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  1. That's a spelling issue rather than grammar, but damn you, you still found my flaw!
  2. Sorry Sir. It won't happen again Sir. Nice use of ad hominems by the way haha
  3. Dammit, that's where I thought I was. I need to stop getting drunk and wandering into different rooms. At least I'm not naked this time.
  4. I did. I forgot the apostrophe in "don't" and I take pride in my grammar too. For your information an ellipsis is three dots...
  5. I see you really do struggle to have fun ln here don't you.
  6. Your username doesn't even start with a capital letter!
  7. BluKoo

    no-action letters from SEC

    I'm sure their stance on XRP has been solidified for quite some time now. As @Caracappasuggested, it's maybe just a matter of timing.
  8. My great uncle is mid 70s. He has grey hair. This is his Diablo (plate no longer on the car) He looks awesome driving it.
  9. https://xrpcharts.ripple.com/#/
  10. I'm in the process of building an engine which runs on XRP. Use cases everywhere!
  11. Yeah it's good for a while, but it gets a little bit tedious after too long even though no two days are the same haha. The people and the in-jokes will always be there to rejoin if and when the bull run madness begins again. For old times sake haha. Here's a wee taste of the zerpening again for ya
  12. There's a story behind this one, it's not as random as it might first appear haha
  13. Yeah, sure. Share away. Maybe it'll inspire a few sellers to hodl haha.
  14. Yeah, i've churned out a few pics recently actually. One I did last night when we were dropping down the charts again. You not a regular in the Zerpening any more? Don't think i've seen your name pop up for a while.