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    The Xctopus

    R3 aren't connected to Ripple though are they? They're just using XRP.
  2. BluKoo

    When rich ?

    You definitely seem hurt...
  3. I wonder if Ripple could be targeting some of the Swift staff, before targeting their client base. Weaken the core of Swift and acquire a foot in the door at the same time. The Swift staff must be smart enough to see what the future holds, and they will be able to move quicker than the clients.
  4. BluKoo

    When rich ?

    I'm gonna change my name by deed poll to Rich, just so I can finally start telling people I'm Rich.
  5. Until utility kicks in, we are still in a speculative market, so possibly... yeah!? Who knows. I'm not saying for definite, but it's a chance.
  6. BluKoo

    Charts - How To's

    No, i mean my total net worth will be between $1, and $200,000,000. Somewhere in between 😂
  7. BluKoo

    Charts - How To's

    And then I will have somewhere between 1 and 200 million dollars
  8. Go and watch this video... https://youtu.be/ivWdOztDkv4 I have some green after making a big purchase at 0.29, but I am in the red overall. Why cut your losses now? You'll miss the big show. Did you invest more than you should have? Do you not see the reward massively outweighing the risk here? Dont focus on the price or your profits/losses, focus on the fundamentals. You'll feel better.
  9. I think there is a bigger chance of long term hodlers from early 2017 selling chunks of their stash around that point. That's where the resistance will come from if anywhere. If they missed it first time round I'm sure they won't miss the opportunity to take some serious profit this time. There will be multiple sales of 5k XRP or 10k XRP and maybe much more as that quantity maybe only cost them $1000 . The equivalent disruption would have to be from someone who splashed out $30k to get 10k XRP @ $3. However you can't limit the market like that because there would be no new ATHs ever if that was the case.