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  1. Yeah I agree with you 100%, he is CTO of Ripple We are speaking XRP should be used in banking bussiness and Julian saying that such thing when CTO sell his XRP should not be debated, but such thread CLOSED is ALARMING. EDIT: Just in case if anyone decides to delete what I said I made screen shot and saved this page.
  2. I didnt expect this from you Julian_Williams (especially the part where you mention such thread should be closed at once). I think if this was the regulated market (for example take Tesla and Musk, or some large company like apple or ms and their top shareholders) and such statement as yours would be big capital wrong. It would be actually like we cant say some things, thats not only against freedom of speach (he is not just some joe, he is public figure, CTO OF RIPPLE) but its also against good business practice. And if that was in totally regulated market this would be actually against the law So pardon my words Julian but do you still stand for what you just said ?
  3. Hodor I see you find all sort of material for your website, but you forgot to mention David Schwartz and his XRP sell off.
  4. Well I dont see any pointers to bull run. The stuff that drove XRP to more then $3 is gone from my point of view. 1: south korean big push gone (it doesnt really matter why it was, but i guess it was based on speculation from point 2 and 3) 2: speculation that xrp will get soon on coinbase any make crazy effect ...gone 3: xrapid to be used on many banks, i will not say gone here, but, my take is xrapid is like 1% of ripple services, i see no reason that to change dramaticaly
  5. The scary stuff is what happens if BTC start falling back to 3k. XRP didnt go up when BTC went from 3.x to 5.x, but i am like 99% sure if BTC all the sudden start droping like hammer, so it will XRP
  6. Prediction where XRP would be if Bitcoin go again to 20k I think it would be between 1 and 1.5 (I am hoping for higher, but every logic tell me differently) The catalyst that drove XRP to $3 are gone ("crazy" south koreans with their premiums, big hopes what miracles coinbase could do). Also i guess people in last year and half also learned that ripple products didnt move XRP not even a dime, price was dictated by bitcoin. Sorry if you take this as fud, i still hold 70% of xrp compared to half year ago, but lies and misleading on this forum made me trade part of xrp in last half year to some other crypto. I also bought new crypto with fresh money in last half year, but it was "other crypto". I am still hoping on miracles, so if someone asks "why you didnt convert all xrp if you think so", my answer is: I still have hopes, so I converted like 30%, but all new bought crypto with fresh FIAT is other crypto (bitcoin, ether, binance coin, dash and trx), so i guess with new fresh, not my xrp is less then 50% (but still no1...at least for now)
  7. This might be the only good thing. And i would also say and emphasize on IF And the ONLY reason why i personalty find it good for xrp to be now on coinbase is beause of possible quick cash out to paypal is i need money desperately I will test for fun on small scale once in next days is there is instant cash out to paypal or is there some waiting time
  8. I think it fair to notice a few things and kick in reality in a few days like now xrp volume $525,700,077 USD ALL COINS coinbase pro volume $36,055,334 USD xrp volume on coinbase pro for xrp/usd trading pair (so called good 4th spot) $1,868,463 less the 2 millions = absolutely not relevant at all thats a 48th spot here: (again for me, this is non relevant because it so small, i would absolutely not say for it its good) https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/ripple/#markets
  9. can someone please explain me why i dont see coinbase on coinmarketcap ? I see only coinbase pro not sure if i am missing something or am i to tired
  10. there will be zero effect, coinbase pro or coinbase xrp is tied to bitcoin its possible some people will buy it, price will go shortly up....food for bears to earn them money
  11. I wonder why I dont find such news here, for 1 year no so called good ripple news had any effect on xrp. I am very convinced bitcoin heading up would have effect on xrp. But noone posting this here. Its..funny? no its not funny, i just cant find proper word
  12. 0, or perhaps 1 since this week, i think there was some report yesterday about one bank starting to use xrapid That article is.....well, puting dost together in a wrong way if you ask me. Title is not explained, actually if you go reading where title is explained you see whoever wrote article wrote bs. Sites must write some ****, they tend to write a few article each day to get visitors from google. So 99% is just junk
  13. Well in year 2018 its following it in up and downs. In year 2018 xrp followed btc down and stoped at 26 cents. You think if btc would fall to 1500 that xrp would remain be higher then 26 cents? You probably heard for famoust words "uncoupling". But if btc would fall to 1500 for example and xrp to 12 cents, then we would have here today "at 12 cents people dont sell" but we would be at 12 cents primary because btc would be at 1500 So if you are right then all who hoper "uncoupling" to happen in 2018 are wrong. Why did xrp then go down from ath ? not beacuse it followed btc ? just coincidence? so was the same for other crypto ? how it all went down for 15 to 8 time in average ? coincidence all respect to you, but sorry i am 100% that in year 2018 xrp is following btc, and so are other 20 top crypto. Any you disagree on that? And this part: 2014: $0.003 2015: $0.004 2016: $0.005 2017: $0.006 (each year 0.1 cent up) is a bit strange to say the long sentence "it shows people .." There are a lot more strange articled then this one here (your aint strange, but, i dont agree), i just answer, and we disagree sometimes we will agree
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