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    Plikk reacted to Molten in Epic Pennant on BTC Chart   
    Scary times.  A few points:
    1)  The mortality rate of 2% is remarkably consistent no matter which country is reporting. For instance, the Lombard region of Italy has had an outbreak and recorded 2 deaths out of 132 cases thus far.  So, while I don't inherently trust Chinese reports, we have more credible reports of the same.  The majority of the deaths are attributed to the elderly and, thankfully, it seems children are essentially immune to this virus.
    2) You are making the assumption that all the bodies being burned 24/7 are deaths due to virus.  This is very likely not the case, unless you are suggesting that these funeral homes burn only the victims of COVID-19?  And how is anyone confirming that all these funeral homes are running at max capacity?
    3) That video seems to be a misappropriation meant to scare people.  Those screams make no contextual sense.  People who have severe colds and/or pneumonia don't scream out of their windows randomly.  It sounds more like some type of event/celebration in the streets that seems much more ominous when you present it in this context.
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    Plikk reacted to ManBearPig in Charting the course of XRP   
    This is a good point that doesn’t get talked a lot, especially the respect part. BTC has to be earned which is still open for anyone to do that. It also has a mathematical programmed circulation supply (stock to flows) that can be predicted with relative accuracy.  
    100 billion xrp being created out of thin air and in which Ripple, its founders, and angel investors having first dibs does not sit well with a lot of people when discussions arise about it being a store of value.
    XRP in the long run will really have to depend on it’s ability as a bridge asset and other use cases such as streaming payments. If it becomes a median of exchange when changing currencies frequently and long enough, maybe it will be slowly accepted as a median of exchange to purchase anything one day. But that is xrp utopia, and not what my investment is based on. ODL increasing, corridors opening up, and a psychological BTC driven bull run is why I am hodling.
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    Plikk got a reaction from manateehunter in Charting the course of XRP   
    Weirdly enough, on this forum it is the other way around since ‘19. 
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    Plikk reacted to jMusic in Charting the course of XRP   
    I wish I could understand human nature better. Can someone sensible explain why (a few) posters come onto what is clearly a TA thread to bash and be negative towards Molten when it's very clearly stated in the title and the subsequent content what the thread would address. It's like dealing with 3 year old children. Assuming these snowflakes are not toddlers with advanced computing or smart phone skills, why do they behave like this...what do they gain from pissing on someone else's chips ? Constructive criticism is one thing, this is something entirely different. Clearly there are psychological deficiencies that are being over-compensated for resulting in the trolling behaviors we have to tediously endure.
    It's really very simple, if TA is not your thing - don't read a TA thread. If you really feel so inadequate that you must post your 'enlightened' opinions then start your own anti-TA threads away from here and stop diluting this excellent thread.
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    Plikk reacted to Caracappa in XRP at $ 1.00 - The Destroyer of Worlds   
    It went to $ 3,80 and than corrected hard again, together with the rest of the market. Point is?
    You spend money on XRP not knowing what it does, what the crypto market is and now you are mad. Mainly at others, but the anger should entirely focus on yourself. You messed up. You were to late. You hoped for quick returns and now you don't have the emotional control over yourself to sit out another potential ride. Because you keep checking the current price over and over and let it influence your emotions. Meaning you spend to much money in the first place. Your not an investor, you attempted a 'get rich quick' exercise and failed.
    If you think XRP will go nowhere, sell. If you think it will, hodl. But stop whining about the current price constantly.
    If your goal is to just fud XRP as much as possible to prevent FIAT inflows to it just say so and be done with it.
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    Plikk reacted to Mitty in Moneygram shuns XRP in latest settlement product   
    I think that's how most of us feel with each post of yours we read.
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    Plikk reacted to Molten in Charting the course of XRP   
    An interesting thing (to me anyway) on the XRP chart.  The RSI (relative strength index) can give you a sense of whether an asset is "overbought" or "oversold" and I had been saying for a few days that this run up in XRP was leaving us overbought - in other words, prime for a correction.
    Well, we had that correction (have almost retraced 50% of the run up, which is not atypical at all) and now we are safely back in the neutral zone for the RSI.
    Now, the interesting part.  Our current RSI value is 54.7 at a price of around $0.277.  Last time our RSI was 54.7 was 1/27/20 at a price of around $0.23.  So, you can see how a bull market builds with this.  Same RSI, higher price.  This is how the two steps forward and one step back movement can get you to much higher prices without being technically overbought.  

