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  1. What exactly was this obvious point you were making? I obviously didn't get it based on that comment.
  2. For the record I'm open to all points of view. After all I was one of them who was posting coinskids videos when we were at 1.80 saying we will probably retrace to the downside to the 80c range. Its healthy to have a balanced input of up and down scenarios. I tend to focus on the up scenarios though as that's the only action which would lead to me selling.
  3. And I stand by that comment. Maybe I misread your sentiment but based on your post it seemed like you were getting frustrated with people either saying we will go up or down and you wanted a definite answer as to what will happen next...
  4. Am i tagged here because you think I have bearish opinions or because you think I shut down anyone who does?
  5. On that note, I'm proud of you for buying zerps. Welcome back to the family 😂
  6. I'm not disputing that. Sounds like you're getting frustrated. Take a break.
  7. I think you misunderstood the point of the video. It wasn't an analysis of the market. More about rationality and psychology.
  8. You obviously didn't see what I saw. Xrp had a mini pump and BTC sat still. A little like what's happening right now. An independent move.
  9. XRP did make a move independently from BTC, so maybe something is brewing but who knows.
  10. It's crazy how well xrp adheres to the fibonaccis regardless of their orientation.
  11. If we can break up above the neckline resistance then that will be a complete inverse head and shoulders which should take us back around the 1.14 level. With that move complete that should set us up for a larger IHS (assuming the lower wicks on the earliest drop don't invalidate it. Should this play out, that should take us back towards the 1.46 level I think.
  12. Actually playing out quite similar to the idea and chart I made yesterday too. In theory this drop should create an inverse head and shoulders which should take us back to the 1.40s. I'm hoping anyway. As long as we don't drop lower than 0.95ish. That would invalidate my idea.
  13. Apologies. You are correct. I must have been looking at 600k%
  14. One last chart. This one is applying the same lines to the longer term log scale. Insane prices I know, but in theory, more logical as more points of price action line up with the parallel lines. Keep in mind that since the 1st of January, Doge has increased 15,000% If XRP also increased 15,000% from its Jan 1st level that would give us $33. And 15,000% might be a short order considering the 60,000% XRP did in 2017. 60,000% from Jan 1st would give us close to $140 per XRP. I'll leave you to make up your own minds. I'm hopeful but dubious. But also excited and eternally optimistic.
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