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  1. Sorry, what's II? Institutional Investors?
  2. Exactly. It took 3 weeks to get from $0.24 to $3.20. By that rate of growth, $27 could he hit by eoy.
  3. Yes, you do look like you do give a ****. What are they trying to convey? They're trying to give everyone a good night. Dont read into things so much.
  4. Well if i am correct, Rippled is just a server which manages the ledger. xRapid is software that will run on that server. I wouldnt consider xRapid as "live" until it is actually in use in a day to day sense.
  5. Doesnt necessarily mean xRapid going live. It means that its ready to go live.
  6. If XRP had a $4 trillion MC (with 40bn coins), price would be approx $100
  7. I know. I'm up 68% in 25 days. That is despicable.
  8. BluKoo

    "Invest Only What You Can Afford to Lose"

    I have invested a sum that i am okay to lose. I wont be one of those who recovers their initial investment to remove the risk. Im letting it all ride. Maximum risk = maximum reward.
  9. BluKoo

    Why xVia will increase XRP Price

    I think the title of this should be, "How xVia could increase XRP Price" There is nothing definite about how it will increase the price. All your saying is that it's maybe a stepping stone towards something bigger. By the way @3:20 did you say the FOREX market handles "5 point trillion" dollars per day in trading volume?
  10. BluKoo

    Cashing Out Zerps to GBP

    I operate on etoro, so should be a nice simple process for me... fingers crossed.
  11. BluKoo

    Will The Federal Reserve Use Ripple?

    Is there actually a credible source for Brad Garlinghouse saying xRapid went live internally? All I've seen is a reddit post where some guy said that Brad said or something like that. Also, what does going live internally actually mean? Internally where? With whom?
  12. BluKoo

    BTC supply vs Xrp supply

    It is fixed. We might not know how much it is, but we arent creating it, or growing it, all we have on this planet is all we have, therefore fixed.