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    Plikk reacted to Fidel_Castro in Charting the course of XRP   
    And now with this drop, are u still in doubt?
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    Plikk reacted to Molten in Charting the course of XRP   
    I'm not saying I'm "right", as I've always said, I have no claim to know the future.  In regards to that call, i said the trend has us toward $0.34 if it doesnt break but in the exact same post i also outlined the possibility of this drop.  I had been saying for days that we were overextended and overbought.  And, FFS, we DID breach $0.34 before this pull back!!
    Every time the price drops, the same 3 or 4 people come out of hiding to declare me a charlatan.  Its exhausting.  If you don't like TA, or my analyses in particular,  THEN READ SOMETHING ELSE.
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    Plikk reacted to AlexJohanson in XRP Price Surge   
    100% we will be back to 20cents by Monday. Damn shame 😢
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    Plikk got a reaction from PlanK in XRP Price Surge   
    Weak hands change their mind every other week. 
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    Plikk got a reaction from Lambosexual in XRP Price Surge   
    Weak hands change their mind every other week. 
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    Plikk got a reaction from Cesar1810 in XRP Price Surge   
    Weak hands change their mind every other week. 
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    Plikk reacted to Molten in Charting the course of XRP   
    As I wrote in Eric's thread, I am actually very relieved to see this pause in the action.  It speaks to a more substantial rise rather than a quick pump and dump. We cleared the all important $0.30 and $0.32 hurdles and are looking very strong.  Rejoice in the pause from the action, it's a good thing!
    Happy St. Valentine's day to all.
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    Plikk reacted to xrphilosophy in Settlement of Jed's XRP   
    Prices are up for the moment.  Let's ALL cool off for a bit.  Threads are getting too personal.  We've got a great group here, let's try and remember that as emotions swirl. Thanks.
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    Plikk reacted to Molten in Charting the course of XRP   
    For XRP... I would like to see us close where we are, that would be a big coup in my opinion.  Close above the long term bear trend line and now we are starting to have something.  The next (and really last for a while) resistance is at $0.32.  Break that one and there's nothing stopping us to getting to $0.42-0.43.  
    But, let's not get ahead of ourselves.  First, let's close tonight's candle above $0.30...

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    Plikk reacted to retep in BTC is hitting $9300   
    I don't know how many people own xrp, but i'm sure that there are hundreds of thousants who bought a little all the way to a big stash,
    so let's say that xrp would go up to 100 dollars, then the world would be flooded with an entire army of new millionairs including myself
    and i find it hard to believe that will ever happen.
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    Plikk got a reaction from mihaisyblu in "Disbelief" stage of market cycle   
    The only differencs now is that the BTC halving is in 90 days. That is the biggest catalyst for a bullmarket since crypto’s inception while BTC profits are being re-allocated to alts also usually happens around this event. So I understand your viewpoint and it could be true, but it also fits the disbelief narrative perfectly while the market is moving opposite to you fears. 
    The bearmarket has to end sometime, unless you think crypto is dead and gone. 
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    Plikk reacted to Eric123 in Epic Pennant on BTC Chart   
    Bitcoin dropped below $10k which is not a very important level except in my opinion to gauge the media reaction. Moving above and below $10k should now become a non-event.
    All Exponential Moving Averages look good. For Bitcoin, Lite Coin and XRP.
    XRP's 50/100 Day EMA should make a bullish cross this evening Eastern US time.

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    Plikk reacted to Caracappa in Charting the course of XRP   
    Investing is gambling. Whether you buy stocks, crypto or art. It is doing research and expecting profits if the fundamentals of a project or asset seem viable and hoping it does.
    I get it, bearmarkets suck and many people believed it was just a couple of months retrace before another leg up. However it was a full blown retrace resetting yet another cycle.

