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  1. Even if the visual representation of the chart isn't accurate, the numbers don't lie and I pay more attention to the numbers rather than coloured boxes.
  2. Unfortunately your blink is not the blink we await
  3. Sometimes I think $1000 per XRP is ridiculous. But then I'm reminded of this chart and then I start working out the spec of my yacht.
  4. R3 aren't connected to Ripple though are they? They're just using XRP.
  5. You definitely seem hurt...
  6. I wonder if Ripple could be targeting some of the Swift staff, before targeting their client base. Weaken the core of Swift and acquire a foot in the door at the same time. The Swift staff must be smart enough to see what the future holds, and they will be able to move quicker than the clients.
  7. I'm gonna change my name by deed poll to Rich, just so I can finally start telling people I'm Rich.
  8. Until utility kicks in, we are still in a speculative market, so possibly... yeah!? Who knows. I'm not saying for definite, but it's a chance.
  9. No, i mean my total net worth will be between $1, and $200,000,000. Somewhere in between 😂
  10. And then I will have somewhere between 1 and 200 million dollars
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