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  1. @tulo Yes I have the secret from GateHub and No the secret does not start with a 3. I was never able to use that wallet. The wallet was created and activated on GateHub so I don't agree when you say that it's not Gatehub's fault. We can argue for ever about that. The fact that Enej last year "fixed" and refunded many users gives me strong sign though that all this is their fault (because their platform calls a Safari library in a buggy way) and their rightfully refunded the users. Enej admitted it and even here mentioned on this thread that all funds would be refunded. Where is @enej anyway ???
  2. @enej seems to have completely disappeared since last year May when he was helping out the other users. Ursa from @gatehub has also been keeping it quiet since a couple of weeks. Everything makes me wonder how reliable these guys are and with what level of professionalism are we dealing here with. What a shame. Their website is really neat and I would love to use it but this whole story just makes me so sad. what else can we do? Anyone have any ideas out there? Can the people who have the same issue please speak up? @leespineylee, @KYUMA, @tgsohenel ???
  3. has anyone brought this issue to the next level and confronted them in court? This is unacceptable ! Reminder from last year: and now what ? @gatehub @enej @philly @caongoc
  4. @markos77I've had no success in reaching out directly to someone on GateHub. I tried Linkedin but the few people I found there were either ignoring my problem, not responding, or not knowing anything about the issue. After one or two messages, they just stop answering. Tried twitter too but that didn't bring me any further. Although I was able to find a couple of users on twitter who have had the exact same issue in the past, they were obviously not able to help. Those couple of Twitter users however confirmed to me that were given support last year and they actually did get their funds back from their "watch-only" wallets. That's the most worrying part : previous users were refunded, and now nothing for us! The same has been going on with @gatehub here on xrpchat forums. You can clearly look back at previous posts and see for yourself that @enej was helping out and refunding users in 2017, but now that account seems to be dead. While I had a couple of PMs back and forth with Ursa (GateHub support) in the past months, now I'm not getting any responses anymore and it seems to have reached a dead-end. The discussion were not getting anywhere : @gatehub claims they can't do anything about it, and we can all agree that the problem was caused on their platform. So logically it is their fault and they should take responsibility and refund us. I honestly don't know what to do anymore...
  5. can the users that still have their wallet on watch only mode manifest themselves? The problem is obviously on @gatehub 's side. Your platform generated a wrong secret key and that leaves our wallet stuck. You refunded users last year, but now some of us are still left on the side. please assist us in a correct way! thank you !
  6. @markos77 @caongoc this is still very troubling to know that some users still don't have access to their funds due to the safari glitch on Gatehub's platform from last year. Some users got refunded last year, but some of us are still left hanging and waiting. Why the special treatment @gatehub? We've been waiting for at least 6 months now...
  7. I have the exact same issue and Im still waiting for Gatehub to act on this matter. @gatehub what’s going to happen to our funds?
  8. hi @caongoc, at least im glad to hear that im not the only one here who still has this issue unsolved. Still waiting on @gatehub to fulfill the promise of @enej and refund our funds. the bug occurred on their platform. It’s not our fault if it had a buggy ripple lib under safari. Last year, they refunded a couple of users. now nothing? Paul
  9. gatehub is not being very helpful at the moment. I have been in touch with them through private message and they say they cannot access the wallet. what bothers me is that last year users were encountering that problem and @enej was helping out users and refunding the broken wallets caused by their buggy platform. now @gatehub refuses to refund and isn’t telling why they have now a different policy towards that bug. Am i really the only user here who has this problem?
  10. seriously... nobody knows anything? and how/when we will have our funds from the buggy watch only wallets? can’t believe the lack of information on that issue...
  11. any update on that bug that caused some wallets on gatehub to become “watch only”? Gatehub is unable to fix the issue and they have passed it on to other people. It would be great to get an update on that issue and when we can expect a solution.
  12. so something is happening @gatehub. They have hired this new person to take care of support and they have been answering to user's complaints on Twitter and Reddit. The answer always seems to be the same : "please provide the support ticket number and we will look into it ASAP". What does "ASAP" mean? Some of us have been waiting for months now (and a lot of money is at stake) and still no feedback or timeline. if you want to be professional @gatehub, at least give us a professional answer with a clear estimate on when we can get an answer (days, weeks or months)!
  13. no idea. still waiting for gatehub to get back to me.
  14. i guess we all know that but the problem is that the secret key from our gatehub account doesn’t correspond to the displayed ripple wallet on Gatehub. when i use the secret key provided from gatehub (advanced settings), it points me out to a different wallet.
  15. i haven’t received any mails from them. I double checked my inbox and spam folder and there’s nothing.
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