    XRP has been in a bearmarket for two years, just like everything else in cryptoworld. XRP hit one of the hardest after one of the biggest growths, a growth which itself is unhealthy imo but the result of it still being a small market.
    One such as yourself believes the market is dead and nothing will grow in price anymore. I believe the market is more alive then ever, proven by the 24hr volumes which are (washtraded but still) 10x higher then in previous cycles.
    It is based upon that believe that the, unfortunately entire, market will go through another (based on nothing but speculation and manipulation) boom bust cycle again. Why? Because smart money likes making more money as long as they're not stopped. Coming out of a bearmarket I understand the pessimism, but simply nothing changed compared to the previous cycles. Utility is miles away.
    That is my believe. We will see who is right in the end, because neither of us know exactly.
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    Plikk reacted to FreedomGundam in XRP back to 37c   
    I've very busy for the last 6months.
    Luckily, I sold (cut lost) majority of my XRP last time before it's going crazy like today.
    It's very painful at that time. But, I feel lucky today.. I never cut lost before. This is my first time. Because, I usually think it will be recover eventually. But, not XRP. The main reason is this "programmable escrow sale".
    Imagine, the market must provide 200-400million USD each month. In order to cover the price to be the same. I think that is nonsense.
    There is only one way to make XRP recover. Burn all the remaining coin owned by Ripple.
    FYI, I bought Cardano, and I think I recover some of my lost.
    My XRP portfolio Now just about 10-20% I guess.
    Anyway, How you guys doing? Anybody dare to cut lost?
    But, remember, if you cut loss, try to buy other coin. Probably you got lucky.
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    Plikk reacted to DividendGamer in The big problem with XRP, and why you'll be waiting (a very long time)   
    Yeah, I don't think most people realize or understand how long the price appreciation is going to take for xrp.
    One of the reasons I switched to csc for the next few years.
    Even $10 is going to be a long shot for xrp.
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    Plikk got a reaction from EcneitapLatnem in Does Novogratz have a point?   
    Another member tracked the Tacostand(Jed’s account) sales and he sells about 900k XRP daily. So apparently your highlighted part is incorrect.
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    Plikk reacted to crypto_deus in Does Novogratz have a point?   
    Let's take a look at this https://blog.bitmex.com/the-ripple-story/ and the final agreement with Jed. By the way did you know that the smallest, indivisible unit of XRP (=drop) had an alternative term (= "jed", after Jed McCaleb) at first, see https://forum.ripple.com/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=40&p=228)
    The following are the key points of the new agreement (February 2016):

    Ripple will release any claim it has on the funds currently deposited with the federal District Court for the Northern District of California and Stellar will take possession of these funds.

    Jed will donate 2 billion XRP to a charitable donor-advised fund ("DAF") of his choice. The same limits are placed on the ability of the charity to sell the XRP as are placed on the Jed's ability to sell his remaining XRP.

    All of Jed and his children's remaining XRP, approximately 5.3 billion XRP, will be placed in a custody account at Ripple. While Jed retains full title and ownership of his remaining XRP, Ripple will control the release of his XRP in a manner consistent with the settlement agreement. Specifically, Jed will be allowed to sell his remaining XRP in the following manner:

    - for the first year of the agreement Jed and the DAF will be able to collectively sell 0.5 percent of the Average Daily Volume of XRP for each day of the week, including weekends and holidays.*

    - for the second and third years of this agreement, Jed and the DAF will be able to collectively sell for each day of the week 0.75 percent of the Average Daily Volume.

    - for the fourth year of the agreement, Jed and the DAF will be able to collectively sell for each day of the week 1.0 percent of the Average Daily Volume.
    for any time after the fourth year of the agreement, for each day of the week Jed and the DAF will be able to sell 1.5 percent of the Average Daily Volume.

    We at Ripple are pleased with the outcome of this agreement. It provides predictability and clarity about distribution of the largest individual holding of XRP in a way that fosters good health and growth in the Ripple ecosystem.

    *Under the settlement agreement, Average Daily Trading Volume is calculated by dividing the Weekly XRP Trade Volume for the week that commenced two weeks prior to the week at issue by seven (7). !!!!!!!!!!!!! Weekly XRP Trade Volume is defined as the total amount of XRP traded on the Ripple consensus ledger during a given week between Sunday midnight Pacific Time through the following Sunday midnight Pacific Time. Significantly, this definition excludes XRP traded on third party exchanges, unless in Ripple's reasonable judgment, the XRP market has changed so that the majority of legitimate XRP transactions have occurred off the Ripple consensus ledger during the prior 365 days.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Now the key here is "***XRP traded on the Ripple consensus ledger".***Off we go to https://xrpcharts.ripple.com/#/xrp-markets look for XRP Ledger, and select in the top left corner XRP or USD and select 7 days. It says 17.5 M XRP (5 minutes ago), so let's say that the daily volume is then 2.5M XRP (17/7 + me ceiling it). 1% of 2.5 M XRP = 25000 XRP. which is about 25000*0.28 = 7 k $.
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    Plikk reacted to ed1 in Does Novogratz have a point?   
    I have read the article, it is a hit piece that manages to contradict with itself in the space of 5 paragraphs. Either the 2014 agreement is in place or the 2016 agreement is in place. It makes absolutely no sense to suggest an old agreement is in place and that Billions of XRP will be dumped into the market this year only to suggest two paragraphs later that this may not be the case because there is a newer agreement. 
    It is a classic hit piece approach. Tell a bunch of lies and raise a concern only to then very briefly suggest in the same article that the lies you told may not be true. But the conclusions drawn are completely dependent on the lies. 
    It is the stupidest, dirtiest, sh*ttiest type of reporting you can find in this space. Whoever wrote it had nothing else in mind but to mislead people into believing that the 2014 agreement was in place.
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