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  1. Hello all, I heard in a video recently that some lady said that In the future people could take advantage of IOUs by using them in different jurisdictions that are CGT faveourable, thus not having to pay the taxes to the same extent on any appreciation in value. Does anyone know what this is talking about or how it would work? Not sure if this has been discussed. Thanks
  2. These people MUST be being paid to sit on sites and bad mouth something they aren't invested in. Otherwise it can only mean one thing - they are a sad, depressed individual.
  3. When would you rather sell if you wish to take profits ... when price is rising, or when price is falling. It makes perfect sense for him to sell when price is rising as he makes the most.
  4. What is the % fee to buy with a Visa Debit Card via Wirex App? I can't easily discern it from their website as everything seems to relate to their own debit card, not a personal one.
  5. https://www.reuters.com/brandfeatures/venture-capital/article?id=126997 "CADT was developed by Blockchain Venture Capital Inc. (“BVCI”) (www.bvcadt.com), a Canadian company incorporated pursuant to the laws of Ontario. BVCI specializes in blockchain research and development. BVCI has independently developed a public, decentralized blockchain (BVC Chain) that combines Ripple and Ethereum blockchains."
  6. I think this is just another person selling a large chunk that disrupted the market. Was very sudden. The fact it rallied back immediately is a good sign in my opinion. Another pause before another leg up.
  7. May I ask, why do people care so much about the alts going low in satoshi's? That is to be expected when BTC rises and the other do not, right? If we look at them from a USD perspective, we're fine, we're not getting creamed and losing cash, so what's the problem?
  8. Thanks for not even answering the question. Your comment is irrelevant. You should have just closed the browser window.
  9. The big question is, if XRP moves fast, to say $6, that puts it at $255b market cap (meaningless I know), which for all the media and the people who follow CoinMarketCap will be a shock to see XRP sitting in the number one spot. It would be world news. How do you think this will be viewed and how will the reaction be to the market?
  10. Exactly. Long both, and let's make money on everything.
  11. They’ve been working this deal with MG for over 6 months. Perhaps they got it ready early otherwise it’s not 2 years of XRapid usage from the date of signed document and press release. It would be less.
  12. What’s the scoop with R3? Is there nothing going on with Ripple and R3? I’ve not kept up.
  13. SWIFT going all in on DLT. What’s your take on this? Facebook has moved them to action also? https://www.finder.com.au/swift-announces-its-going-all-in-on-blockchain-and-open-finance
  14. The question is, when do you think MG will start actively using it? If this has been in the works since end of last year, presumably things are in place to kick off immediately, but they wouldn't have started using it until this announcement because the 2 year date would presumably commence from the date of the announcement? Galgitron's utility figures are presumably not from an early start of MG usage.
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