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  1. It's a really really small portion of customers who do frequent international payments. For most customers, 5 days is fine.. I can imagine banks offering a "fast lane transfer" for a slightly higher fee... Or do you think eventually customers will choose not to go through banks? In any case, I will be surprised if this business case gets widely adopted in 2018... Now, ripple as payment option for the third world, I guess that does make sense..
  2. Hi! Discussing ripple, I gave the example of the 50 million dollars recently transferred to Japan. Cost only 5 seconds and 30 dollarcent. So for me, that proves that ripple can indeed speed up bank transfers compared to swift and conventional settlement procedures and technologies. Then, one of my colleagues stated that banks have no incentive to shift to ripple as an intermediate coin. Because for banks, the 5 days a swift transfer takes is actually when they make the profit (keeping that money in the books)... So quick, sub 5 seconds payments wouldn't be something that's wort
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