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  1. Isn't this bigger news or am I missing something? I know there was the Earthport purchase, but the claim of wanting to take on Swift by using Ripple, has that been stated previously? Surely this is huge!?
  2. Would be a nice start. I didn’t get in early enough for $20 to be life changing. I’m holding on for closer to $1,000. Maybe some day. Maybe foolish.
  3. I only care about how much money it can make me in the short-term, but I regard short-term as up to 5 years. If anyone bailed during the bear market, even with losses, they're fools. The key thing is not jumping on just because someone said you can 10x, but getting in for short-term gains after understanding why the tech works and what it does.
  4. Whale Alert notification on Twitter. And it was 153m actually.
  5. Someone just transferred 158m worth of Bitcoin to Coinbase apparently. Presumably a dump incoming. Shame.
  6. I keep hearing everyone is using Wirex these days. I've not looked into it at all yet. Can you give me the cliffs notes on what it is and how it works?
  7. I've heard of bank accounts being closed by certain banks for just transferring in a few thousand, let alone millions.
  8. Any other UK XRP holders here? What will be your method for cashing out if we ever hit a big price figure? I'm conflicted. My only known easy route would be to sell half via Coinbase (where I know my funds are insured) and withdraw to a bank account (and leave my other half to run higher if XRP obliges). However, I don't know which bank looks favourably on deposits from an exchange (I've heard lots of stories of accounts being shut down due to this). I'd need to figure that out and open an account before transferring out of Coinbase. I also worry that if we ever hit those high prices, does it make sense to go back into fiat due to erosion of capital, but it's also risky to continue to hold in crypto (potentially). Cash out and buy gold as a safe haven? No idea how to do that. Do I buy physical gold or through some other method? I've no idea.And if cryptocurrency is the digital gold of the future, maybe I shouldn't cash out at all unless I need to pay for something, such as a house. All worries I have that I won't know how to action at the time things may hit in our favour. Any suggestions and/or thoughts from your own plans?
  9. Maybe nothing more than they realise they can still use the Ripple rails with their own coin but wish to be seen as having throw own coin for the image and think there may be ways to make more money from it in the future if they keep innovating?
  10. If it were true, what are the implications, and why would Ripple do this?
  11. Sorry folks. Didn't realise the date. It was posted on my Twitter as if it was new. Please ignore.
  12. https://www.express.co.uk/finance/city/987173/Bitcoin-price-ripple-india-cryptocurrency-ethereum-BTC-to-USD-XRP-news "RIPPLE is busy making plans for world domination and a senior figure has revealed that the company considered giving XRP away for free to two billion people in India." "“And so now, I think that in our pipeline we have probably 50 percent of the market in India, either integrated onto Ripple or in the deal, in the sort of pipeline to be signed to India."
  13. Can someone explain how Ripple having lower sales is a good thing? I’ve never really grasped the different terminology on the sales etc and can’t piece this together. Thanks.
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