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  1. This is how I see things playing out. I'm no expert, however it just looks and feels right for xrp.
  2. BluKoo

    Zerpening Club

    I'll see what I can do for you.
  3. BluKoo

    Zerpening Club

    There has been a recent cull for inactive members for security reasons apparently. When were you last active in the Zerpening thread?
  4. Got my buy order executed. That's a first for me 😊. Let's just hope it bounces well from here.
  5. Got to take the overall coin supply into consideration too. XRP is doing well.
  6. Let this be the break which takes down the overhead resistance!
  7. It looks positive. Why don't I trust it? 😂
  8. Symmetrical triangle on the XRP chart which could break either way but an ascending triangle on the XRP/BTC chart which makes me think it should break upwards on the BTC chart. Let's see how this plays out.
  9. I have braced myself for a move like this and loaded up Binance with plenty ££ to buy the dip.
  10. A part of me thinks that because everyone is hoping and expecting it to go up, the opposite will happen. Possibly a small fake out break down, before a recovering pump upwards.
  11. The exchange moving it from one place to another. Nothing significant.
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