omni feels of more risk and less reward. But with backing from Chris and Stefan I'm tempted mainly for FOMO. On another note - perhaps less softball now... Enjoyed your Cuallix article - a good read for someone already converted (partly thanks to your input 9-12 months ago.) Thank you! However, I felt the article could have bern more balanced by addressing more regarding the immediate challenges ahead and the importance of how Ripple goes about tackling some of these. Perhaps this wasnt the aim of the article - fair enough, but I'm sure sceptics who read it who would find a ' real challenges ahead' type section appeal to their inner zerper.. Three key areas here for me ( I'm sure there are plenty but haven't seen these discussed roundly elsewhere) are; 1. Industry understanding. Is enough being done for the broader industry and moreover - industry commentators to really understand Ripple the business and XRP the currency? You and ofcourse JoelKatz seem to be the main water-carriers on this. Pure tech evangelists might argue 'who cares?' But for me it impacts point 2; 2. Price volatility. Okay few people investing/trading in the crypto space expect price stability. But one of XRP's expected advantages was relative stabilty compared to others. There are signifucant macro factors why we havent seen this the last two months - growth due to lock up and announcements (exaggerated by bouyant market as a whole) with a natural retracement excaserbated by market scares (coinmarketcap, Korean FUD (if I can call it that) and January jitters. But I havent seen these discussed clearly and coherently by anyone - maybe as it doesnt fit in a tweet? Clearly price volatility could be a big deterrant to the utilisation of XRP to achieve the cost saving potential outlined in your article? But how much of a detterent? What level of volatility would be sufficient and whats the impact on adopters? 3. Korean heavy. I loved seeing the XRP price climb at silly-o'clock GMT thanks to our friends holding WON. But is XRP's appeal overly reliant on one market which in turn impacts points 1 and 2 above? Again, if so, what can / is being done to tackle this? My concern does not relate to incumbant crypto's being traded today, its more in the expectation of the competition thats going to hit us from banking sector competitors to be realeased this year - for whom XRP is treading a path. Would love your thoughts here @Hodor or in a pm. Thanks
  13. Hodor, what are thoughts on Chris and Stefan's investment in Omni? If worth z thread, pls post. Thanks.
  14. I saw this and have been surprised by the lack of discussion on this topic. Ripple execs have made personal investments into Omni....Both Chris and Stefan are always steps ahead. Omni's upside surely doesnt compare to XRP's. Why Omni rather than A N Other crypto?The nature of Omni seems quite separate too. Is it fair to assume the investment will buy significant control? How will a seat at the table here help their cause? Is it purely personal diversification or is it something much more? Can anyone fill in the gaps for me please?
  15. Good point RubenP. Brad Garlinghouse tweeted a week or so ago that 3 of top 5 global money transfers are def trialling in 2018. Who's first to market (proper) and how soon will be interesting. Moneygrams trial is quoyed as 'open-ended' after all. Its the effect that it will have on customers thats most exciting and the subsequent impact on those slow adopters in horizontal markets. It's also nice to see confirmation of intention to use XRP rather than just (just!) Ripple Tech. For me there is still a point of risk around the need for XRP as the bridging currency for banks (again rather than just Ripple tech) so every real world example supporting it is great news. 2018's gonna be fun!
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